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With at Least Three Members of US Congress Infected With Coronavirus, Calls for Remote Voting Grow

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/23/least-three-members-us-congress-infected-coronavirus-calls-remote-voting-grow

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Well it should be invoked under special conditions only. Otherwise they will always phone it in and will never be in DC.

If any of the senators who had contact with Paul at that point die from the virus. maybe he should be brought up on charges of manslaughter? He a phucking Doctor and is trained to know better


And opposes M4A, single-payer.


Paul is a Doctor like Jim Baker and Pat Robertson are ‘Christians’


On the covid-19 or SARS 2 front:

Shelter in Place and Plan an Uprising


Kelly Hayes talks about organizing for change while socially distanced and what we ought to be doing with ourselves.

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Like many of you, I’m exhausted, and this won’t be a regular show. We didn’t have any interviews recorded that felt right for this moment. All of our lives are being turned upside down and, like everyone else, we still need to reconfigure some things. When we launched this podcast what I wanted most was to bring you all lessons and insights from people on the frontlines of struggle. One of the reasons I love working at Truthout , and I really mean that, is that we publish the kind of news and analysis that fuels movements. Strengthening that bridge between information and action is one of my primary concerns. After all, knowing we’re in trouble doesn’t help much if we’re not doing anything about it. Well, right now, the vast majority of us know we’re in trouble (emphasis mine)



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What if they had to conduct Congressional business by Skype from either their homes or offices??
They already have electronic voting from their desks… Not every vote is done by individual rollcall nowadays!

Rand Paul is a doctor — of opthamology.

But he has poor vision as his head is up his own ass.



Unanimous consent? That’s a good way to insure that the Senate gets almost nothing done.

Robert: Isn’t that the hallmark of McConnell so-called “leadership”??

Or for that matter, Caligula??

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Calls for change, organizing, and a revolution have already been started. It was/is the Sanders revolution. It had momentum and sponsors, people on the ground, and a base of grassroots financing.There is very little a progressive could want beyond the kind of leadership Bernie is offering. As it is playing out though, not enough of the country are serious about change to vote for it.
The writing is on the wall. We just have to deal with it, and make adjustments as needed.

Give them all respirators to breathe through. That way, not only will they be behaving like Darth Vader, they will be sounding like him too.

Manufacturing reject respirators only Why waste the good ones on people not worth saving?