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With Bernhardt Running Trump's Interior Dept., Former Corporate Clients Lavishing Tens of Millions in New Lobby Spending

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/16/bernhardt-running-trumps-interior-dept-former-corporate-clients-lavishing-tens

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As Hayduke often said, the infrastructure that kills mother earth is often out in the middle of nowhere. What a shame it would be if something bad happened to it.


Well, I don;t know what a lovesick Creature from the Black Lagoon has to do with a sick corrupt scum champion of pollution and exploitation of natural resources have to do with each-other - its especially maligning to the Creature! , That said, the entire trump regime and those “lobbyists” should be brought-up on felony charges for all their abuses of power and corrupt service to the wealthiest and corporations while screwing the nation. Scum-sucking parasite thieves all of 'em, especially the “lobbyists”!


“I’m shocked, just shocked!” Aren’t you shocked too? Didn’t think so. We are used to this crap.

Such climate criminal fools as Bernhardt must think they will escape the effects of what is already happening.

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This is typical RP warfare and DP losses from one election cycle to the next. What’s worse this time around, and has been for decades, the RP is the majority in the Senate and blocks all DP efforts to roll back criminal conduct, rule changes, etc. Once upon a time the DP would have the majority for 4 years but would gain nothing in power and then be tossed to the street and the RP would rule for 8 years, repeat after me, etc. Each time the RP would gain in undoing what was good for all Americans, favor the corporations and wealthy, and the DP would whine about it all in the desert. This has been the pattern sine Reagan and now here we are. The DP is powerless, the RP has all the power, and DT is sitting in the Oval Office.running amok. Our health care as limited as it is is being gutted, same for ecological walls that were in place, voting rights gutted in favor of RP conservatives, judgeships granted to Right/Far right idiots and fools, social network being gutted and pillaged, etc. Everything is under attack and being destroyed. DT is a monster, but the RP has always desired to bring it all down. He’s their guy to do this, and the DP keeps whining how they need to vote them all out, take back the govt, but when that occurred, nothing changed, and we know that now. We keep trying to vote them out, but the system has been rigged and it’s almost impossible. Even when we do (the AOC’s), they go on the attack to block their efforts for change, and get them voted out of office. The DP is always united to stop all change, never unified in anything, while the RP is united to get it all. Greed is good until it isn’t. Fat hogs always end up slaughtered.

Well that tears it. I’m going to go out and buy a couple of thousand sand bags and hunker down.

And what is Oliver Hardy doing in that picture.