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With $340 Million in Loans Soon Coming Due, Deutsche Bank Could Seize Trump Assets If President Defaults: Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/03/340-million-loans-soon-coming-due-deutsche-bank-could-seize-trump-assets-if


Please, oh please let him default. Please!

The first step on a long bumpy trip down the stairs after the push of losing the election.


The last thing conmen, money launderers, and cockroaches want is light shined on their activities. A Trump loss will also mean European authorities will be free to enact a bit of payback.


But trump never pays up.
He will file one delay after another, and finally make some sort of cheat on his taxes.He won’t pay.
I could see him claim that being president should be counted as a business loss.
Crazy? Hasn’t everything been crazy up til now?


Asset seizure.

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The properties noted do not have 340 million dollar market value.
There may be a co-signer for the loans.

I’m still fuming over the fact that while the psycho perv did not divest from his business interests upon being sworn in, it’s Congress and the Judiciary that failed all these decades - someone, with all those high salary figures - one would think could pass legislation in the event some of the myriad traditions Presidents engage in might be trampled one day. This type of thing one sees all the time in numerous institutions, people collecting salaries but never bother with prevention, oversight, and what ifs. Either they don’t care or they’re lazy. The forest fires in CA is another example of this.

Deutsche Bank should have known that it was extremely risky giving that much money to a con man like Trump. Perhaps the German bank will work with authorities in the U.S. in order to get their money back if Trump were to lose the election.

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This guy may be in the running for the greatest swindler in US history; he deserves gold plated handcuffs and a silk orange jump suit. It is too bad Alcatraz is only a museum; it would be an ideal residence for him.

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Some light is now being shone on Deutsche Bank for extending the lines of credit to Trump on cruddy bid-net models and plans when Wall Street had by then seen and acted on the Artist of The Deal’s lack of credibility and business acumen. U.S. and London lenders along with the EU bankers in Zurich and Geneva along with Luxembourg and the Principality (read: Legal Fiction like Delaware or the Cayman Islands) of Liechtenstein cut off Trump’s access to credit.

Trump had by then stepped away from his father’s contracting and real estate management bid-net model when he took to businesses that were generally sure-fire, like building and running casinos in Atlantic City that failed. How often does The House lose?

My question is when or how does the IRS become interested in acting in the Public Interest and prosecuting along with clawing back of the extraordinary avoided and evaded taxes over decades of expressed disinterest in collecting even a token sum of the Donald’s and Trump Org’s taxes on his branding and royalty bid-nets that generated the easy money he’s had to off-set some of his own bid-net losses he’s lent his name to.

The IRS and U.S. Justice Department haven’t begun to have the pressure necessary and sunlight of herd journalistic reporting that might motivate these bureaucracies to audit the Trump Org and the individual Trump without fear or favor. Now each of these institutions will try and bury their lack of audits and enforcement merely to save what is left of their institutional and governing reputations. That is to say to save their own professional credibility and more than a titch of our World Reserve Currency’s full faith and credit…

This is why when Conservatives and more recently Corporate Liberals yammer on about SHRINKING BIG GOVERNMENT we should be reaching for our fire-arms and sharpest lawyers because the nation-states with small governments are family run Feudal Fiefdoms and banana republics…

Governments that act in the Public Interest of their constituents rather than defending and reinforcing the Private Interests who sponsor their political careers and provide patronage post-political career a la the Clinton Foundation, those governments tend to be built on very sturdy foundations. They may not be utopias, nor are they immunized from booms and busts, as they tend to be well integrated into global commerce and economic trade.

See Finland for example and the peer-reviewed OECD ratings on socio-economic policy outcomes. However these OECD high ranking nation-states and their populations being served by the privileging of the Public Interest in policy-making tend to be more stable and less prone to the exuberance over lifestyles of the rich and famous than the mercurial Third World Regimes and bastions of the financial elites. Namely the self-identified Anglo-Saxon Banking System ruled countries…

Often inspired by the words if not the deeds of the U.S. attempts at creating checks and balances within what the founding fathers knew would need to be the Biggest Bid-Net in the Land, with a Judicial System that a diversified and thriving business community needed in the service of a productive and diversified economy. The opposite of the Cold War weaponized form of Neo-Liberal E-CONomics our duopoly has sworn loyalty to in a classic case of propaganda Blowback.

Our own Feudal Lords of HIgh FInance\Tech\Education\Health\Housing\Industry\Life Sciences\Telecomm\Transport shifted the Golden Rule like a 3-card Monty sleight of hand, from that shared by the major faiths and spiritual systems into a convenient heresy devised by our Chief Cold War Propagandist and costume academic Milton Friedman along with his so-called Market Democracy disciples;

The meme has been carried most effectively by Hollywood and the Mighty Wurlitzer: GREED IS GOOD… It has taken a pandemic and a new Age of Plague to make us now hear the sterile robo-PSA in all public places and corporate properties where maximizing profits prevails as standard practice, however now ending the instructions of Pandemic Public Health precautions with the absurd phrase "We’re All In This Together" to expose the essential humanitarian heresy of the Friedman and Chicago Boys federally contracted weaponization of classical liberal economics into cut-throat Neo-Liberal E-CON-omics if not materialist manifesto meant to be directed at the Soviet sphere and emerging China’s sphere. Is GREED really GOOD? Either for the Economy or for U.S. (individually).

Yet, now embraced as ideologically serviceable by the Calvinist Preterite\Elect Manichean world-view of our corporate caliphate-captured Duopoly that feeds institutional corruption like our very own national eternal flame:

"The league tables created by conservative think-tanks show that neo-liberalism is about ring-fencing economic power"

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee

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What assets?

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And so, “maybe next time,” we won’t elect a so-called “President” who is nothing but a LYING DEADBEAT…

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His pocked cottage cheese fat physical ass, from which he should be immediately separated.

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