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With 28-Point Flip, Democrat Wins Special Election in Missouri District That Went Huge for Trump

With 28-Point Flip, Democrat Wins Special Election in Missouri District That Went Huge for Trump

Julia Conley, staff writer

Republicans have now lost 35 legislative seats since President Donald Trump's inauguration just over a year ago, following Democrat Mike Revis's victory Tuesday in a special election for Missouri's state House of Representatives.

The 27-year-old beat Republican David Linton by 3 percentage points in the race to represent the state's 97th district in Jefferson County, which Trump won by 28 points in 2016.

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This is good news, but I hope that people that defend the Democratic establishment realize that the real challenge is what you do and what you have once you get power. I am glad the far right is defeated, but if what takes its place doesn’t offer any actual solutions, we’ll be back at the starting point in a few years. There are policies on the left that have been proven to work and are popular. If Democrats win on those policies, then things could get better. If the Democrats win and govern like Clinton would have, we’re in deep trouble. You’ll notice that in this article, it focuses on what the far right candidate was in favor of, but nothing about what the Democrat stood for. So, is it another defensive win, denying something instead of winning on something he is offering? The lesson will have to be not just defeating someone else, or opposing something, but proposing actual policies and clear alternatives is what is needed to actually change the trajectory of the country. If the Democrats don’t do this, this victory will be short lived. Cause policy matters in the long run far more than anything else, and I don’t think a politician that is owned by his or her large corporate donors is going to offer any actual solutions. I know nothing of the Democrat that won, but again, it is good for the time being that the far right at least lost. Doesn’t mean the left, and by extension working people, necessarily wins, but it at least denies the far right a victory


There are some encouraging signs in local elections, but then a very conservative Democratic congressman in Illinois is being opposed by an an actual neo Nazi Republican. I believe an underfunded progressive is trying to primary the Democrat. That is one case I could see mounting an independent challenge to both parties.


There’s a bit of info in the article about what Revis campaigned on:
“Revis was driven to run after the Missouri General Assembly passed a right-to-work law, weakening labor unions. He promoted funding for public education over charter schools during his campaign, as well as vocally opposing cuts to Medicaid and other social services.”


Don’t get too excited, he is a Centrist Dem. Better than repug., but not a Progressive.

Keeps the blue wave going. An article in The Atlantic titled “Boycott Republicans” by a couple of conservatives who usually are nonpartisan said the best thing conservatives could do would be to vote straight Democratic to unseat Republicans since they are protecting Trump and not democracy. I think we may be seeing so many Democratic victories because some conservatives are putting aside their favorite issues and voting for democracy and against authoritarianism. If enough conservatives join the voters to the left of them that should send a strong message to the Republicans that they can understand, It is not easy for conservatives to vote for a Democrat but the tipping point may have been reached. Protecting an authoritarian president is unacceptable regardless of what policies you espouse.

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Once the republicans are replaced it will be time to focus on replacing the centrist democrats. There is a lot of replacing that needs to go on in the USofA. Are the people on board a progressive train?


Sounds good, at least on those issues. I don’t know tons about him, don’t have the time to research it much, but my larger point is that stopping the right wing is important, but what Democrats and/or the left does in power is important too. Cause at that point, you can’t just point to the other side and say you aren’t them. You have to have actual alternatives and well thought out policies, and given our issues now, those alternatives will be necessarily radical if they are going to actually work. Our problems can’t be fixed with moderate tinkering around the edges.


