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With 200+ Iraqi Civilians Feared Dead, Carnage Surging Under Trump


With 200+ Iraqi Civilians Feared Dead, Carnage Surging Under Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

The civilian carnage continues. And appears to be growing.

With the war that President George W. Bush started and that President Barack Obama failed to end now in the hands of President Donald Trump, global outrage and condemnation was expressed over the weekend as details emerged over a U.S. bombing in Iraq that may have killed 200 or more innocent civilians, many of them children and families seeking shelter.


Disgusting. We fiddle about with health insurance scams and endless blather about Russians while innocents die at the hands of our bloated, imperial military.


That is it.
In a nutshell.
Put it on a T-shirt.
And it applies equally to most of the countries in the "west," including all of the Five Eyes, anglophone nations and Israel.


The only thing, which will end this nightmare is a regime change right here in the US of A

Crying may relieve tension and may be balm for the soul
Analyzing the problem is certainly helpful,
But it is the DOING, which gets things done.
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"CENTCOM issued a statement saying it was now investigating the reports, but would not accept any responsibility for the loss of life." It is impossible to plumb the depraved depths of this statement. "We ordered the bombing, but we really did not expect to kill ANYBODY." Der nieuest Fuhrer clearly demonstrated his compassionate concern for those he deems inferior by ridiculing the disabled, groping and sexually assaulting women, raving his hatred of dark-skinned immigrants, and ordering the removal of constraints when it comes to killing the dark of skin overseas. What a mensch!! So we now witness those who order bombing, destruction and death, patently responsible for the deaths of hundreds of civilians (that is, our omnipresent dark-skinned enemies), denying responsibility for the very death and destruction they ordered. All hail Emperor Drumpf. Would someone please get him his fiddle.


Carnage surging under Trump?
As horrible as this latest carnage of Iraqi civilians is, it just proves that American foreign policy is what it is: namely a fascist, military, dictatorship because this is nothing new just more of the same.

What more proof does one need? None of the military, people culpable for this murderous carnage of some 200 innocent men,women, and children will be held accountable.


"Mensch" means an honorable, likable, friendly person! If anything, Trump in an "unmensch."


Trump said it isn't too late to take (steal) their oil.


We have to DEMAND that this CARNAGE be TELEVISED!
by CNN, MSDNC, etc...
as during the Vietnam War debacle,
nightly television coverage that "brought the war home"
shocked people into being disgusted
and helped bring about the anti-war movement...
this is what we have to do...show what the U.S. is doing....
killing, maiming and CREATING NEW TERRORISTS
....this is obviously what the Pentagon/and military industrial complex
(which increases profits, of course)...
also maybe a divestment from defense contractors has to be done, if
not started already.


I used the word in a consciously ironic way. In fact, Drumpf believes himself to be an "ubermensch". Where have we seen this delusion before, the division of humans into classes of "uber" and "unter"?


Future headline?


" Creating new terrorists."



It's become a tradition. Create the terror, then fight the terror. You might read this piece by Escobar. He doesn't name his source but I tend to trust him.



Actually as used in Yiddish, it has a (mildly) derogatory connotation to it.
In German it simply means 'human being'.
But as you say, 'Unmensch' means not human, vile. leo.org dictionary translates it as brute; barbarian; fiend


And that is all "for the better". It creates more excuses for wars, regime changes and profits for our so revered war industry.


15 1/2 years of US carnage. When is it going to stop?


You are leaving out one of the worst crimes: Vietnam
During my first visit there in 2007, travelling by bus through the central 1/3rd of the country, where most of the fighting took place, most of the terrain was covered with dense arboreal growth.
So what is wrong with that picture? Almost all of those trees were less than 40 years old and consisted of the same species of pine trees, the seeds of which took over after the devastation created by our Agent Orange. gone was the diversity of tropical flora. Every 15 or 20 miles or so you could spot one or a few trees sticking out over the rest. Those were the sole survivors of that carnage.
If that was not terrible enough, there were virtually no people over 40 or 50 left in that region. We had to travel closer to Hanoi before seeing elderly Vietnamese again.
On later visits those stark signs have been increasingly mitigated those pine trees have grown tall enough to camouflage the difference and some of the people there have now grown 10 years older.
It was not just the Vietnamese, who suffered from Agent Orange, but also some of our own veterans, who came in contact with it had their lives ruined, a fact largely denied by those, who were gleefully raking in the war profits.


In fact, to say someone is a mensch is a high compliment. It is not at all derogatory. In German it simply means "human being." To a Jew, it means a person of great integrity, a person who exhibits the best of what we can be. Try imagining the phrase "What a mensch" said with a sneer, in derision. It is ironic in the extreme to call Hair Twitter a mensch. Unmensch is perfectly accurate, but does not convey the sneering contempt I have for Drumpf.


Indeed and under the banner: US Job Creators Putting Americans to Work Killing Innocents To keep the Flow of Terrorists Coming To Keep the Economy Going.


I tuned out at the point when he bashed the marxists-socialists. I wish them well as they at least have a populist message. For some of us it is not pie in the sky if we start placing foundation under a truly equitable system. Why should a CEO earn so much more than his workers? Hell, why should there be a CEO?