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With Back-to-Back Wins for Sanders, Pundits Proven Wrong in Iowa and New Hampshire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/12/back-back-wins-sanders-pundits-proven-wrong-iowa-and-new-hampshire


“Pundits proven wrong”? Well that’s not news. In our corporate media, pundits fail up.


Big win for the small donor grassroots Sanders campaign.

It’s about time for supporters of biden, warren, steyer, yang, and gabbard to begin voting for Sanders. It is clear the media and dnc are trying to create a contested convention - so if sanders was your 2nd choice candidate, please begin voting for him now.

By doing this sanders percentage will rise to between 36% - 40%. Meanwhile, buttegeig, klorbacher, and Bloomberg will all wind up in the 15% - 25% threshold and split up the conservative vote.

Please, consider voting for sanders in the upcoming primaries. The field of candidates needs to be lessened. Yang has already dropped out, gabbard will drop out soon, steyer at 3% should drop out, warren and biden at 8% & 9% should drop out also.


I am waiting for “Pundits Proven Reptilian” or “Pundits Proven Psychotic.”

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January 2019: Orders sent out to the corporate media: Ignore Sanders.

January 2020: He’s surging, a little bit more attack on him, please.

February 11, 2020: Okay, bring out the knives. You practiced on Tulsi, not use what you learned to destroy Bernie.

Update: Sanders didn‘t win Iowa.
Common-dreams headline, 50% inaccurate.

The headline implies that pundits were making predictions. That is not what they were doing at all. They were trying to influence people to make them think that Sanders would not have the massive support that he enjoys. They just simply aren’t influential though except on the most weak minded.

Pundits, analysts, experts…talking heads all. For as long as I can remember, we have had a choice of two candidates that have been PICKED for us by the corporate elite. And yet, we somehow call that democracy. For the first time we will have a REAL choice. OUR choice. The people’s choice. That’s Bernie. It’s now or never. Onward, progressives. Mute the talking heads. We can do it.