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With Alarming New Assessment, 17 Scientists Offer 'Cold Shower' to Wake Up Humanity to Hot World

The problem is capitalism - the exchange economy. The private ownership of the resources and the means of production by a privileged few for their own benefit. That is where the unjust allocation of the wealth of the planet begins.

People tend to forget what Marx, Debs and the Wobblies were saying.

It is exactly as the person said - that today it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.


Politicians need a cold shower. They should resign if they cant get our essential workers decent wages.

Politicians should be paid based on the benefits they get for people.

No more bailouts for corporations. The trade deals that outsource and offshore peoples jobs are a kick in the teeth to America…

Politicians need a cold shower.

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The developing countries are where a lot of the pollution has gone now. When I was a kid, it was polluted like that here. Now all those factories have moved to other countries.

Off-shoring and out-sourcing to many sweat-shop nations has happened, zed.

But so has the export of polluting waste and plastic to undeveloped countries become part of global trade - some countries becoming dumping grounds for toxic chemicals.

I had in mind Africa, the source of important ores and raw materials, yet has very little manufacturing and the nations which are abundant in vital resources are the poorest.

The whole continent accounts for less than 5% of greenhouse gases Kenya for instance emits 0.1 % yet in the next 10 yrs has to find nearly $70 billion and the Paris Treat fund is left unspent

Or Latin America where monoculture of cash-crops such as palm oil and soya plantations has increasingly replaced subsistence farming, driving migration to the mega-cities and the US.


We need tools to fix mission-critical problems, and I agree that corruption is one of those problems.

I remember objecting to CommonDreams’s original comments forum. This one-off comments board that we’re commenting on right now was designed to solve a free speech problem. On Disqus people look for the single most popular comment and then they attach remora comments to them, getting their comments near the top of any “best” comments list. However, I have always suggested a much better comments forum design, one moderated by the regulars as a large group, where troll comments as voted by the regulars drop way to the bottom of the page and the junk comments disappear for newbies, and where the regulars who put their souls into their writing are appreciated so their new comments regularly start out near the top of the page. That’s one tool.

I regularly push a type of single transferable vote election practiced since 1940 by the Cambridge, Massachusetts City Council. I want one change. When a candidate wins, a fraction of every successful voter’s vote is deducted from that vote and the remaining fraction goes to the voter’s next choice.

Tools, making things, manufacturing tools… mmmmm well, so, produce more co2 to stop co2… I have been on this site since about 2006 ?.. and have read your posts for year… (I was absent for a while, because, CD was not addressing/explaining the full out details of climate change for a while)… I remember your push for solar… etc… the ISSUE IS NOT lack of tools… the issue is to STOP SPEWING CO2. period. So, that means, that as long as we are constantly making “stuff” and running all over kingdom come, all the tools in the world, won’t matter. DEGROWTH in the sense of … HEY, we do not need professional sports… as on tiny example… What we need is a whole cultural change to GO WITH OUT… lots of things…doing lots of things. Why does Disney World exist?.. Why do we need to make lawn ornaments… trinkets in dollar stores… shipping lumber to China to make furniture and ship it back to the U.S. all on diesel ships… come on… we will NEVER reduce emissions and now, it the Earth is spewing out it’s own …It is sad to think that all we really needed to do was STOP. Stop producing co2… long ago and we would have been so much better off… but, we are too greedy and luxury loving to do so.

Yes, like Michael Mann is now… Did you see his latest article? I would have to look it up and paste it here… if you want…

And there it is all the time, waiting for us to recognise the real problems in the world.
The problem is money.
We must unlearn.

As long as there is money,
nothing will change.

We cant control the offshoring of jobs, because that’s individual businesses option.

What I was talking about is the use of foreign firms subcontractors to do the millions of jobs that remain here, after our no longer essential workers train their replacements. Starting with the higher skilled jobs (the ones where the financial incentive is the greatest) and working downward.

That is a lot more profitable. If they spread the training of replacements out over 9 months they don’t have to pay any benefits to the departing workers.

Subsidies from tax money triggers the globalization requirements for committed service sectors wherever subsidies are spent.

