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With an Impeachable Trump and Pence, Are You Ready for President Pelosi?


With an Impeachable Trump and Pence, Are You Ready for President Pelosi?

Thom Hartmann

So, now that we know that Donald Trump and Mike Pence reached the White House through at least two specific and separate criminal conspiracies, what do we do about it?

Can they be removed from office? Can the election be done over? Can the Trump/Pence administration’s actions over the past two years be reversed, particularly the appointments of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and all the damage to our federal agencies?


A Pelosi presidency is possible but I would say at this point highly unlikely. There will investigation by the House and more information should come out of the Mueller investigation. I think Trump was smart enough to know he could never win the US presidency if they truth about him came out in public. That has to be why he did not release his tax returns after saying he did so. What probably is most disturbing is he basically ran as fascist and gained a tremendous amount of support. This shows that a large percentage of the public does not support democracy. Clearly the Republican Party no longer supports democracy. Many corporations do not seem to care about democracy anyone, only their bottom lines. Democracy in the US is not as stable as had been assumed.


They (the Russians) hacked the DNC and took down Hillary Clinton, both with the WikiLeaks revelations and a widespread social media campaign, which also constituted an illegal campaign contribution and further ensnared the Trump/Pence campaign in a campaign finance crime.

I stopped reading after this. Thom Hartmann is just parroting Dem Party propaganda. Nobody who followed closely in 2016, and read the Wikileaks believes that the Russians hacked the DNC! That was the Dems excuse for why they lost the election. They lost because HRC is/was a corrupt, corporate-owned, hawk with zero charisma and centrist policy proposals, which the DNC and Podesta Wikileaks confirmed. The so-called “widespread social media campaign” consisted of 13 Russian trolls who posted garbage anti-Hillary memes. This level of propaganda should be beneath you, Thom Hartmann!


Yes and do note the inherent hypocrisy of Mr Hartmanns article.

On one hand he is saying “Had the Public known about Trumps affairs with Stormy Daniels, Trump would never been selected as GOP nominee”

On the other hand the TRUTHS that Wikileaks revealed about Hilary Clinton and the DNC helped to defeat Ms Clinton and this somehow a bad thing and an impeachable offense.

This guy talks out of both sides of his mouth. Had Wikileaks published data hacked about Trumps affairs this leading to his defeat Hartmann would be cheering. It a “the only truths that should be revealed are the ones that help the person I support” type moment.


If the oligarchs want to install Pelosi for PR reasons (or entertainment value), they will do that. She has proved many times over her loyalty to the imperialist corporate capitalist regime that runs the U.S. Kabuki government.

Heck, they may try her out and then let the Trumpy orange shirts loose in a fascist uprising to create an excuse to take down the Kabuki Kurtain and institute a formal troops-on-the-street-cops-under-every-mailbox totalitarian police state.


I agree that this statement by Hartmann is a major flaw in an otherwise good essay.

He failed to say that the DNC emails proved that Hillary Clinton and the DNC leaders colluded to steal the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders – thus not only committing unethical (if not illegal) misconduct – but also violating the fundamental rights of Sanders, the voters, and U.S. democracy itself!

These facts are hugely vital matters that Hartmann failed to mention.


For the umpteenth time: The Podesta emails and other documents were not hacked by Russia. Geeeeez. They were downloaded by a DNC insider who then later mysteriously got ‘murdered’ after those documents were given to Wikileaks.

Let me be clear - we should NOT care how the documents made their way to an outlet so that we tax-paying Americans could see what one of the two political parties was doing with tax and donation money while stealing a Democratic party nomination. They stole an election. Who gives a damn how that information came out?

I will not be happy until those responsible for that travesty upon the populace have to pay the price.

Mr. Hartman - seriously? I hope that your ‘success’ is worth the selling out you are doing.


Clearly BOTH “major party” candidates committed election fraud.
Do the whole thing over …


Thom Hartman is good on some things but this is BS.
During the last Prez election cycle I listened to him almost daily. He talked about Sanders often but always finished by telling voters they had to back Killary if it did not work out.
Hartman is a progressive on health care but a staunch Democrat in most other issues. He is full of Dem propaganda and it is difficult to even listen to his show anymore.


“It seems like a remote possibility now, but the twists and turns of a major federal investigation could land us with a very different kind of president”

Well if it happens, Hartman will be surprised to discover that she isn’t all that different except on social issues, which are important but will do nothing to address climate change, endless war, wealth inequality, private prisons, or health care.


Pelosi is off the table.

Trump supporters have spoken:


What Hillary did to Lybia:


A new election costs the people about 40¢ each.

The D&R Presidential Debate Corporation will break even.

Oligarchs will be out billions.

Vote None of the Above


HI Chole!: yes, I stopped reading and caring about this article too at that same point. Hillary’s hubris cost her, and to make matters worse, the electrol college decided that she should win and so the idea of ONE person, ONE voted evaporated before our eyes. What happened to you Tom Hartman?


HI nature boy: yes how many has Hillary killed? She would be no different than Trump—we would be bombing all the same places----and Saudi Arabia would be just fine with Trump or with Hillary. I had a scary email this morning -----I killed it as imimedately and threw it in the junk drawer but it sounded like people want Chelsea Clinton to run for something…OMG! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!




(continued more) Nooooooooooooooooooo


“Who gives a dam how that information came out?”
True except for the reason of bringing Rich’s murderer(s) to justice.


I do not see anyone here talking about policy


thats worse than trump