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With 'A Friend in the White House,' Texas Lawmakers Prep Anti-Woman Attack


With 'A Friend in the White House,' Texas Lawmakers Prep Anti-Woman Attack

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Lending credence to those who warn Donald Trump's administration will be dangerous for women nationwide, conservative Texas lawmakers last week filed a slew of new bills attacking reproductive right


Every thinking woman in Texas might find a way if they actually begin figuring out how to leave the state. There are quite a few states that appreciate intelligent women. Unlike Texas, North East and Pacific states don't try to use central government planning instead of family planning.


Practicing Patriarchy in America 2016 : Big Daddy calls the shots, while Mom works full time and contributes more than her share towards their joint Income, often while Big Daddy is out of work, but still In Charge.


Anyone tempted to "sit this one out" should read "When She Woke" by Jordan. It is science fiction - but only barely. It is a frighteningly possible near-future, particularly with our new federal government taking shape. Time to get busy! I keep wondering what Molly Ivins would be saying, now.


It is hard to believe these "lawmakers" can pretend to be pro-life. Is there no room for privacy (Roe vs Wade was about this specific point), women's rights to her own body, health care for women and babies (maybe even others)? Are they anti-gun, antiwar, fighting against domestic abuse, deaths by accidental shooting by young children? How can they concentrate on this one issue-have they no real crimes to solve or prevent?


And yet...and yet...those goons keep getting re-elected. Drumpf got a large percentage of white women's votes. I would say Texas legislators reflect the will of their people...unless they get booted out of office. Maybe it's time to come to grips with the regressive nature of American politics in general.