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With a Spate of New Laws, California May Be the Most Progressive State in the Nation


With a Spate of New Laws, California May Be the Most Progressive State in the Nation

Sonali Kolhatkar

California lawmakers have been extremely busy actually getting work done—unlike their federal counterparts in Washington, D.C. The most populous state in the nation is now arguably also the most progressive. Here are 10 critical issues covered by recently passed laws, from reproductive rights and equal pay to voting rights and health care for undocumented children:


Most progressive and holding the most electoral votes!


I never considered "motor voter" to be "progressive" in the least, since it ties voting to car ownership and driver's licenses. The suburban "middle class" may have trouble believing this, but many or even most poor people in my city don't won cars and don't have drivers licenses.

A more "progressive" solution is simply to do what virtually all other countries, including Canada do - not have any kind of "voter registration" at all. Or more specifically, it is automatic upon formal conferring of citizenship and/or reaching 18 years of age. When one moves, one receives a friendly reminder of their new polling place based on available documents like tax returns, or one simply shows up with proof of residency in the polling precinct when they go to they vote.


It is laws like these that are driving Californians to leave the state in record numbers. California and New York (another progressive state) are at the top of the list of states losing population. Yes, a lot of people move to California each year, but even more of them flee. The reason they leave? Taxes and a hostile business environment. It's easier to make a living, and you get to keep more of your income, in places like Texas and Florida. As more people make their way to California to get free stuff, even more of the productive citizens of the state will leave the state to avoid paying for all the free stuff.


Is this a joke or a sitire? no it is not, the dunderhead who wrote this is seriosly misplaced his dunce cap


I don't think so-- you missed the "YOU MUST VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN" law. Hmmmm no freedom of health there-- how progressive is that?


There was some decline during the ''official' recession, but the population of the state has increased for the last three years. Maybe you mean the white population as a percentage of the total population. Sucks for you, probably.Projections into the future show large long term increases of overall population. The limits on this are environmental-but California is doing quite well compared to other states in energy and resource conservation, including, yes-water use per capita.


► Yup, motor voter might help, but universal registration is the way to go.


► Have you seen her pic?


A joke and satire are not mutually exclusive i.e., a joke can be satirical. Note the correct spelling of the word satire.

If you are going to go calling people names like "dunderhead" and suggest that someone possesses a "dunce cap" I suggest taking an extra moment to proofread your text prior to posting it.

Let me help…

Is this a joke or satire? No it is not. The dunderhead who wrote this seriously misplaced his dunce cap.

Even with that bit of tidying up your post, so to speak, it still comes across sounding a bit dunderheadish don't you think?


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Touché, cookies, touché. PC, don't let it bother you.


Motor voter would be even better if drivers were required to renew their voter registration along with their drivers licenses by showing they voted.

Legalizing open carry and banning concealed carry would let people see who is armed and allow them to take protective measures.

Recreational pot should be as legal and untaxed like any other herb. Profiting hugely from it is a travesty.


Your forgot a period. :smile:

Please refresh me on what rule I broke relative to proper comma usage. This chicken wants to learn!

The thought of continuing to write with improper comma usage gives me pause, but maybe not in the write places (yes that was a pun).


Liberals are easily manipulated by "for the greater good" rhetoric and many still idealize what they believe to be "science".


Agree except for renewing voter registration; everyone should have access to the ballot, but they should not be compelled to vote.