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With Air Pollution on the Rise Under Trump, People at Risk of Severe Illness From Coronavirus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/31/air-pollution-rise-under-trump-people-risk-severe-illness-coronavirus

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semi truck diesel emissions became clean in 2006. And - increased efficiency from 6 mpg to 6.8 mpg. Private money funded billions for this improvement, not the taxpayer.

Smaller manufacturers certainly could not finance their own R&D for their engines.
Refineries in Chicago region are buttoned up without emissions into neighborhood air.

Auto mpg in medium size sedan. Not a luxury brand.
Chicago to Ohio state line at 40 mpg and state line to cleveland at 45 mpg. Now, have unleaded gasoline, 10% alcohol, summer blend and winter blends here.
1955 trip was 8 mpg with leaded gasoline as a point for reference.
Go to rationing fuel, limiting semi travel to 250 miles one way except food. longer trips go by rail.

The local steel mills are notorious air and water polluters compared to any others - including coal fired power plants. They dump into the air at night, unseen. The ground level monitors do not even blink. Chicago EPA office is useless staff. RIF the whole lot and hire competent peoples. Flint water, Michigan City sewage, Crestview cancer water were all under their watch - along with state officials.

giving the go ahead to mercury emissions is too darn sad.