Fully private services as well as completely noncommercial and free services like lighthouses (and healthcare in Canada), are exempt from the jurisdiction of trade agreements as long as they pre-existed them and remain unchanged since before they were signed…

@Elcil, you’ll no doubt be happy to learn that without jobs, in many areas there wont be money, so consumption here in the US by a large percentage of the country, those recently made redundant, will likely plummet. Harmonization of the global workplace is coming, eliminating red tape and lowering transaction costs. Discrimination against corporations by national origin, and rules that have the effect of de-facto trade discrimination, like labor standards and onerous wage laws, will be rolled back.

See LiveMint . com
“At WTO, India proposes ways to cut transaction costs” by D. Ravi Knuth September, 2016


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Thank you Zed.
It is true I will be happy once money is finally abolished and Earth beings live the life they were meant to live.

I will say with equal snark, you wont have to worry about trade deals anymore either. win/win.
(editing and responding to your follow-ups. live)

You can’t see it? The world without money?

There isn’t any such thing as “the life they were meant to live”.
You’re dreaming. Money wont be abolished, the people who no longer have any will likely end up dying from the harshness of outdoor life, epidemics, whatever.

Yes, this will happen. Billions of Homo-sapiens will die, because of their brainwashed belief that money is a thing. It is one of the trials. This will be the time Earth Beings come together. (I have started to call them Homo-Harmonious, to signify an evolutionary branch. I believe there are many on the planet already. ) They will help each other learn to grow and prosper, literally and figuratively.
People will still have to eat and be clothed. Some people will grow food and some sew. Some will tend resource “a” and some “b”, etc.
Once enough jobs are gone and enough money is in the hands of the powers that be, Earth Beings (Homo-Harmonious) will say we don’t need you anymore.
Yes I am hopeful, optimistic, a dreamer.

Imagine (Take 1) · John Lennon

The existence of really dumb CO2-spewing tools doesn’t mean that good climate tools aren’t possible. However, it means the political process, whoever selects these stupid tools, is known to be quite suspect and so it needs to be watched for further expected perversions.

All the scientists say is true and the planet is in serious danger.
The only problem now is that scientists still can’t tell the difference between colloidal particles in dust storms and particles from fuels, including aerosols.
Colloidal particles from dust storms dry out the trees and prepare them for fire.
I have found and patented a complete and complete solution to the problem of dust storms (No. 74849 in Iran).
This very valuable solution is able to reduce air pollution and prevent global warming.
I am ready to make this advanced technology available to the whole world.

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Paul, I didn’t really mean to down grade, you “tools” necessarily. When I read what you wrote, “dumb tools” “stupid…” … I was really surprised that I would have written that. So, I went back and read my comment. I didn’t ever use those words. …phew!!.. So, let me restate what I mean, Paul. I just get frustrated that the concept of USING LESS … and I mean, with POLICIES in place… or in other words a completely different economic situation. DEGROWTH … Cutting to almost the bone… would be for me THE FIRST SOLUTION. Then if we want we can come up with … great solar, for … SOME THINGS… like HOSPITALS… etc… I mean, it really is weird that OUR PLANET IS DYING yet, all these mealy mouthed politicians want to do is … slap on a pissy little carbon tax and tweak a bit here and there. They talk about co2 sucking machines and basalt rocks…But NOTHING about stopping 1500 private jets flying to a Super Bowl… NOTHING about how we REALLY cannot fly anymore… IT IS LIKE a drunk, being told he cannot take ANOTHER DRINK… or he WILL DIE. But us?.. nah… we are immortal… . When you have no GUTS to do what is necessary… of course we’re going to die.

$$=CO2 … I write that in a lot of places.

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So, yes, I think I like this… you are saying that … most of what is produced… or scarce is frivolous… unless it is an absolute need?

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As Sylvia Pankhurst said

Socialism means plenty for all. We do not preach a gospel of want and scarcity, but of abundance…We do not call for limitation of births, for penurious thrift, and self-denial. We call for a great production that will supply all, and more than all the people can consume.

How can we go to fellow-workers in the undeveloped and developing world and say to them that to maintain our own conspicuous consumption and status-seeking acquisition of possessions, they must live in the slums and the shanty-towns without sanititation, education and healthcare. That they must continue to toil on the land-grabbed plantations that provide us with tea and coffee with sugar and creamer.

