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With Biden-Harris Ticket Set, Climate Groups Demand 'Transformative Action From Day One' If Elected

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/12/biden-harris-ticket-set-climate-groups-demand-transformative-action-day-one-if


Look, optimistic progressives can spray all the perfume they want on this shitty ticket; it’s still a shitty ticket.

We’re gonna have to be extremely demanding with these people, if they “win.”


I couldn’t vote for Bill Clinton because I did not trust him. I voted for Perot, well not really for Perot, but for the concept of a third party. I voted For Ralph, though, because he was and is the real deal. I next went for the Dems, knowing that we have a two-party system at the national level, whether we like it or not. We must elect Biden/Harris and then push them with all of our Progressive might. With Obama, we elected him and hoped for change. Big mistake that was.


“Let’s do our part to end this era of chaos and defeat Republicans up and down the ballot,” she said. “Then, let’s turn up to make a Biden-Harris administration lay the groundwork for a Green New Deal.”

I hate to break it to these fantasists, but the only time to wrest concessions from anyone running for office is before you hand them your vote.


The ticket should have been Bernie Sanders/Warren at minimum.

It’s a very WEAK ticket, intentionally –

The addition of Harris makes it even weaker –

Continuing support for Billionaires instead of “the people” –


Biden: “Let me check with my masters first”.

They say f*** you. I was elected to continue making oligarchs richer
not to please the peasants".


More demands. But no threat to back them up. Move along folks, nothing to see here.


I saw only one MSM news outlet briefly mention the fact that Harris refused to prosecute Steve Mnuchin for his THOUSANDS of foreclosure crimes at One West Bank. I think it was CBS.
They call her the champion of the “Little Guy” but sending the working poor parents of truant school children to prison for their children’s truancy is hardly helping the most vulnerable.


“Don’t mourn, organize.” Don’t carp, put together a comprehensive climate plan on day one.

Guess which day is day one! For us it’s today.

We’re going to need to retrofit several million existing buildings from natural gas/oil/grid electricity over to mostly rooftop solar. Right now you’re not ready and you don’t know how we’re going to accomplish this, right? And your entire climate organization doesn’t know page 1 either, is that how it actually is today for your org?

Thermal storage for homes was invented in the 1900s in Sweden to make firewood last longer. Expect to use thermal storage. Expect to combine thermal storage with heat pumps. Expect to save heat while the sun shines.

Now, who specifically is working on prototyping and scaling up this mission-critical invention? The Aflac duck maybe? Why isn’t anybody on the entire planet working on it? Because “we have ten years” so we might as well waste nine of them, and ten months after that, before we get in gear?

Same questions for the Arctic meltdown. The deep Arctic Ocean has been absorbing solar heat at a record pace this year. Where is your sense of time? Were you particularly happy when other countries responded proactively to the coronavirus and the U.S. just waited for (my best guess) 400,000 dead by the end of this year? Then, are you particularly happy about this not being day one for planning.

Exception: the Sunrise mob is out there this week throwing elections right and left, mostly left.


What’s your point, Ed? To show us how low you’ll bend the knee to any Democrat?

Exactly! How it was chosen for us by the DNC who are nothing but fawning parasites for Wall Street and the billionaires and the war mongering elite!

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A few thoughts from a Canadian:

  1. The New York Times says this is a good ticket; i.e., business as usual.

  2. The Green New Deal is something Harris likes - NOT ~

  3. I’m upgrading my amateur knowledge of mass extinctions, a lifelong pursuit -

It seems, from Paul Wignall’s superb “The Worst of Times” (2015), about the extinctions while Pangea the supercontinent existed, that the end Permian extinction event, also known as ‘The Great Dying’, was a near runaway greenhouse event. Two pulses ca 252 mya separated by 200,000 years (Siberian Traps Large Igneous Province), was followed two million years later, ca 250 mya, by another mass extinction, the S/S event, not as well known. Tropical ocean temp ~ 40 deg C, ongoing ocean anoxia, a struggle to live on land for both plant and animal as super high temps stress the respiratory system, etc…

No substantial and prolonged recovery after the initial massive P/T event for a full five million years.

Are these the conditions we are headed for ? Some think yes, some are unsure.

When in doubt, discretion is the better part of valor. That kept me alive in the mountains - it will work on a much larger scale - if we adopt it as a rule.

James Hansen has considered a runaway greenhouse - my understanding is that he thought (thinks ?) it possible if we burn all fossil fuels.


OK - we may switch to the Green New Deal - let’s say we do.

Is that an answer - the answer ?

My sense is - NOT - it is another ‘progress trap’, and it’s too late in the day for another failed experiment.

I think we all need, every country, a legal mechanism to protect the environment in perpetuity.

In the US that would be a Constitutional Amendment I would think.

In Canada we could write it into the Charter of Rights.

The United Nations could do likewise.

Let’s think big - why not ~

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I thought I woke up in Napa Valley. The whine is really flowing well. I’m pretty sure it would have been the same with any VP pick.

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That hopey-changey thing 2.0

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Here’s another one the CD robot has no clue as to its meaning …



Allow me to elaborate your statement.



The simplistic duopoly argument is another rightwing tactic to sow division and discourage voting. The Republican Party at its worst is a Death Cult. The Democratic Party at its worst is a Protection Racket. I’ll take a protection racket over a death cult every time. Unfortunately, every GND proposal yet is arranged by corporate interests to maintain business as usual complete with futile fanfare from misinformed environmentalists.

Biden-Harris are not only going to have to “lay the groundwork” for a Green New Deal, they will have to implement it. And the Green New Deal will not only have to be environmentally transformative, but economically and socially/racially as well.

It’s not like the climate and ecological crises will stand still if nothing is done, if the status quo continues. Something has to be done. Might as well be working for a resilient, regenerative, just, and equitable world.


It’s all over on “Day One”. Before any votes are cast, the policies are set, and the people chosen to implement them.

On “Day One”, we find out what decisions our masters expect us to enthusiastically cheer for.