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With 2019 Predicted to Be Among Planet's Hottest Years, France's 114º Heat Is 'Absolutely Consistent' With Warnings of Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/28/2019-predicted-be-among-planets-hottest-years-frances-114o-heat-absolutely

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How much longer will the politically powerful ignore the warnings? Why will they continue to give Greta lip service and the plethora of climate scientists? ONE WORD…GREED!


Greed for sure, but there’s a flip side: fear of being tossed off the gravy train in favor of someone even more subservient to Big Money. This is where the issues of global warming and campaign finance reform intertwine.


Q: How much longer will the powerful dot dot dot?

A: Until they lack the power to dot dot dot.

A side note CD might take note of: USA’s splendid women’s soccer team has lately been in a shitstorm of Kaepernickian proportions with Orangeman. A quarterfinal describe as like a final (upstart France vs.the previous champion USA) gets started shortly, in the middle of this European heat wave.


Good answer!

Unfortunately most of the public would support them rather than give up one iota of their lifestyle.

BINGO! Here in Alaska, many residents are just as bad as the elite, many would raise hell if the state took away their oil dividend ( which I don’t receive ) .

“Mommy, why doesn’t God just make it rain over those fires?”


Sorry, but the debate in AK over the Permanent fund doesn’t get to the real issue. The oil has been drilled, the oil companies didn’t pay enough in taxes, and now instead of taxing the oil companies and the rich pricks, even the Democrats in AK are for putting a regressive tax on the poor by taking their dividend. Hammond acknowledged that the biggest mistake was getting rid of the income tax. The Democrats that are saying that the dividend must be cut are cutting their throats.

That said, Dunleavy is a fckwit, possibly worse than Trump.

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That temperature was recorded from a measurement from a temperature station placed on asphalt and located beside a major highway and greenhouses that also are a source of heat. So many temperature stations that make up the land based record are improperly located. Thats why its best to look at satellite data

In any event, people cant seem to get around the fact that weather is not climate. France may have had a heat wave while areas in the US were unseasonably cool. Neither say anything about global temperatures.

People should be worrying more about vaccine injuries, fluoride, GMO foods, glyphosate, RF EMF radiation (wifi, 4G-5G), etc. I mean, over 50% of children have a chronic physical or neurological condition today and a MIT scientists warns that as many as half of children born by 2025 will have autism by 2033.