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the traditional anti capitalism the european left (and you sir) are using (or advertising as socialism or communism) has one major problem namely: global capitalism a.k.a globalism… capitalism has evolved but what about the organized struggle against capitalism? which intellectual succeeded at holding Bill Gates in check?

later on i 'll present a interesting (but surprisingly simple) idea to overcome capitalism, but first i 'll present a qualified critique for the critics of capitalism and this includes the marxist’s critique of capitalism… i’m also a long time „follower" of the academic left so plz take my comment at least a little bit serious… i’m willing to be hanged by a (french) artist or mob thereof for saying the following: communism and the academic left have failed they btw also have failed at being entertaining.

the creation of the global economy is almost certainly the greatest macro economic revolution in the history of capitalism, plz wait a second — it is possible to make academic debates about all kinds of things (or almost everything) but using pseudo scientific babbles to obfuscate political topics, it just doesn’t fell right, so why doing it? — the economy wasn’t outsourced (or lost by accident) well i still believe the liberals didn’t „lose the economy“ by accident they deliberately relocated the working class into sweatshop, btw Noam Chomsky’s good colleague (a.k.a Paul Krugman) openly celebrates sweatshops… after the first wave of protest against globalization i could see it lined up in the sky, but with the exception of the intellectuals, writers, artists etc everybody could see what was going on, it was obvious to everybody all around „us"… but how did the communist respond back then? no, no, no nothing can be changed „we need communism and the revolution and blah blah blah blah… twenty years later the incoming emperor is about to strike back with a refurbished TPP and TTIP combo — the Economist magazine already reframed the incoming freetrade agreements as the great bargain but Davos fancies the term the great reset but i am almost sure it’s an academic distinction — be this as it may the TTIP had a sort of a sub contract called the TISA whitch defacto introduces corporate citizenship… with the TISA corporations like Google, Novartis etc will be able to move their employees around globally without any need for visas. this defacto marks the begin of „corporate citizen ship“ and the end of justice, common suffrage etc… but a catastrophe never comes alone and TISA won’t come alone either i think TISA is a unstoppable trend, the illustrious artists and writers that write the woz or taz (more about 'em later) will love the emerging new trend toeard a renewed liberalisn… to me it seemed the elites of the european left just walked over to the other side i.e the liberals they pretended to fight… on mainland europe the entire „avant garde left“ around le monde diplomatique reduced itself to an appendix of the state sponsored art industries — europe’s „avant garde left“ only exists to mirror the positions from the liberals from overseas onto europe — for the arists and writes from the woz [1] the locals don’t matter anymore because the „international“ college kids want their medial narrative aligned with „america“ i call this concept „cultural imperialism" but enough about my ideas… europe’s remnants of history serve the liberals from overseas as platform to project the empire’s medial narrative onto europe — however the lefties should still know why anti imperialism and anti capitalism go together like mmm coffee and cigarets — and there is absolutly nothing i can do to stop 'em from making their „cultural imperialism" because europe’s college kids are cool with becoming mmm monkeys more about that later.

twenty years ago there was a choice to be made… the academic left could 've walked with the anti globalization movement untill the bitter end but „our“ intellectuals looked to economics, i’m sure an illustrious artist or super smart PHD would find a romantic rendering of these events but i don’t need to delude my self with art… the relentless „warriors“ who had the cause of the working classes written on their flag backstabbed my own kind and i am
about to become a monkey haha.

the taz [1] called Paul Krugman a economist of the left sic… Josef Stiglitz, Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Krugman have one thing in common: they all popularized the concepts that „justified“ sweatshop exploitation (an achievement that was rewarded handsomely) — however for my generation the star economist from overseas represent the horrors of global capitalism and a boundry we couldn’t cross, a boundary you guys errected when you guys gave voice to economists like Paul Krugman… Noam Chomsky called Paul Krugman [2] quote: a luminary sic and quote: my collegue sic but Krugman is a notorious sweatshop advocate, i still stand to my word: sweatshop exploitation is the essence of globalism… whether or not there ever was a (european) left doesn’t matter anymore because the entire academic edifice that „educates“ the (local) politicians is „educated“ by intellectuals which in turn are „educated“ by liberal economist like Paul Krugman or Josef Stiglitz… a conservative would call it treason, a Stalinist would beat up the „lets purge 'em all“ drum roll but i know what really happened back then when they defacto endorced globalism as maxim of the west.

