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With 800+ Protests Planned, Nation Ready for Mass Revolt as Trump Reportedly Eyes Firing Rosenstein


With 800+ Protests Planned, Nation Ready for Mass Revolt as Trump Reportedly Eyes Firing Rosenstein

Julia Conley, staff writer

After mobilizing for months in anticipation of a serious obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump, amid Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's 2016 campaign, more than 300,000 Americans from all 50 states are prepared to loudly protest should the president fire Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

800 events and growing. Find one near you: https://t.co/Guk5NP37Ee https://t.co/VcIrDvWngF


I don’t know how many of you were Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, but,

The time to “Be Prepared” is at hand.

Put your life on hold, and make your children proud of you.


Well I am sure Trump is just terrified of your loud protest. Truth is he can fire Rosenstein, hell he can fire Mueller and he will totally get away with it. The Republicans will hang with him and after a day or two of portests there isn’t a damn thing anybody can do to stop it. It appears likely we will find out soon for sure.


Hi Ponyboy your posts are very good. This website is good to a point and I am not going to post anymore about the protest planned for april 15th. I called commondreams about that story and I thought they would have an article about it so far zero. That is sponsored by quite a few very good groups


If the US begins bombing Syria will there be massive protests? Shut it down. When Black Lives are being gunned down in the streets by police was there a mass mobilization in the streets? Shut it down. Will the pending global climate crisis cause a general strike? Shut it down. For Trump firing Mueller or Rosenstein because the investigation is getting too close to Trump rotten business dealings, not motivated to do much of anything except watch the spectacle


https://www.springaction2018.org/ Here is the website-- how come this is blasted everywhere. Everyone is so dumb down these days .


why wait go to my link above


Oh, hey, c’mon, personal lawyers ought to be way out of bounds. Just ask Cheney, Bush, Albright, Clinton, Kissinger, all the best & brightest war criminals rely on them. What? What international law? We constitutional lawyers break it like breaking (bad) wind, so many times already it doesn’t even count anymore. We just haven’t got around to changing the law yet to match our purposes. And why should we, when so many with so much clout are on our side? Who wants to be against war nowadays? Losers! C’mon, we’re going to hype it & spin it, whip it and win it, no matter what anybody says. Constitutional crisis, my ass. What constitutional, besides the one you take on the throne in the morning?


I thought Nixon was dead???


“Shut It Down” will be the Battle Cry.

“Resign or be Removed” will be the goal.


I agree- if anyone thinks that these people are scared they are in for a rude awakening. Protests are a start , but we need more action. Plus these vigils are nothing but hand holding.


The war in Syria has been raging for seven years now people , and people are being gassed , bombed, shot - you name it- millions have become refugees and others are in crisis mode in their country. Where is the rest of the world? It seems that Dump wants to use more of this to get to Putin- another power play.


April 15th- you mean tax day?


Well thank you. These wars with hardly any mention by the MSM about the US soldiers and veterans and the civilians in these countries in the Middle East have gone on for close to two decades, and the US public seems apathetic or just numb. This is more than disgusting. I wonder if it’'s also because there is no draft as there was during the War in Viet Nam.


End the Wars at Home and Abroad!
The time is now to return to the street to make our voices heard. Join us on April 14-15 for united, nationally coordinated regional mobilizations to challenge the war makers and defend humanity. The future is in our hands.

​We are all armchair internet quarterbacks-- make your voice heard and pass the info on.


I am the only one that posts this in here. I did call commondreams Monday and wednesday to do a story on these demonstrations. so far 0 . I have been posting this for over a week now various times. Most people will look at but not comment. So most people in here are just internet bloggers. I grew up during Vietnam war and protested that too in the 60s. Most people then also were onlookers too and draft did effect people’s ass and war was on T.v. everynight w body bags etc. this is my final post on this since nobody else in here will even copy and paste my work.


With a world war looming, people are going to mobilize in the streets to protest the firing of a politically appointed cabinet member? What an absolute waste of time and energy. If you want to mobilize, how about getting together and ending homelessness or ending the war on Yemen? No, let’s waste millions and millions of hours of energy keeping the Russia Red Herring alive.

Wake up people. They are leading you by your own egos to your own damnation.


It seems the progressive media machine has been mobilized to be at worst neutral on the possibility of war with Syria. In other words, they are helping to manufacture the consent for more genocide.


Yeah… like protests are going to have any impact on this President.

Only a few weeks ago, 800,000 students protested in Washington DC (with allegedly more than a million more spread across other cities) waving the blood of the Parkland victims and demanding change to the Gun laws.

Trump showed empathy with the issue and f**ked off to Mar-a-Lago to play Golf with his rich white mates and predsumably a few more from the NRA and completely ignored them. And a few weeks later, what has he done on Gun Control? That’s right… NADA… except apparently now he’s less interested in bowling into the next firefight with his bare hands and disarming the shooter himself as he indicated he would a few weeks ago.

He’s a man who if you ain’t talking abou thim, ain’t listening. He’s a man who if he isn’t looking at his reflection in a mirror, ain;t looking. Do you really thing a protest of any size in response to a potential Rosenstein sacking is going to leave an imprint on this oaf? You are absolutely all wasting your time. You need to find a way to actually get to Trump… perhaps if 100,000 protesters turned up at Sean Hannity’s house and burned it down you might get noticed.


Protests are important! No, they don’t solve anything by themselves, but they do tend to cause Congressperson’s self-preservation instincts to kick in. More importantly, they show the rest of the world that we’re not all batshit crazy.


Yes, I have been in protests and will be in more, but vigils- just holding hands and singing are something else entirely.