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With at Least 200 Killed, 2016 Was Deadliest Year Ever for Earth Defenders


With at Least 200 Killed, 2016 Was Deadliest Year Ever for Earth Defenders

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Last year was the deadliest in history to be an environmental activist, according to a new report that found, on average, nearly four people were killed per week.

"Conflicts over the control of land and natural resources were an underlying factor in almost every killing in 2016." –Global Witness report


Murder, theft, genocide: These remain the foundation of “the economy” that we exist in. It has been so, since the first “enclosures” of common lands, and the “colonization” carried out by the first modern corporations: the British East India Company, Dutch East India Company, Hudson’s Bay Company and the like.

Almost no-one living inside the consumerist “developed” societies, wants to comprehend that foundation, or the fact that it is still operational today. But it is starkly clarified at the front lines, where indigenous and poor communities are trampled, literally uprooted, destroyed, so that predatory enterprises can “own” the natural materials they need to produce the “goods” they sell to – us.

Don’t buy it. We need to educate ourselves; learn to take care of each other as we face this predatory system at the heart of “the economy” and society; and we must engage in a comprehensive boycott of corporate “consumer products” until we install a just, decent, ecological and humanistic system to replace it.


All blessings to the murdered warriors, and those who still carry on the fight for ecology and humanity. My heart, body and spirit weep with you, and stand with you.


Killed by the same followers of a church with an environmentalist Pope.


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And to think that back in the 1980s, I thought the guy was a hero. Fuck all “heroes”! They are all SHIT!


There is something very hopeful about ancient wisdom, the from Iceland and around the world. It is call the “inner sea” or sea within. There are other links if this one doesn’t work or portions on you tube…



Wow–thanks for reminding me. Well worth a second view, and then I will spread it around.


Welcome. Glad you like it too. It was a real honor to see some of the people that contributed to this film.