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With 67% of the Vote, California Young Democrats Endorse Bernie Sanders for President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/17/67-vote-california-young-democrats-endorse-bernie-sanders-president


Holy crap Batman! What is the DNC going to do now?


An astute progressive democrat operative advised me this afternoon.
“Bernie has the same campaign team that he had in 2016.
There is weakness within that team.
He will likely win Iowa and Nevada.
Biden likely in South Carolina
New Hampshire is fuzzy”

So, I brought up Hillary winning the nomination on the second round at the convention.
“Witch” was the reply.
I brought up Obama’s remarks that were published at common dreams and elsewhere.
“Obama and Hillary should both shut up”. said the prog dem
But they cannot, I replied.
They are in the speaking tour
Must put out info that is new and
Let us know of their immense power
to control us, sway us to buy their
vision for our work slavery, poverty
paying rent and groceries and
losing our civics.


HA !

A hard LEFT turn is the ONLY way we can survive

Bernie 2020


eh…download in their pants.


126 persons ages 13 to 35
We have family reunions at city parks with better attendance.
Plus, they are all progressive democrats.
I am thinking that this gathering was social and the vote is California Dreaming.

Sorry, mamas and papas

Damn deceitful Obama and the DNC are already trying like hell to stop Bernie from his success in making this for ‘we the American people’ a successful Second American people’s peaceful completion of our “Political/economic & social Revolution Against EMPIRE” [Justin du Rivage]

It’s very revelatory to finally have the absolute effin proof that the smooth-talking but gutless, ‘middle of the road’ Obama poodle of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE has definitively shown himself to be as the great and honest speaking Texas progressive, Jim Hightower said — “the only things in the ‘middle of the road’ are yellow stripes, dead armadillos, Barack Obama, ol’ Joe Biden, and young super-pac phony Mayor Pete — everyone of them being gutless “useful idiots” of the deceitful DGCCEmpire, which is only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as the kind of real and First American “Revolution Against Empire” [as Justin du Rivage wrote his 2014 deeply researched and definitive history of our first essential Revolution Against the near global British Empire in [1776] to birth our country from Empire and for which Obama would have been a useful ‘peg boy’ for the British Admiralty]

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They’ll claim that there is “nothing to see here” because the whole state is “too far left”. The mainstream media will chime in to agree.


Our youth are our future. I will give him my vote too.


There are a lot of anti-democratic tactics that the DNC uses to maintain power. From how votes are held, public relations, outreach, bringing folk to poles, etc. If all else fails, there are superdelegates. I think it is very unlikely that Sanders will be allowed to be selected. With the DNC losing faith in Biden, my sense is that they will push for center-right Pete Buttigieg , with the more conservative Deval Patrick as VP.


And these young Democrats don’t control the Party.

126 people (not kids) but how many do they represent. That’s the issue. Have you ever been to a Sanders rally? The social energy just permeates the whole scene.


Exactly one year ago, I was in person at Biden speech. Long before he announced for president. He only had three factual errors.
Bernie has not been this neck of the woods. I do listen, I do read. I am progressive.
Please read or re-read my post #2, up above.

Joe’s son, Beau, who died of brain cancer, was likely vaccinated improperly by the US Army or exposed to certain elements. Brain cancer occurance amongst army 4/7 cottonbalers from VII corp in desert storm has been rampant. Followed by kidney failure and now parkinsons disease. The VA admits but is ultra slow providing disability pensions. As usual, waiting for the guys to die off. I can only find a few now. Being treated Same as agent orange cancer cases were.

Then we find out that some guys are getting agent orange pensions who are not ill and were never ever near the stuff.


The writer told us ages 13 to 35.
I will put this 126 person get together in the file drawer right behind our ‘super delegates’ file.
Bernie had our college students spending their own cash going week ends to Michigan and Iowa rural areas campaigning for Bernie door to door. Suggest that this proves dedication to anyone.


Gee Robin it looks like the DNC is getting kicked to the curb by the younger voters. Good for them, I’m proud of them. It’s way past time the corrupt ol farts get a good thrashing…SOCK!!!SMACK!!!BIFF!!!


If that’s true what explains Castro’s almost same showing as Harris and his clobbering of Buttigieg and Booker. He’s from Texas and not considered nearly progressive enough by some.
Having lived in San Antonio while the Castro brothers started their nat’l political journeys; these two " Bexar Brothers " are not to be underestimated or ignored. They are two politicians progressives can do business with, imo.

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Will the fossils of the DNC continue to aim their cannons at their children and grandchildren, who WILL inherit the Democratic Party?
No doubt they will. They have MONEY to protect.
But we can use this 2/3 Bernie youth vote as an opening line in our door-to door and telephone campaigns.
“Hi there, did you know that at the November Democratic Convention in California, the Youth Caucus gave Bernie 2/3’s of its vote?”
Let’s go out and DO IT.


The energy was there in 2016 too. Did you see Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 11/9 ? This time we cannot allow them to take Bernie from us. There! I said it.


“Pete Buttigieg received just one vote”
BTW where is the demo convention scheduled to be held if that matters any?

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I love the Pete B got one vote.

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