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With Alarming New Assessment, 17 Scientists Offer 'Cold Shower' to Wake Up Humanity to Hot World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/alarming-new-assessment-17-scientists-offer-cold-shower-wake-humanity-hot-world


Our “leaders” know all this already and have for years.

There’s one problem: without removing the profit in burning the place up, they’re not going to act on it. That’s still the 600 lb gorilla in the room.

As long as capital dominates this planet, the planet is doomed. It sucks. But it is.

And in the meantime, the propaganda apparatus has trained millions of Americans to view the whole things as yet another “hoax”, designed to steal their jobs and subordinate them to the liberal tyranny of “globalism”. And we can see how impossible it is to extract people in these echo chambers back out of them.

We’re in bad shape all the way around.


“They would not listen they’re not listening still
Perhaps they never will.” - DM


I would have been very much more convinced if the discredited Paul ‘Population Bomb’ Ehrlich was not one of those contributing to this report.


Please explain. In what sense has Professor Ehrlich been discredited?


We can’t even convince some people to wear a mask.


“We need to be candid, accurate, and honest.”

As far as i can tell scientists for years have been candid, honest and as accurate as can be:





I could go on…and on…and on…


now we will see how many science denying fools inhabit the Democratic party and it’s leadership–so far the evidence is that they are almost as bad at believing the science as the Republicans–as all of our political establishments have been ignoring science of climate change for the last 50 years and now we have another clear science denier in “I will not ban fracking” Joe and his current science denial–the distribution of the Covid vaccines where he now wants to give away the second dose with NO guarantees of a new supply in time to give the second dose in the time period required–possibly wasting every dose previously given when they don’t get the follow up


Yea - pretty depressing - not the report - but the people - lots and lots of people.

I see Trump got his way, the Supreme Court backed him, and that poor woman Lisa Montgomery was executed, despite a federal judge’s last minute stay of execution on the grounds she is in effect mentally ill.

Not that I want to get into the details of the case, which is itself depressing, but because, having just finished “Rage” by Bob Woodward, 18 interviews by Mr. Woodward of Trump himself, I think two things:

  • the title of the book is indicative of the mind of Trump
  • the packed Supreme Court now works as yet another arm of this deranged killer, the current president of the United States.

And I agree with your assessment Wings - there is nothing really new in this report, Ehrlich will be proven right, his timing was off is all, as will the “Limits to Growth”, the 1972 MIT Report to The Club of Rome, whose curves are all tracking well 48 years after publication.

You would never guess from reading “Rage” that Trump is an “ardent” supporter of capital punishment, and there is only between the lines info on the true state of Trump’s overall intentions as regards the insurrection now fully in progress.

This new report would have no effect on Trump’s overall plan, whatever that plan is.

But I can say this - Trump knows what he is doing - he does have a plan - and we will be the last to know.

It may be, in reality, that the authoritarianism we see growing by leaps and bounds all around the world is part and parcel of the extinction predicted in this new world report - that what we are really seeing is the actual mechanisms in play that will destroy the human race.

We are addicted to war and to endless growth - seemingly without foresight or indeed any moral compass, other than short term selfishness.

On the other hand - it may be that this feeling - that we are now actually being overwhelmed at all scales, in the physical world and in the political MIC world - is quite normal - like the beginnings of both world wars, and that reason and justice may rise out of the ashes that right now, are us ?

It doesn’t matter in any case - we will try our best - and then we will see - or not.


Agree with everything you say. I haven’t read the book “rage” and do not want. I can see what he is.
That was so sad about that poor, abused woman, especially as she had a small reprieve. How cruel and evil.



That’s the first thing I thought when I read this with my coffee this morning. We live in a nation where nearly half the adults have convinced themselves that every word a lying malignant narcissist says is true. Now we see why the population of the USA is the only one around the world that still thinks the science behind global warming is up for debate.