the „justifications“ that „justified“ globalism (or globalization, or the global economy etc etc) they all were hatched by economists… somewhere, a long ago, economics became the academic discipline that „educates“ the „warriors“ of the rich and these „warriors“ will work 24/7 so that sweatshop owning hippie billionaire can fancy themselves, the job description of Paul Krugman et al are crystal clear!!! but what stands on the job description of the intellectuals? in europe all artists are obsessed with one question namely what is art? why is that?

you know what you 're doing here, right? but by indirection you are saying (to little dudes like the RebelFarmer) you are saying to them: nothing can be changed… the first things the marxist „thought“ me about globalism was what? the first thing i „learned“ from the marxists was: no, no, no, no nothing can be changed capitalism always has been global, forget about globalism — well they didn’t say it like that but their messege was crystal clear.

however the problem isn’t that you sir are fighting for a lost cause (actually i like lost causes) the problem is: socialism, communism etc are insufficent as a weapon or rather as a dangerous weapon for somebody that wants to put up a fight agaist the liberal globalist… Davos and the liberal TED elites have nothing to fear from communism, it’s sad but true and i really wish they had to fear something well at lest they fear their own creation i.e the robots of the future enough about robots.

there is a new enemy — again there is a new enemy — and my enemy is called economics!!! here i deliberately tried to sound dramatic but it won’t happen again, no more drama… first i had to learn: economics isn’t a science, then i asked myself what is economics??? then i started to watch a few Youtube flicks… then hours turned into after days and days turner into month (sorry about the exaggeration but it sounded so dramatic haha) after i 've watched all interviews featuring Milton Friedman, after so much of Milton Friedman i 've categorized economics as mental illness however a few weeks later i discovered a TEDX talk titled: economics, science or art? so i opted for the arts, good 'ol Milton wasn’t a nutjob he was an artist hahahaha… but seriously there is a superb critic of economics (written by Steve Keen) after reading his book i had a insight… if economist is replaced with a natural science then capitalism strongest warrior will fall!!! Bill Gates once said: i read it (the economist magazine) front to back. it’s a very telling statement.

i know i serve a spicy dish to you sir… killing capitalism (i 'd love to do that [3]) killing capitalism used to be the left’s equivalent to the cosmic event horizon but i grew to believe the boundary has moved toward an abyss called economics… i already can see the contours of a new paradigm — the world after liberalism — once economics has crossed the styx everybody can see the new possibility i wanted to create not so long ago.

earlier in my comment i 've stated: a catastrophe never comes a lone because it never does… Slavoj Zizek (a famous communist) once said: it (liberalism) might very well be the way to go which is another way of saying: the communist don’t know anymore what their communism is supposed to be… recently i 've read a piece on Counterpunch and it was titled: Capitalism isn’t the problem people are sic… nobody trashed Michael Moore like he should 've been trashed after his recent deep dive into ecofascism… Alan Rusbridger (from the british Guardian) declared Bill Gates sic as leader of all the world’s climate activist etc etc etc… even if i would be wrong, even if the marxists or academics (from the avant garde left) even if they still had good intentions it 'll hardly matter because they 've failed to make a difference (for those that don’t have the luxury of doing that).

the conclusion so far: i 've claimed the academic left is failing (hard) but is that so? lets see: the liberal elites will battle 24/7 on the (political) front lines to war down the opposition, an opposition that has lost its strongest power up…

…the intellectuals used to fight against the liberal elites but nowadays they take peoples eyes with the garbage that comes out of economics!!! it doesn’t matter whether or not i am a nice guy (or a devil) it matters whether or not my ideas can win the argument against the best elites of the elites the system created and mr. Alan J. Johnston? is Abby Martin winning? is Emma Vigeland winning? is the squad winning? i never understood the progressive idea, this conversly also means i don’t understand how they 're planning to win (or maybe i’m just too stupid to understand progressivism).

with the continued „americanization" of europe „my" ideas will become obsolete… time is running out for the europeans, soon the sheeple-isms (from overseas) will take a hold on everybody and maybe it’s already too late… over on Democracynow they make imperialism. Thom Hartman is, after more than two decades in the (news) industry, still a innocent sheeple… the real news network wanted to make real news but ended up running behind the NYT… the european intellectual also provided the public with a dark place in the outdoor woods — a place not everybody could find — but what i found in the outdoor woods was the Rumpelstiltskin i.e Noam Chomsky sic.

