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With Arms in Air, Unarmed Black Caregiver Shot by Police


With Arms in Air, Unarmed Black Caregiver Shot by Police

Nika Knight, staff writer

Charles Kinsey, a black man and caregiver at a group home, was shot by police on Monday in North Miami, Florida.

"There's no justification for shooting an unarmed person who's talking to you and telling you that they don't have a gun and they're a mental health counselor."
—Hilton Napoleon, Kinsey's lawyer

Cell phone video footage released late Wednesday showed that Kinsey was lying on the ground, holding his arms in the air to show he was unarmed, and trying to help a distressed autistic patient in the moments before he was shot in the leg.


You would think, given the militarization of the police through so much “surplus” equipment being transferred to police depts from US Empire’s killing fields in the ME, that some damn binoculars would be provided to these trigger happy thugs.

Never mind, that would of course take away their feigned rationale of not being able to assess what’s going on.

The binoculars are left at the dept, or destroyed. “We don’t need no damn binoculars, when we can shoot and then rush the scene to get a closer look”.

Edit…changed access to assess, ooops!


Police want respect? When they do this kind of weak cowardly trash and shoot an obviously compliant black man they should be fired forever! Fracking pigs will never learn or purge their ranks of disturbed, violent, steroid using, pathetic excuses for human beings or radically reform, their “training”! Blind defense of deadly/incompetent actions is a big part of the problem!
The patient is lucky he wasn’t shot dead by the pathetic excuse for a cop hiding behind the light pole! Absolutely unbelievable incompetence, cowardice, and stupidity!
UPDATE - cops now say they were not aiming at the man they shot, but fired 3 shots at the autistic patient to “protect” the guy laying on his back with hands in the air! And about the “call” about an “armed person” threatening suicide"? Prove it!


Another day, another innocent person shot by cops who fear for their lives.
Thank goodness for video cameras.


It’s amazing just how timid and fearful the police have become. if they can’t handle the stress, confusion, doubt, and terror of seeing a man lying prone in the street with his hands up, frankly, they need to be in a different line of work. Like, hotel maid or something. Or maybe picking lettuce, that seems innocuous enough.


I am also beginning to wonder if there’s a motive behind the 911 calls reporting suspicious behavior or that someone may be carrying a gun (recall the call regarding Tamir Rice that resulted in his shooting).


“It remains unclear why the police officer fired his gun. The officer, who was not named by the North Miami Police Department, has reportedly been placed on paid administrative leave and the investigation is being handled by the state attorney general’s office.”

I guess he just needed a few days off paid vacation. Cops shoot people all the time and always get away with it. These pigs are going to bring down a hard rain on themselves and their innocent colleagues. The good cops, if there are any, better reign in their psycho “brothers” before things begin to get out of hand. Good cops who don’t are bad cops.

Kent aka dkshaw aka dougshaw aka Kent Shaw (long story)


“A female officer got out, drew her gun, and hid behind a building. Another officer got out of a second car and took an assault rifle out of his trunk and got behind a building on the opposite corner.”—The Guardian

At least the Guardian coverage didn’t demur in identifying the offending weapon. Why is CD writer, Nika Knight, inadvertently doing the NRA’s bidding with validation of the oblique reference, ‘long rifle’?

As for the actual news item, it appears somebody may be going to own a police department. If nothing less happens with this then there’s no telling what to expect.

edit:clarification added


We need government gun control immediately! We the People HAVE to control how many and what kinds of guns the government is allowed to carry. Andy Griffith controlled his deputy by making him keep his one bullet in his shirt pocket.
If the object of the police is to protect the public, why didn’t the other officers shoot the officer who attacked the innocent citizen?! He was obviously armed and dangerous!
If this officer doesn’t go to prison for attempted murder like regular citizens would, it’s only adding another log to the raging fire of police impunity.


agree, racial strife: always good for the oligarchs


When the eff are cops going to be required to live in the hoods they police? They would surely put a lot more thought into when to pull the trigger if they have to face the victims’ families when they come home from work.


If the cops shoot you for, like especially in this case, no reasonably good cause, then survive the 20 minute time limit they give you to die, then you win the Pay Off the Victim Lottery. What a crappy way to win a lottery!!


I’m not black, but from now on if a cop stops me for any reason I’m going to raise my hands and ask him not to shoot me. If we all do that, maybe someone in power (e.g. Pres. Obama) will get the message and do something about this epidemic of police violence!


I am in no way condoning this and hope that the officers responsible will be treated in the same way as a person of colour, but wonder, if the officer didn’t know why he shot him maybe some police are just reacting out of fear and the American gun culture makes that fear lethal.
It feels like both sides need to get together as equals and share their stories. This ‘them and us’ is just not working. We are one human family with the same needs, emotions hopes and fears.
In New Zealand the police terrorised some Maori kids in their attempt to counteract terrorism. Afterwards they apologised and invited the kids to spend time with them at the police station, showing them around, sharing food and listening while the children shared their experience. It was a getting to know you exercise to help heal the trauma they had endured.
All is possible with understanding and the will to good.


Yes, but is it changing anything? We need to demand that guns be banned and start with the cops.


I’ve seen that suggested elsewhere, and I think it’s a great idea. At the very least, if we all behave as if we are equal before the law, it will be a way (hopefully) of revealing their prejudice to the police themselves.


Have they changed anything? They sure have.
Are there a lot more police shootings now than there were 30 years ago? I don’t think so.
30 years ago, someone would be shot and it came down to the victim’s word against the cop.
African Americans would say they were obeying orders and were shot while they had their hands in the air, the cops version was that the victim was reaching for a gun. Who do you think was believed?
Now when it is captured on film, the cops story doesn’t stand up, people now see that cops make up stories and are caught in a pile of lies when the film comes out.
The sad part is that most cops are aquitted even though it was caught on tape.
30 years ago you only got one version of the story, now with film, you get the other side.


Fired??? These murderous pigs Must do hard time, for a long time! Only by coming down with swift Justice will the pigs change; remember, “protect and serve”?


My view of this and similar police shootings, is many cops are too terrified and poorly trained to do their job properly. I understand you need to be prepared to deal with a suspect who may be armed and may attempt to do something stupid, but with many of these recent shootings that were caught on video, the victim was already contained, or was not showing any danger to the officer/s. Just because an officer is dispatched to investigate a report from a caller about some alleged perp, doesn’t mean there is an actual problem which requires deadly force and a shoot first mentality. I don’t understand how it was that the two people who appeared as unarmed and showing no threat to law enforcement or the public were in a standoff with police. Why were the police fearful of what the video showed of these people on the ground? The black guy was obviously terrified as I would be if black with the knowledge of recent killings by cops of innocent black victims. Why is it that, for even simple things like questioning the guy in NYC for allegedly selling illegal cigarettes, it should it turn into a takedown that caused a guy’s death? What was it that was so terrible the guy had done, that it required physical actions by the police for what seemed to be a dispute over a misdemeanor offense?

As a volunteer firefighter, I deal with local small town cops on occasion, even State Police when responding to highway incidents here in MI. Any of them do a good professional job, though I have heard tales of inappropriate conduct by some poorly trained or some new officers with a Rambo attitude which needs attention to keep from becoming those with a shoot first mentality.


The video said Kinsey “is expected to fully recover.” Really? Wtf does “fully recover” mean? And the autistic person who saw all this brutality close up? He’s affected, too; he may not be able to express himself, but you can bet he’s affected. Will he “fully revover,” too?

America, I grow more disappointed and disgusted with you each day.