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With Anti-Muslim Bombast, Trump Doubles Down on 'Fascist Demagoguery'



Trump ain't getting elected. But he's welcome to spend all his money trying anyway.
No, conservatives obviously have not learned the lessons of history.


Jeb Bush said the same thing when he said only Syrian Christian refugees should be allowed to enter the U.S. That excludes all Syrian Muslim refugees.


I hope you are right. Never doubt though that there are people in the CIA, Wall Street and the Pentagon otherwise known as the deep state, who are considering the merits of an ugly fascist movement. "Can we control it? Can we make a buck? More military spending?" among others. Remember whatever El Donito Loco says about big finance (as well as Hillary) he will toe the line they draw for him.
That is not a conspiracy theory. It is in "corporate speak" strategic planning.



Ditto re. the CIA. The devil's chessboard about the Dulles brothers is on my to read book. Their and the agencies dirty fingers have been involved in most of the mischief around the world.


True, but what is really scary is Trump has so many brown shirt followers!


" This was a President that was respected by all?"

I doubt if many Japanese American citizens being shipped to internment camps, losing their farms and businesses during WW II had any respect for FDR! Can you imagine the ignominy of having your son killed or maimed for life in action, and being told you are being shipped to one of these internment camps?


Also, if you have not read it yet, I would recommend War Is a Racket by General Smedley Butler.


"If I win the election for President, we are going to Make Germany Great Again," Trump stated in a press release calling for "a total and complete shutdown of Jews entering Germany." Wow, everything fits well. I wonder why....


Trump's shock statements du jour have given him so much free media coverage that he has spent a SMALL fraction of what other candidates are spending (Jeb Bush has spent $30 million and is barely hanging on).

Trump realizes that ANY free publicity is good publicity. Every time somebody compares him to Hitler he considers it one more badge of honor to wear on his chest.


If nothing else, reading Hitler's speeches relays quite nicely how ignorant and incoherent he was. But hey, he knew how to push the right buttons.


"One nation, under Jesus's father, with liberty and justice for all Christian white people, and walls and camps for everybody else."

Trump's Pledge of Allegiance


If Trump wants to prevent any Muslims from entering the USA, he can start by picking on the Saudis and see how far he gets messing with the rich and powerful.


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Tutt Tutt Common Dreamers! Think bigger than all of this political apocalyptic doom!

"The Donald" has energized an electorate that, if it had any attention span longer than an insect, would realize that the real election is not decided in the ballot box, it is decided by organized money which has placed their bets elsewhere. "The Donald" will continue to fumble away whatever support he has first of all because Trump is a political moron and secondly because his big mouth (which he dearly loves to use to spout such nonsense) is successfully isolating him from any who might attempt to educate him to be otherwise.

Organized money (individual fortunes don't count--go and ask jug-eared Ross Perot about that!) has decreed that it's JEB!'s turn (but not quite yet). One by one the off-the- wall crowd of Republican presidential contenders will self-destruct and then the only question will be who will be JEB!'s insurance policy (otherwise known as the vice presidential nominee). Expect either John Kaisich or Scott (would "Kochie" be a more suitable nickname?) Walker to have the inside track on that one.

The same fate awaits those who want to "feel the Bern" since organized money has decreed that Hillary will be the "good loser" in 2016. Soon enough (90 to 120 days maximum) "the Bern" will begin his melting, melting, melting process (just like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz movie). Then the leading and most powerful bi-sexual, political female and her pretend husband (himself a real piece of psychologically maladjusted work, but nevertheless a good campaigner) can go out for one last fling at campaigning.


Donald Trumpery is not fit to be President. He is not fit to be city rat catcher. I might vote for The Donald to clean the city sewers—with a toothbrush. That is where this piece of garbage belongs, in the sewer.


I guess if nobody else shows up in 2016 we'll have to choose between "anti-muslim bombast" Trump and "hate the rich, get more free stuff" Sanders. Not much of a choice. I'm actually hoping some third option will be available.


(Apologies to Martin Niemöller for my poor translation)

First he targeted the Mexicans.
Why should I have spoken out, I'm not Mexican.

Next he targeted the Muslims.
Why should I have spoken out, I'm not Muslim.
Next he's coming for . . .


"Fascist Demagoguery" If the dead had an afterlife and the ability to observe life on earth (apparently the majority opinion in the U.S. is that they do) , the shade of Mussolini would be chuffed to see that his failed form of toxic authoritarianism had such a continuing currency.

Trump and his supporters may have all sorts of authoritarian notions and fantasies, but I doubt that Mussolini's social corporatism is on the list. Using 'fascism' (especially with a capital 'F') as a catch-all for everything that threatens individual and collective rights is lazy at best and historically and politically illiterate at worst. When 'conservative', and 'neo-liberal' have the opprobrium that is intended when 'fascist' is employed, we may be getting somewhere.


This qualifies as hate speech under Canada's admittedly dubious hate speech laws for which a number of people , who have said far less, have been banned entry into Canada.

I wonder if the same rules would apply to Mr Trump? I have doubts