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With A Rod Of Iron: AR-15-Toting Churchgoers Renew Their Commitment To the Blood-Soaked Lunacy of Our Nation Amen

Just the religious portion.

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I don’t know whether it is mental illness, no thinking skills resulting from a lack of education, or religious dogma overriding both.

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Just a teeny, tiny, speck of the religious US population. Really, it’s a slander to call these folks “churchgoers” in the headline without clarifying it’s a group that doesn’t even own its own building. There were millions of churchgoers in pews yesterday who have nothing to do with this cult.

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That is true, when qualifying this particular “cult”.

However, there are millions upon millions of churchgoers who support US wars of Empire that result in the massacre of scores of human beings.

There are millions upon millions of churchgoers who support the cult of gun worship.

And there are also indeed millions upon millions of churchgoers who don’t support US wars of Empire, and have indeed protested such wars.

Good example was the organization National Council of Churches that took a very public stance against the criminal invasion of Iraq by the George W. Bush Administration.

Too bad a whole bunch of war mongering Corporate State Democrats didn’t do the same.

Ooooops! I went off topic!


Reminds me of the show I watched last night on Investigation Discovery about the Mormon cult leader Ervil LeBarron a fundamentalist who preached “kill disobedient members”. I had never heard of him before but this group sounds what people will do when an unhinged leader tells them to go out and kill for a god or whatever.


Yes. Blind flag waving followers mostly. Let us not forget out of all of the accumulated dead resulting from 2001, about 80% at least are “collateral damage” considering the Bush administration said Al Queda had 20,000 members tops. Iraqi dead count alone passed 1/2 million in 2017, not even including the millions of displaced.


The much better Christians just believe in Armageddon and that most people will be damned to Hell for all eternity.


Now who do you suppose these folks voted for in 2016?


It was that mentality, that illogical “belief” that caused me to run very fast away from organized religion having been indoctrinated to such beliefs from childhood at First Baptist Church.

Thank God I saw the light.


No wonder Canada doe not want us!

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What g-d is this- they must of invented the g-d of guns. Sickos- want the world to be in chaos so they can disappear in rapture.

Oh stop and go back to your backyard worship of guns. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

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I do not get the connection between g-d and guns. Sounds like yet another cult- maybe they can follow the route of Jim Jones.

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I think it’s a combination of three- and who knows maybe drugs?

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Their time for what? Wonder what real world jobs these people have? Oh, I forgot- they own gun shops!

I once came across someone like this decades ago- she was insane- even her own family thought she was.

Come on- most of them get off on disasters- maybe they secretly are even " thrilled" about these mass shootings- one more step to get them to the rapture( of hell I say)

This is why I try and stay as far away from organized religion as possible…

Not really. As @Edward_A_Hara points out, even the major Protestant denominations, while including some members who are apocalypticists, do a lot of work for peace and equality. I can introduce you to both Presbyterian and Lutheran pastors who put their own lives and freedom on the line by giving sanctuary to those facing deportation, others who have served jail time for civil disobedience on any number of subjects. And I would point out that @Psychedelic_Chicken’s National Council of Churches is made up of those major denominations’ representatives; they don’t do anything without the member orgs voting to do it.

I’m a PC(USA) elder. We have an observer office at the UN and a very active “Office of Public Witness” in DC. They train members to act for justice, and they take action themselves. They resource government employees at all levels, without regard to partisan affiliation. But again, they execute only policies that the commissioners to the biennial, national General Assembly have voted to adopt. We have a denominational policy for reducing gun violence, and the parachurch Presbyterian Peacemaking Fellowship is distributing “No Guns In God’s House” signs and materials. We are far from alone in this. It’s one of the things that make denominational congregations more powerful than standalone organizations that make whatever kind of policy (and theology) they may choose.

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You are confusing a woman’s right to choose with a violent society. Would you force a woman to have a kid if she got pregnant after rape? The controlling and abuse of women is different than the violence of guns and wars.
You probably do not believe in birth control Or even sex with procreation( a friend of Pence)