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With 18-Year-Old US Citizen in CBP Custody for Nearly a Month, Rights Advocates Demand Immediate Release

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/23/18-year-old-us-citizen-cbp-custody-nearly-month-rights-advocates-demand-immediate

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sieg heil. willkommen an bord, my fellow americans. that’s what you want, right? no? so where’s the huge explosive outrage?

there may be a few good human beings in CBP, but most are cowardly bullies and wannabe Nazis. we talk about needing to do fitness-to-serve evaluations on the prez and vp candidates (because they’re so close to the nuclear capabiities), but imo, all these g’damn DHS perverts need to be vetted, too. they’ve lost whatever humanity they ever had…kinda like kids groomed by the military to become xenophobic killing machines, no?


Who in the World would ever want to live in the God Forsaken US to begin with? They truly have to be desperate!

Hey, ICE, let’s start by deporting that alien in the WH who lied to get her US citizenship!! Then let’s also deport all her relatives who came here in “chain migration”, including her father who was a regional Communist party official!!
The Orange Cheato should set an example first, before sending any one else back to where they came from!!

I doubt that Mr. Garcia will be able to get an compensation for having spent 3 weeks in prison. Each year, Border Patrol / ICE have keeps hundred US citizens in jail, for extended periods of time. Davino Watson was kept in jail for 3.5 years but was denied compensation.
(See: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/08/01/540903038/u-s-citizen-held-by-immigration-for-3-years-denied-compensation-by-appeals-court ).

With respect to Mr. Garcia, the most common justification I’ve heard, from supporters of anti-immigrant practices, is the claim that it was his own fault for failing to correct irregularities with his official identification documents. My sense is that as long as those US citizens who are affected are not white, there is little limit to the abuse that many in the US will be willing to justify.

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Looks to me like we will probably not see any huge explosive outrage until it is too late!

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We are busy with a few dozen other outrages at the moment.

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