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With 700+ Events Planned for Saturday, Nationwide Rallies Will Demand End to Trump's 'Zero-Humanity' Policy


With 700+ Events Planned for Saturday, Nationwide Rallies Will Demand End to Trump's 'Zero-Humanity' Policy

Julia Conley, staff writer

More than 700 direct actions are planned in cities and towns across the country on Saturday, as Americans rally against President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy, the forcible separation of families, and the imprisonment of children.


When do We the People have 700+ events nationwide with Guillotines working 24/7 to rid us of this Corruption?


“Nationwide Rallies Will Demand End to Trump’s ‘Zero-Humanity’ Policy”

All this is fine and dandy, but what is their solution?

What to do with the thousands that cross the border illegally? Just let them go? To do what, who’s gonna pay for their food, shelter, whatever else they need or think they need?


I predict this will have approximately zero impact on the zero tolerance policy. All people may have a right to raise their children in a peaceful environment, but they don’t all have the right to do so in the United States. They should go home and create a peaceful environment there.


Where is a movement against all the waste in Military and Medical waste.

We are broke because of all the lobbyists connected to the MIC .



You are missing the point. This is a cause affecting all voters and citizens, whether they supported Hillary or not. Look at the bigger picture. Do you think civil rights for people of color would have come about if those involved didn’t take to the streets in peaceful protest ? Many of those citizens lost their lives standing up to injustice.
Are you not aware that the anti-war protesters in the 60’s helped bring an end to the unjust war in Vietnam ?
The damage inflicted to this country by this administration is unprecedented in our lifetime. Maybe you are ok with deportation of illegal as well as LEGAL immigrants. Maybe you are ok with the biggest corporate tax cut in recent years at the expense of working people. Maybe you are ok with the Supreme Court denying a woman’s right to choose. Maybe you are ok with the repeal of net neutrality. Maybe you are ok with the elimination of Social Security and Medicare. Maybe you are ok with falling wages and soaring health care costs. If so, you must be part of the one percent.


The economy is red hot for the 1%. Five million people lost their homes. Worse, those homes are now rentals owned by corporations or management companies. The poverty index has been lowered but not by prosperity. Fewer people get nutritional support not because they don’t need it but because they can’t access it. Most of the improvements are the long term results of the Obama administration. Poverty is growing. I have never seen so many homeless people in my life. I don’t appreciate receiving 2/3 of my social security retirement after working an additional 7 years to access it.


Yes, I’m telling you that you won’t see the long term affects for some time. Trump is just stealing from everyone and no this is not new.

I’m glad you are doing well, paying a living wage with benefits to your employees, but you need to get out more

The same Obama that inherited the Bush mess. It was a different starting point, seventeen years of war without raising taxes. Who is paying for that?


Ugh. 3.5 million jobs where Americans can work 2 or 3 of them to make a living. Managed by debt slaves that are paying off their loans for an education and competing with countries where it is supported by Taxes. The Federal government is an employer as well, that is just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Under funding and staffing of essential services does not improve them or reduce costs.

Trump hasn’t blasted anyone, he has doubled down on military spending along with his tax cuts so again who is paying for that?


Not pessimistic, but realistic if anything. You can’t convince the thousands if not millions of people negatively affected by his policies that they are doing well.

Trump will disengage when it is no longer profitable to continue. He is a business man (I’m being nice here)

Hopefully one of the jobs would be cleaning up the mess the oil industry left and making reparations for the harm it has caused.


Ride the wave it won’t last.


It is all in how you look at it, change is inevitable.


We heard about it from the Poor People’s Campaign - Rev Barber is asking people to go - and a family member’s labor union.

So, FWIW, it’s not all about pink pussy hats. Besides which, these children need people to show up. So I hope people won’t let these various factions stop them from going. In our area alone, there are reportedly thousands showing up.


Denial isn’t a river in northeastern Africa.


I stand with these brave people against Trump and his Hitler style tactics with separating Immigrant children, but what about the rest of us? We were born in this country and he’s destroying our life and the planet as well. Most, if not all of our air, food and water is unsafe. His Tax Refiorm gives our money to the rich. He, Ryan and McConnell have taken away our safety net with Healthxare. Soon it will be unaffirdable to buy insurance, see doctors and buy medication we need. We have no watchdog group to protect us from his assault on us as he’s broken laws and has lied to us. He and his evil masters want us exterminated, yet not one person has stood up for us as a real leader. Are we supposed to lay down asnd let him finish his task, or rise up in Revolt? MoveOn needs to get tough and stop being a pacifist org. Sit Ins and signs are useless against these rabid animals and only force will let them know we will not let them kill us. Eye for an Eye!


U are a nut job and your facts are bull crap. Get off this thread Troll!


You are the problem. Take a hike. This thread is about the horrific tactics of Trump and hus Thugs. Go praise him some place else!


For asylum seekers, offer them aid and comfort and a path to citizenship. Don’t take their children away and lock them in cages. Simple enough, isn’t it?


Could you please explain to me how money is created in this system?


You really need to educate yourself beyond economic propaganda and get into the real economics.