Fine and dandy, but the issue of governing still matters. It isn’t enough anymore to just deny the right wing a victory, we need specifics as to the policies the Democrats will put in place once they have power. You’d be lying if you said that what the Democrats plan to do is clear, or that they’ve bothered to articulate an alternative to the right wing. And if they have no alternative, or what they support isn’t enough, then denying the right wing will not be enough to justify continuing to support Democrats. If all they offer is being less bad, then the choice is basically the pace as to how progressively bad things get. Vote for Republicans, and things collapse quickly. Vote for “centrist” Democrats, and the pace of decline slows a bit. That is asking too damn much of working people and the poor. Wages haven’t grown for most since 1980, inequality has exploded, infrastructure is crumbling, the costs of healthcare, housing and education have been far outpacing wage growth for decades, poor communities have been abandoned and then there’s the environmental crisis. Not putting in place long overdue structural changes is asking the victims of these policies to suffer indefinitely. Maybe, at some point, the Democrats will be as good at fighting the right wing as they are the left within their own party.


It is time for the end of power for the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump!


At least on Common Dreams, I want to see “right-to-work” law, as the law does not guarantee gainful employment to everyone who wants to work. These laws should be called what they are: right-to-bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you law. I will settle for the quote marks also.


I do believe some of the replacing must be done simultaneously. I’m not speaking of the vanity campaigns of Jill Stein, but at the local and state levels it may be possible and perhaps necessary.

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Very good points. We desperately need leadership that is progressive and revolutionary. I say this in the sense that we have been under a right wing conservative revolution since Reagan took office. We need dramatic, intense action in a progressive mode. Let’s start with putting billions of billions of dollars back into HUD for low income housing and get people living in a home - not on the streets. Let’s get rid of health care insurance and just have hospitals and clinics that provide health care. Let’s fully fund our parks, public schools, libraries. Let us send every high school student in the US on a trip to a foreign country so we can open their minds and hearts and let them see other places and things. If we can go to the moon, we can surely do that. It’s time to stop the concept of cutbacks, privatization, etc., etc. The age of implementation of Milton Freidman’s neo-liberal vision must come to a end now!


Yes, agree with you - whenever and wherever possible - get rid of those who only represent special interests and the 1% and refuse to let good things happen in this country and the world.

Funny how they always manipulate language to make their backwards legislation sound righteous - you know - like the “patriot act.”

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I like your ideas Reader, however if you continue to believe that the Democratic Party Establishment is going to reverse direction their push to support the corporations and put the People first, I’m afraid you’ll go to your grave a disappointed American.

The Democratic Party will love you for it.

The federal government has enshrined the two parties and many people have gone along with this such as when we have debates. Third parties or independents are left out even if they have some viability or good ideas. I think the big problem is with institutions whether political or not. People gain a position of power and self-interest in the institution or they are supported by outside forces to control the institution for the outsiders benefit. It can be a political party, church, hospital. This goes on everywhere. And they want us to believe the institution is somehow sacred and cannot be questioned. I believe the Democratic Party could be reformed if truly progressive people flowed in and were able to take it over. Of course the power structure will fight back and do everything they can to prevent their loss of power. In some ways, that is why the establishment has created the two party system, the electoral college and the U.S. Senate. All tend to co-op power from the people while maintaining an illusion of being part of a truly democratic society.

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I read everything you wrote here Reader twice, and I believe that you too are an optimist.

However, believing that the “liberals” and I say that sarcastically, in control of the Democratic Party Establishment, are going to allow “progressives” to infiltrate and “take over” the party that is beholding to all the big money interests, is a bit naive.

Think. How are the big money interests going to benefit from a party whose “progressive” leaders want them to spend more and receive less benefits from legislation that benefits the working classes, as opposed to the corporations getting the lion share?

It’s a great dream Reader, but at some point you must accept reality and the past.

I was a registered Democrat for over 30 years.
I too had hoped “progressives” would “take over” the party.

Your positive nature is good. Your blind faith in “what ifs” is not.

If more disgruntled voters had faith in third parties which “are” progressive, We the People could turn this train wreck two party system of government off for good, and trust some very Progressive minded third party politicians to right the wrong done in the pass few decades by the Duopoly.

I wish you luck in choosing who to trust with your kids futures.

Peace and Love.


Yay! Good news!

At this point, I’ll take that as a step in the desired direction.