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With 'Absolute Drubbing' of Right-Wing, Progressive Champion Jacinda Arden Wins Historic Landslide Reelection in New Zealand

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/17/absolute-drubbing-right-wing-progressive-champion-jacinda-arden-wins-historic


Now I’m starting to fantasize about enlightened leadership getting a chance to demonstrate intelligence in government, here in USA, someday… over the rainbow, way up high, there’s a dream that I dreamed of once in a lullaby – wait a second, too much cognitive dissonance to handle when I realize Jacinda Arden and New Zealand aren’t actually over the rainbow. Nonbuttheaded humans, here on planet Earth? It makes my brain hurt to admit that’s even possible, from where I sit, here in the shadow of Mordor’s grim tower.


This made me smile. We need a revolution the world over along with the election of left Wing Candidates. The Right has buggered things up for far too long. Neo-Liberalism has to end.

I am also glad to see the showing of the Green Party. While it did not win many seats their very presence makes it clear to Ms Arden and to the far right that people ARE concerned with the environment. While I do not think Ms Arden would ignore it , this showing will help keep the Labour party honest as they know people WILL go to the Greens.

When a party of the left loses percentage of Vote to another left wing party they KNOW they can not try and cater to the right.

Voters elsewhere should take note. A party does not have to take power or win many seats to have an influence on policy.


Listen to her speech. She’s the best and deserves to win. New Zealand will be proud of such a leader.


Also on the same day:

Labor to win re-election in Australian Capital Territory with support of Greens


(The ACT which includes the Australian national capital, Canberra has had 113 Covid-19 cases and 3 deaths.)


Aleph,we had our chance with Jill Stein of the Greens…this country will only learn from the hard times coming… … I vote for Kamala for President…maybe Ol Joe, Slow Joe will fade into the background…You know back in the day with Bush Jr and Cheney Sr, the VP seemed to be running the show… maybe again it could be…


I simply think of Jacinda Ardern as “The Natural”.


Fantastic. Wonderful victory. Ka whakakotahi nga kaimahi o te ao.


You’ve written a perfect description of my own thoughts and feelings, Aleph_Null. There really is hope now somewhere on our beloved planet. I’d forever given up the possibility of seeing light on any horizon. Our agony will be easier to bear knowing that peace, love, and justice are breaking through somewhere here on Earth.


“So if the equation is right, shouldn’t Trump lose by the largest landslide in 74 year?”

I hope to hell this proves true.


Interesting comments. Ardern has handled vocid reasonably well, but NZ is a small island and had a lot going for it on that score.

Still, politically, she’s nearly a twin of Justin Trudeau, a career neoliberal who’s expert sales of her personality greatly exceed her willingness to reverse austerity in NZ.

To call her a “progressive champion” is, at best, premature, as the Labour coalition has yet to make much of a dent in the problems caused by decades of austerity. However, if all it takes to be a champion anymore is handling a crisis in a way most of us would with that kind of power, then we may want to rethink how badly we need such champions.

With luck, maybe Ardern turns out to be the one that restores some of the best of NZ’s social democratic past. But she (and Labour) haven’t done it yet.


Sounds like New Zealand Conservatives are not as much of a threat to their country as they are in the USA.


Could this be a foreshadowing of some young woman in our political world who holds similar views taking the reigns of power in the future?? I’m thinking of someone with the initials AOC. Hey, I can dream can’t I?


Jacinda and the labor party did not have a majority in the last Parliament. In fact they had to ally with other parties to Govern as the right wing National party had more seats.

Labor now has a majority. The question becomes whether or not she moves further left or right given she no longer needs to rely so much on that coalition. The numbers suggest she has an outright majority now.

That said, the Conservatives and right wing in New Zealand are losing ground. Here in British Columbia polls suggest that the right wing “Liberals” (they are in fact Conservatives that took over the Liberal party because the people here push further to the left and they thought that would give them more life) will lose the upcoming elections to the NDP.

These trends are positive and much more so then were the “democrats” to defeat the “republicans” in the USA as those Democrats do not lean left at all. They are a right wing party.


Ahem . . .

With ‘Absolute Drubbing’ of Right-Wing, Progressive Champion Jacinda Arden Wins Historic Landslide Reelection in New Zealand

It’s Jacinda A-r-d-e-r-n. Two r’s,


She needs to move fast on legislation because, you know Lefties, we like fighting each other as much as we do the opposition. But, that is a discussion for later. On this day, at this time, we need to raise our glasses and cheer her victory. Women should be gathering (socially distanced) on every street corner around the world for a women’s night celebration of the possible. As a grumpy, old curmudgeon, this knocks a dent in my world view of doom and gloom.


I tend to agree. Now I am a guy and I understand that women as leaders (see Hilary and or Maggie Thatcher) does not necessarily mean they progressive but if we look at the best run Countries today, they tend to be headed by women.


It should be pointed out that Ardern is a 'Left wing candidate", something that hasn’t existed int he U.S. in over a hundred years. However it does show us just how popular an actual Left wing candidate would be if they were ever permitted to turn here.
Another noticeable difference is that New Zealand is a functioning democracy. No such things as ‘an electoral college’ or super pacs or voter disenfranchisement.
What I do like is that NZ shows a tiny glimpse of what could happen if we lived in a democracy.


… and the first ‘R’ is silent.

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That would be the equation if Trump were not running against an ideological twin of his (minus the hair) this November. It should be noted that Ardern is light years left of Bernie Sanders and that New Zealanders already enjoy normal benefits of living in a democracy like universal healthcare and a constitution banning nuclear weapons.
If Ardern were running in the U.S. she would have been ignored, marginalized and labelled as a communist agent of Russia. Democrats and Republicans would shout “Lock her up!” in the streets as the MSM would slander her at every opportunity. To put it simply, the U.S. is not ready for an enlightened leader. We need a revolution first to replace the junta we’re stuck with.