there is an animated movie… kids are going in on one end, and mindless monkeys are coming out on the other end… the monkeys from slashdot (or youtube) are advocating globalism, sweatshops, universal vasectomies, global population control — global globalism hasn’t failed the peasants of the world on the contrary the perceived population „surplus“ is simply a „drag" for the „super fans" of tesla motors — chauvinism just reached new heights but the media broadcast anti racism 24/7 on all channels, instead of presenting sensible solutions for those that were left behind by globalism, first „we“ were left behind now „we“ get the vasectomy hahaha but a dude called Dara dared to make family planning for me urks… i will miss the left (i really will) but it won’t come back from the dead… fighting economics offers a new alternative, a new alternative that ain’t needed if socialism, communism etc is still a viable option.

the academic left has a viable alternative up its sleeve, right?

Laura Flanders still gets it, but where did her education come from? i 'd guess the „notorious“ Cockburn clan might be partly responsible but who educated Alexander Cockburn? writers like Eric Hobsbawm i’d guess… but if Eric Hobsbawm would start commenting on CD his account would be deleted before he knew it fact, in a science driven world literature has become a sharp but fragile weapon.

Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor Dethroned? the book is written by Steve Keen plz read the thing… btw Karl Marx also was an economist but i 'd rather had a real science on my back (as a weapon against the liberal globalist) than shotty literature (or art) as weapon made out of porcelain, the french would kill me for saying this but i’ll gladly admit it: art based activism has failed.

is your marxism up for the task of conquering the „hell" away from the devil?

could you sir win a debate against the most illustrious TED talker? i remember how Emma Vigeland quoted Counterpunch (how awesome is that?) however Emma Vigeland (or Abby Martin) would be „owned" by a slick elite from TED (or Davos) but wouldn’t it be great the other way around?!!! what if Abby Martin could put her boots into the face of the billionaire? to me it sounded like a cool idea.

time has moved on without me… the struggle against globalism was forgotten a long time ago or written out of the history books together with the (european) left… but what is my message? i honestly don’t understand why all progressive Americans want to make news but my ideas don’t matter… what matters is: Abby Martin, Emma Vigeland etc are going to lose hard agaist the liberal elites if Counterpunch is their sharpest katana… ok, ok i was exaggerating when i 've claimed: i don’t get what progressives (like Emma Vigeland) want, to me it seemed the pool around the Nation magazine serves as sort of a nexus to mmm prepare the conquest of america hahaha but it’s a little bit true…

…to be continued.

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this continues my previous comment…

…but wouldn’t it be great if Abby Martin (or like minded persons) would be armed with better ideas? last weekend on CD i was talking with a commentator and he wanted to „enchant the masses" as he called the process. then i asked the artist person what he wants and he eventually descended down to earth and told little old me that he wants to abolish money, however rumor has it that these so called economist don’t know what money is, well it took me a whole evening to figure it out… plz imagine what real scientists could do in my place either way who says marxism — a thin wrapper around economics — is the only way to over come capitalism?

a better world is possible.

i 've tried to talk sense into zed, and i 've told him: the liberal globalist (from Davos) have their papers ready to bullshit everybody and should their papers fail (momentarily) then they 'll fly in more economist to write more papers… somehow i still believe marxism (and the academic left) used to do what zed tries to do here but these times won’t come back.

marxism has failed my generation, plz don’t add another one… in a slightly humerous fashion i might conclude: we are all sheeple now sheeple that might need the protection of a blood thirsty wolf pack… well sorry for the long comment but i sorta wanted to put up a fight against an old foe (who seems to think the media is water tight and bullet proof).

1: the woz is the swiss equivalent of the Nation magazine but every european country under the boots of Le monde diplomatique (which aligned itself with the liberals from overseas) has a publication like the woz or taz.

2: Krugman is the hardliner among the sweatshop advocates.

3: with whom to start? with Bill Gates? an illustrious sweatshop owner? the revolution gotta make an impact so i asked myself: who’s head flies first? the answer to that is surprising.

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