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With 700+ Coronavirus Cases in US and 7 in Mexico, Trump Rebuked for Again Touting Border Wall as Solution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/10/700-coronavirus-cases-us-and-7-mexico-trump-rebuked-again-touting-border-wall

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What a dickhead.


Hey Trump! Anyone ever tell you you’re a fat, incompetent ass? Yeah… I’m name calling.


With the prospect of this virus not being well contained, it would be beneficial to establish plans that reduce transmission and treat those affected. Admittedly, this would be a high risk area. Ahem, I’m sure our health experts are right on this.

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Dump is afraid that the epidemic is going to kill his election chances so he’s appealing to his “base”. Is Joe going to respond by pointing to his friend Obama’s family separation policy?

From the article:

“Trump is ‘more concerned with his re-election’ than public health…”

Twump has always been more concerned with his self-image than with anything, as any sentient being who came of age in the 1960s-70s in the New York metro area knows. Re-election is just another chance at external validation, without a constant stream of which he would dry up and blow away.


The president’s tweet demonstrated that Trump is “more concerned with his re-election” than public health, tweeted former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance.

If that surprises you Joyce, it means you are woefully naive and uniformed!

The extent of the outbreak in USAmerica is deliberately suppressed, even though it means putting the outbreak on steroids stateside by withholding sufficient testing. One way to be sure of keeping the numbers down is to keep testing down. So we shouldn’t even be talking about this 700 figure – or any others until testing becomes generally available. That much should be obvious, but it’s certainly indisputable.

To an ordinary human being, the thought of sheilding the touchy stock market by withholding tests, as long as possible, seems to be inconceivable madness, so it’s not commonly contemplated or discussed. Though it remains perfectly clear that suppressed testing is the crux of USAmerica’s peculiarly idiotic coronavirus response. What did Orangeman say about the Grand Princess? “I don’t need the numbers from that boat.”

To this day, M$MBS colludes in the continuing scandal of unavailable tests, even to the extent of airing experts with the “oh well” opinion – We can save ourselves the trouble of testing now that everyone has it, presumably. Don’t ever buy the lie that containment can’t work. Why is intelligent containment possible elsewhere? China reported 19 new cases yesterday.

By the time coronavirus tests become adequately available, USAmerica will be number one: the most infected country on Earth. Welcome aboard the Diamond Princess.


If USAmerica indeed becomes the most infected country on Earth the ruling elite will see to it that martial law is imposed (Italy has de facto done so already) That’ll take care of future elections for a while with the goal to deepen the implementation of a fascist state…


I disagree that Italy has imposed martial law (so far as I know). There’s a line going around that a “free society” couldn’t possibly impose cordon sanitaire measures to control an outbreak (as China has done, apparently with measured success).

Italy is doing what it needs to do, no more. They seem to be avoiding overreach characteristic of nefarious schemes to subvert civil government. (Correct me if I’m wrong about that.) But you’re right USA goons’ll utilize this mess as an excuse for the coup swelling on the horizon.

China reported 13 new coronavirus cases yesterday. In terms of new cases the USA has already passed China.


Italy is one of European countries going the fascist way. Their politicians are calling the lockdown ‘decree’ which imo is just a more elegant way to avoid saying ‘martial law’. And yes, I agree, it is a sensible thing to do considering Italy’s Coronavirus cases… if there wasn’t the fascist agenda…


Talk about superpowers! Micro-organisms can pack a hell of a punch. “The world as we know it just ended” Cat Brooks summed it up. All the nations of the world are dice shaken in a Yahtzee cup, and there’s no telling how the throw goes.

My expectation is that 3/2020 will mark, for historians, the moment USA went over the edge and started plummeting to long-term basket-case status, like Russia. No longer “the world’s sole superpower.” Hardly a power. Domestically, matters are not promising. But what the hell – some of us might be clever enough to figure out how to jam the machine from time to time.

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“I, President Donald J. Trump, am hereby naming Marvin the Martian as Chief Commander of the Space Force to ensure that Andromeda Strain does not return.”

‘"Jesus Christ , America, what are you doing?’ tweeted Business Insider correspondent Rob Price of a graphic showing the CDC is now administering only 5 tests per 1 million people."

It appears more and more everyday, that what we are doing, is as little as possible to ensure this virus gets out of control in this country, and kills many seniors. At this point it’s becoming harder and harder to believe this lack of response is to ensure Trumps re-election.


The key word there is ‘reported’; China does not have a history of transparency - more likely the true numbers are suppressed (on pain of prison) in an attempt to restart their economy.


Taking away civil liberties during a crisis, is ALWAYS the work of fascists.

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Don’t know what to make of this. I was ok with it until about the last 60 seconds:


With some clarity on the “we” – state officials in California appear to be doing the best they can under the unconscionable constraint of lacking sufficient testing to implement containment (at the beginning, when it’s most important). For all I know, the government in Washington State is also doing their best. Should state governments have been preparing for CDC sabotage? It’s hard to blame the poor old CDC, which got tossed on the trash-heap with FEMA, EPA, etc.

The rest of the world has been using an (apparently) perfectly good test, developed in Germany, distributed by WHO, banned by CDC!?! That’s a crime against humanity of historic proportions. It’s also the end of USAmerica as we know it. We’re all drowning in Grover Norquist’s bathtub now.