As we see our nation now spiral into a fascist abyss, I can only think back to what Jay Gould and our local criminal robber baron Henry Clay Frick used to say about us “rabble”. They, and many of the oligarchs of the first American gilded age genuinely believed that they were in no danger of being held to account like their European counter parts were because of the character, or lack thereof, of the American people. “ I could pay half my workers to kill the either half” is apparently as true today as it was in the late 19th century, as the raid on Capital building made abundantly clear.
I fear that, like our quickly warming planet, the USA is past the point of no return.
Sorry to be so dire on Wednesday morning.


“That we are already on the path of a sixth major extinction is now scientifically undeniable.”

Extinction is the key phrase here even if understated as that means the massive die off of all species with nothing left. What can possibly be more of a motivator than that? And yet we are seeing nothing significant being done, nothing. This is a failed system incapable and unwilling to react and take the kind of action demanded. It is aristocratic rule at its most unfeeling, blind and uncaring for life, for people, for everything meaningful on this planet.


Sadly Brian i believe it’s true. And just wait till there’s limited supplies of food/water:



Amen wings. I’ve been saying for a couple of years now, if you thought that wars over oil were vicious, just wait until nations are fighting for the last gallons of fresh water.
It makes me recall a phrase often attributed to Lenin. Every nation is three missed meals away from revolution.


Let’s see what happens in Istanbul.

These people are correct. I’m usually happy to quibble with details, but that’s not what’s needed here.

We have tools in our toolbox and we certainly want more tools if we can get them. We need a concerted search effort. I’m just one inventor, and I wave all sorts of new tools in front of everybody. I talk to engineers and usually nobody convinces me that they can’t be built. If they did convince me, I’d be happy to push that particular invention to the back of the file cabinet.

The second great political roadblock is product development. If we know what tools we want, we have to develop them without regard to making a profit within the next fiscal quarter. For example, a number of firefighting improvements will never show a profit because the government is the only buyer. Design/build them anyways. Why aren’t we using thousands of hotshot drones to put out spot fires where it’s risky to send humans?

The population bomb happened. In 1960 their was “only” 3 billion, we are very soon 8 billion.
The world is struggling to feed everyone despite massive mechanization of the system, gmo crops more and more chemicals, stealing more and more water from rivers and exhausting aquifers.

And billions are currently food insecure.

In terms of books written or statements made, do you discount truths just because once someone was incorrect about something?


We are on the edge of the abyss and still some folks don’t realize it. As a hunter, I am always scouting and traveling back roads and I can tell you that all around me I see wood lots being purchased and gated roads installed and I hear auto and semi-auto weapons fire on the regular and I know that these folks are building compounds in prep for what is coming. Best case is that they are hunkering down in defensive positions. Worst case is that they will join militias or gangs of armed marauders who will, once the supply lines fail, be going door-to-door ransacking and killing to get food and supplies. Ammunition has been sold out in Maine for two years now, but some folks have enough to be doing a lot of target practicing every day, so I know where all that ammo went. A prudent person would be storing supplies for the long haul and developing plans for the assault that is likely imminent.


“Why aren’t we using thousands of hotshot drones to put out spot fires where it’s risky to send humans?”

Fire protection has, for whatever reason, always been looked at as “reactionary”, meaning very little thought or resources are applied to divert tragedy before it happens, and just the minimum amount of resources applied after tragedy strikes. Even in the Fire Service itself, change usually comes after many deaths can be attributed to the same problem. Example, for years structural firefighters were sent into dilapidated, falling down, structures, sometimes with multiple past fires in them without assessing whether there was a life threat in the structure or not, killing untold amounts of firefighters over the years. Thankfully the days of risking human life for a broken down structure with no life inside is a thing of the past (or it should be).
Here’s another fact few people know:
There has never been a loss of life in a structure with a properly operating sprinkler system, ever.
So why don’t we mandate that every structure has a properly operating sprinkler system?


I am sure the first solution on the minds of the politicians is for everyone to buy a fiddle.

The base of all this is human kinds thousand year process to turn all of the Natural world into a thing, merely a source of profits , over which to exercise dominion. Everything is a commodity. This the true meaning of the term “materialism”.

Mother Nature is fighting back.