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With 2°C Target Falling Swiftly Out of Sight, Inaction on Climate a 'Crime Against Humanity'


With 2°C Target Falling Swiftly Out of Sight, Inaction on Climate a 'Crime Against Humanity'

Jon Queally, staff writer

As representatives from nearly all the world's nations meet in Bonn, Germany this week with the aim of building a framework for a final deal that can be signed at the UN climate summit in Paris later this year, voices from the least developed countries and members of civil society are warning that the major powers are still offering far too little in the way of meaningful action.


Only perfect fools are waiting for governments to fix the problem. The rest of us have replaced our electric hot water heaters with solar collectors, have mounted solar panels on our roofs, drive all-electric cars and eat ethically, shunning animal food. As first worlders, we need to take personal responsibility, stop lecturing the third world, and stop waiting for meaningless meetings like the Copenhagen/Kyoto/Paris get togethers of hot air machines.


Every time I see a climate article that refers to so-called “rich” countries I cringe. Over half of public school children in the US live in poverty. Poverty and hardship are widespread in this so-called “rich” country. Just because a relatively small group at the top is rich, and liquidating a hugely disproportionate amount or resources, doesn’t mean everyone else is rich, or profligate. So-called “rich countries” aren’t the problem; the problem is greedy, narcissistic elites at the top who think they are entitled to everything! It’s only by acknowledging, and holding responsible, the liquidating class that any headway can be made against ecocide.


We have already seen dramatic weather changes worldwide and the overall temperature increase is less than 1 degree C. The truly dramatic changes coming with 4 degrees C or more will be catastrophic, including mass die offs of millions of species around the planet. This isn’t just a “crime against humanity” this is a horrendous crime against the natural world, made even more so because we knew what the problem was and we did so little to address it. Humans owed this exquisite planet the very best stewardship and the belief that decisions and “development” should be done with the “seven generation” model as a guideline. Instead, we have treated this planet as a wide open supermarket on dollar day and even have the gall to talk about mining other planets!


Remember that Obummer came back from China and said that he had reached a non-binding agreement with the premier that our two countries will cut back their CO2 emissions to 2005 levels by 2025! Way too little and too late AND this is not something that is required to be accomplished. Another “leader” on either side could dash this agreement and we already know that Republicans will not observe it. In fact, if the people of this country end up with a Rethug president (Bush?) and a a Rethug-controlled Congress next year we can look to a future where environmental regulations will be further gutted and they will also try and gut all of the social safety net, such as it is. We can afford 1 trillion dollar “defense” budgets but we don’t care if seniors have to live on cat food or that our infrastructure is falling apart.


Temperature rise is the small part of the problem albeit it comes from the same sources. Ocean acidification is not only killing reefs, it is more importantly killing plankton. Plankton supplies 50% of the O2, that’s the gas that keeps us alive, and it is being destroyed! It is time, past time, for humans across the world to rise up and say enough inaction by our governments. Obama wanted peopl in the streets to “make him do the correct actions.” Well if the little chickenshit won’t take the correct actions on behalf of his own daughters lets run the guy outof office for those same daughters’ sake.


I agree. Ocean acidification is a horrible offshoot of too much CO2 in the atmosphere. The scientists are warning us that the oceans will change more by 2100 than they have in many millions of years. I just read an account of a sailor who went from west Australia on a cruise to Japan. He had done this same trip several times before over the last 20 years. He said that the ocean seemed devoid of life. Few fish were caught and the bird population was way down. Also, an enormous amount of trash floating around. As a former ocean sailor myself this sounded ominous.


Methane is already being released. Russian scientists reported observing a huge column of methane 100 kilometers across near Siberia. Upon release methane (CH4) is about 100 times as effective at producing the"greenhouse" effect of global warming as CO2.


global capitalism will never stop on its own. they are willing to drive us all over the cliff, even if that means they go too. they must be stopped by a popular uprising


The criminal behavior of governments and corrupt industries are accelerating a collapse of our environment. The complicity by the mainstream media is making people too conditioned, (distracted or mind controlled) to demand change. I produced this film, “Beyond Moss Brook - No Fracking Way!” on youtube to seek a Referendum Initiative in Massachusetts to stop the expansion of frack gas pipelines running through pristine nature and water places in New England… Yet people are too scattered to take a pro-active response to deal with the threat of eminent domain by federal rubber stamp agencies. Without united demands from the public, the status quo for destruction goes forward toward or beyond the tipping point. Resources on this subject at my site FlybyNews.com is available at “Energy Pollution’s Impact On Our Environment.”


Thoreau said that nature teaches you how little you need and not how much. USAns and the people around the world who emulate our “lifestyles” never learned that lesson and it could be the end of us.


Several years ago there was a U.S. poll that concluded that 70% of the people surveyed were not even willing to sign a petition in favor of something they supposedly believed in. That is an indication of the lack of involvement.
On the other hand, we are really big on being “consumers”.


And the greedy narcissisitc types live in both developed, developing and under-developed countries and don’t give a damn


“The rest of us…” So, what percent of the US pop is that…? …and when will the “other” rest of us, do the same…and is any of that, reducing emissions yet?.. no, emissions are still rising AND the rate of emissions is rising… now, that is something… and you, with your electric car… that has tires that use 7 gallons of oil to make each one… and the oil to make roads and fix roads… and the oil it took to get the iron ore to make the steel to make the body and make the parts and transportation to send EACH PART to the LAST manufacturer… oh no, there’s no co 2 in that…


Yes, I have never traveled on the ocean… but, there have been days, that I have been in my own back yard… and felt the same. It was not right… the first time that happened, was about 2006?.. or maybe 2007… that year… June was like August… the grass was already brown… big huge grassy lawns of brown…