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With Bid for White House Underway, Clinton Role in Honduras Coup Raises Key Concerns


With Bid for White House Underway, Clinton Role in Honduras Coup Raises Key Concerns

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

During her time as Secretary of State, presidential candidate and former first lady Hillary Clinton engaged in the "engineering of regional politics in the service of the economic elite," according to a Salon exclusive, Hillary Clinton Sold Out Honduras, published Monday.


Well, we all know what her response will be–identical to that of every other corrupt politician confronted with their criminality: violence against their accusers if physically present, and dead silence (if I don’t address it, it will go away) in every other forum.


2009 was when Obama started consulting with right wing coup master Henry Kissinger. With Kissinger and the Clintons on board, Obama knew the Honduran coup would go well.


Unchecked, we know that most criminals will repeat their crime. Well, Ms Clinton and her henchwoman, Victoria Nuland decided to repeat their Honduras adventure in Ukraine. We all know the results.


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Bernie is all on board with the empire as well…


Gee, you think Clinton might not be very progressive? Imagine that. Could it have anything to do with the fact that both Clintons have been solid neoliberals for years – pro-war, anti-poor, pro-corporate empowerment, anti-New Deal, etc.? Could it have anything to do with the fact that the Clinton wing of the Democrats are far to the right of former Republican presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, and even Reagan (esp. on socioeconomic policies)? How about the fact that before launching her pre-campaign speaking tour, Clinton was hard at working promoting the TPP? All of these things could be clues, you know.


I’m well on the left, and I support Israel’s right to exist. That said, what do middle classers want? They must be a very exclusive sort because they have, for decades, supported the very policies that have been phasing out the middle class.


Why? On what policies? Either way, the VP usually goes on to run for president, and VP Joe Biden will be launching his campaign later in summer. Any Dem pol can challenge him for the nomination, and whoever wins the primaries will go on to run for president on the Dem Party ticket. That said, Democrats are likely to do as poorly in 2016 as they did in 2014, for the same reason. Democrats can’t win elections with the votes of middle class Democrats alone, and the proverbial “masses” – the working poor, and those who are far worse off – have only been further alienated.


Apparently it’s some kind of One Percent “Right of Passage”. Hillary ROD-hand had to try to overthrow a Latin American country before she could be considered as a standard-bearer on the duopoly ticket.

With Poppy Bush it was Cuba at Bay of Pigs. With Bill Clinton, it was Iran-Contra CIA drugs through his state in Mena, Arkansas. With Obama it was apparently Pakistan with CIA. You can’t be President of the United CIA States unless you kill people with machine guns blazing somewhere first!


Obama invited Lobo, the new dictator, to the white house for a fireside chat; he referred to Lobo as a “democracy healer.”


There is NO reason to believe that any of the other presidential candidates would have done different!!! except Bernie.

So what is the problem, all except Bernie are drones of the empire…


Establish Palestine within any of the vast Arab nations, rather than destroy Israel for a 100% Arab Mideast.


Americans want war. The US has remained engaged in wars almost constantly, almost always by choice, for a full century, going back to WWl (and yep, we can take it further back in time.) War is what we do, and we no longer do much of anything else, except prisons. Ask middle classers if they would rather pay $100 to keep us at war, or one penny to the feed our desperately poor. The answer is already in our policies.


Untrue. You can’t blame us. American citizens don’t get to vote on war and are tired of it. But since both candidates on the Fake Election ballot are pre-vetted war-mongers, we can’t vote against it. The ones who want war are typically uneducated viewers of the War Propaganda Channel (Faux News),