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With 800,000 Public Employees Facing Pay Freeze and Shutdown, Pence and Other Top Trump Officials to Get $10K Raise


With 800,000 Public Employees Facing Pay Freeze and Shutdown, Pence and Other Top Trump Officials to Get $10K Raise

Julia Conley, staff writer

While 800,000 federal workers are currently either working without pay or furloughed and not entitled to retroactive pay, President Donald Trump's top appointees as well as Vice President Mike Pence are scheduled to get pay raises averaging about $10,000 per year on Saturday—and the shutdown is to blame for the glaring inequity.


Silence speaks loudest.


It is all due to the way the voting went before the shut-down but it sure looks ugly. Maybe Congress can fix it, maybe not. I know I got my raise through Social Security and my rent went up, gas went up, food went up, just staying alive costs more daily and I loose money daily. My question is, are any of them worth it, this raise? NO!


Can’t we invite them all to a Jim Jones KoolAid Party and throw our own celebration party afterwards.


Finally!! Government is being run just like a business!! The top execs get raises and bonuses, the peons get laid off and have their wages stolen. All we need now is for the Big Boss to throw a party in celebration at his private club…


To add insult to injury the VP, Congresscritters, cabinet members and other appointees who do the corporations’ bidding while in their gubmit jobs will get lucrative corporate jobs on K Street and elsewhere (after they leave their gubmit jobs) that pay upwards of $2 million per year…the real bonuses that they are working toward !


Without the peons the fat cats will actually have to do their own work.


For the 800000 workers this sucks, and I feel for them, but for the rest of the voters this is perfect. Shows the voters exactly who they are, we need to remind them, over and over again the closer it gets to 2020.

If there was any justice in the world, when the picture for this story was taken, a small asteroid would have made landfall in that very room, to benefit mankind (sorry photographers).


I think that the upper reaches of government have a different Preamble…something that has morphed into this"

*** “We the Upper Reaches of Government, in order to form a " More Perfect REUNION of the GildedAge, Establish a society of JUST US, Insure Domestic Laws of Futility, Promote the common OFFENSE,” Promote our GENERALS ’ Warfare, and Secure the Blessings of Bribery, to ourselves and our 01 % Society, as we do Proclaim and Establish his Constitutional Fleecing of America."***

This is probably written in pencil—like that Supreme Court clerk wrote in a margin saying that Corporations are PEOPLE too… Damn the pencils…and destroy the sharpeners forever!


These cretins really do think they are the new aristocracy, constitution be damned. They should receive, at best, minimum wage.


The way to get people to vote is to have Statewide Voter Initiatives on the Ballot. The Voter Initiative is what gets people to the polls (gets them to vote) because Initiatives DIRECTLY impact citizens!


Federal employees currently being compelled to work without pay (slavery) should:
(1) Seek immediate injunctive relief from Supreme Court - they can NOT be compelled to work WITHOUT compensation. Example of impact. TSA screeners would be off and airports would be shut down until President activated National Guard to staff airport operations. All USA border crossings would be wide-open because there would be no staffing until President activated National Guard.
(2) File law suit against President for violating 13th Amendment outlawing slavery.
(3) File law suit against Congress for aiding and abetting President in violating 13th Amendment.
(4) File law suit against Congress for not passing veto-proof Continuing Resoltion to compensate federal employees for work.
The primary job of Congress and President is to operate government on annual basis - there should be zero partisan politics when it comes to government operations!


A wall is literally insane. It truly is a 21st century immorality as well as a medieval solution to poverty and human needs. Unless it is manned every 2,000 feet by a machine gun tower manned by cooks crazy enough to shoot mothers and toddlers, it doesn’t solve the problem, except to give comfort to a few TIKI torch paraders, the KKK and marginally mentally functional. The sad reality is that with our presently designed electoral system and the flaw of the spoiler parties, it will get Trump elected again, or someone as nutty as he is. We delude ourselves into thinking that much has changed. The Palosi fantasy is just that, a mirage. The country is being run by; Stephen Miller, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh not to discount that crazy token black fruit Jeanine Pirro