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With 'Absolute Drubbing' of Right-Wing, Progressive Champion Jacinda Arden Wins Historic Landslide Reelection in New Zealand

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Updated 10:24 PM ET, Sun October 11, 2020

The small-town takeout store worker who won over New Zealand – and the world

Julia Hollingsworth

Updated 10:24 PM ET, Sun October 11, 2020

Morrinsville, New Zealand (CNN) It’s Friday night in the small town of Morrinsville and a handful of locals are waiting at the Golden Kiwi on the main street for a greasy parcel of fish and chips.

It wasn’t so long ago that Jacinda Ardern was behind the counter, taking orders at the nautical-themed takeaway joint. Now, the 40-year-old New Zealand Prime Minister is one of the world’s most recognizable leaders.

Updated by THE COMMONS 10-18-2020

A Working Class Hero is something to be…
If ya want to be a hero, well, jest follow me…


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The utter and complete lack of accountability to the law (both statutory and common law) in present day Australia shows us that those thoughts about parliamentary democracy (AKA the Westminster system) are- unfortunately, not accurate.

And one could cite Israel as an example of where the leader refuses to step down -even though he’s lost an election and is under indictment for corruption.

What law is Australian Government in violation of as has been ruled on by the Courts? What has the court ruled on that the sitting Government has failed to follow?

The PM In Israel not resigning is based on an interpretation of written law. This in fact very much what the US President is claiming he can do if he refuses to honor the results of the next election.

The ruling in Israel is that the law does not explicitly state that a PM must resign when facing corruption charges. In other words they are referring to written law.

Minister after Minister has violated statutes and court orders, has misled parliament (in Angus Taylor’s case, presenting forged documents) engaged in abject corruption that would make most American grifters blush- and the AFP (Australian Federal Police) literally won’t even make a phone call in furtherance of any investigations!

These matters won’t end up in court- because they won’t even be investigated, much less have charges laid.

As to the High Court, it has in the past 5-6 years issued a serious of arbitrary and capricious ruling that, in several cases are in direct conflict with basic principles of parliamentary law- with direct textual references in the bare bones Aussie constitution.

For example, the Australian Senate blocked funding for a ridiculous, non-binding plebiscite -the government went forward with this anyway (at a cost of more than an 8th of a billion dollars) and the court held this permissible -even though it clearly contradicted the fundamental spending power of parliament.

Well what you have is a Corrupt Government. Any model of Government where its Politicians/officials fail to follow and enforce the law will fail in such a manner. When we are talking about mechanisms that ensure checks and balances we are talking about the rules being followed. If the rules are not being followed no mechanic can work.

It sort of like having rules in place for a game of soccer. One rule says you can not direct the ball with your hand or carry the soccer ball in your hands. Someone picks up the ball and runs to the other end and throws it in the net. The officials and the league rules it counted even though it in violation of all the rules.

That does not mean that the rules for soccer are not clear and that it was a failing of those rules. It just means those in charge fail to honor the rules and have turned it into something that is not soccer…

What is it with these glossy, glib centrists? Tony Blair, Barack Obama and now Jacinda Ardern gets all the liberals dribbling with delight. Someone who will make capitalism nice! None of that depressing leftist realism for them, thank you. Let’s pretend capitalism works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

The extent of wealth inequality in supposedly egalitarian New Zealand has been laid bare by figures showing the wealthiest individuals have over NZ$140bn (US$93bn) stashed away in trusts – and overall have nearly 70 times more assets than the typical Kiwi.

The new data, drawn from the 2017-18 Household Economic Survey, are likely to underestimate true inequality, as the ultra-wealthy are generally reluctant to take part in such surveys. The data show that New Zealand’s wealthiest 1% of adults – around 38,000 people – have $141bn in trusts. Another 150,000 or so people, rounding out the rest of the wealthiest 5%, have trusts worth a further $122bn.
(Max Rashbrooke, The Guardian, Mon 31 Aug 2020)

Ardern is not as progressive as might wish to believe. She signed up New Zealand to an unjust business-supremacy treaty, the TPP.

TPP stands for Trans-Pacific Partnership, or Treacherous Plutocratic Poison – take your pick. It has an ISDS clause which allows a foreign company to sue any government whose policies get in the company’s way. See business-supremacy-treaties.html in my personal web site, which is stallman followed by org.

Speaking of which, if Biden wins he may try to foist that treaty on the US. We had better start organizing now to defeat it.

Cutting to the chase: the point is very simple.

Parliamentary systems are every bit as corruptable and subject to what we might term ‘facism’ as bona fide tripartite (Montesque) systems where there are hard divisions between the legislature (Parliament) and the executive (which in Westminster systems is- essentially, run by legislature).

In times past, we might have looked at career civil service as sort of an independent branch- akin to an executive, but that’s not been or how it’s worked in real life since at least the turn of the Century in many if not most nations.

Yep we must have a corporate death penalty for all corporations that pollute our air ,water and soil.

Half of all the worlds companies would have to shut down overnight if this was the guiding principle.

We will get there eventually its just a matter of how quickly we raise collective consciousness and reach critical mass.

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