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With Biden Now Officially in the Running, A Look at the Democrats' Do-Si-Do


With Biden Now Officially in the Running, A Look at the Democrats' Do-Si-Do

Roger Kimmel Smith

The entrance of Joe Biden into the arena ushers the 2020 Democratic primary contest into a new phase. It ends the opening round, or what seasoned politicos call the "money primary," in which the aspirants introduce themselves to the public and lay out their campaign themes while courting donors behind closed doors and hoping to gain positive media exposure and momentum. Barring the unexpected arrival of additional heavyweights, the field is now complete and the dynamic of the race is about to change dramatically.


The DNC and DCCC might not allow it, but Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Gravel need to be included in the debates if we are to get a good discussion about important issues like a Universal, Unconditional Basic Income, the bloated Pentagon Budget and letting the people make the laws direct democratically. If not, I hope that Bernie, Warren or other candidates include these issues in their platform.


Agreed. Part of the problem is that the debates aren’t debates, most of the time. They’re set-ups for dog and pony shows. Another part is the nasty, IMO, media tail wagging the political, economic, democratic, MIC, fossil fuel rape of land and water dog. Moderators need to be firm with both the audience and politicos. And there’s more, but I’ll stop for now.


The best debates will be the ones that don’t allow the MSM to control the narrative. If a debate is on a station such as CNN or FOX, then we can expect the questions to evade the main issues or at least to obfuscate them. Expect the MSM to make it all about defeating Trump therefore avoiding concrete issues. Also expect the MSM to create artificial support for the corporate selections (i.e. Biden, O’Rourke) to give viewers the false impression of rising popularity for these corporate lackies. Finally, with phrases such as “bipartisan support” and “working with both sides” the media will try to make it look like the “centrist” position is what the 99% desire rather than a radical overhaul of the corrupt and destructive policies that both parties have committed to over the decades.
Hopefully social media will tear down the corporate candidates as their willy nilly positions are picked apart after every public appearance. MSM will do their best to control the narrative and herein lies the problem… if they are successful at it.


Excellent post! Thanks. You hit the nail I was swinging at!


Smith is a knucklehead.


People don’t understand how Gravel stood up to the MIC. Wyden could take a lesson.


It looks to me like the democratic primary field is strategically planed to keep progressives like Tulsi or Bernie from getting a high percentage of voters in the primary to justify the manufactured “limited use” of super delegates. If you remember the DNC voted to “limit the use” of super delegates to appease the progressive base after the 2016 election instead of eliminating them.


Biden will take dowh Sanders and both will be left in the dust. It will never be Warren or Sanders as the DP will not tolerate, or allow, a progressive liberal socialist to represent the DP. These centrist Dems would rather see a DT second term.

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The article states:
" … we can’t afford to burn bridges between factions of the party."

That vaguely smacks of a sense for the need for Unity. In the past, that has only meant that no one should oppose the DNC-supported MAINSTREAM, as it would tear the Party apart.

Oh, Yeah?? So, WHO is doing the BURNING?

Just the IDEA of “Avoiding Burning”, once again reduces the party’s “strategy” to How Do We Get Everyone On Board at the Center … and Avoid Any “Radical” Ideas.

In other words, just like every other election, the DNC-dominated thinking is about tactical unity, and NOT about Programs, Principles, Representation, and Goals. Once again ordinary working people and their needs and desires, are left out in the cold, and maintaining the current oligarchic control of the nation remains.

• THAT is exactly why they are encouraging so many candidates to run this year: to BLAME those who lead with iDEAS.


Can’t wait to see if the DNC opts to lose on purpose ala Hillary in 2016 or if they will go with another identity-politics-faux-leftie ala Obama who start selling us out 15 minutes after NBC calls the winner.


Um, those are simply two sides of the same tossed coin. The coin ends up in massa’s pocket regardless.

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(that’s what I was getting at, bro…)

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Bernie killed them on FOX. At least there the Democratic candidates would face tough questions.

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agree but it’s already been rigged to keep them out.

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And if they don’t give them the questions ahead of time.


Avoid “burning” bridges? Why won’t they come right out and say “avoid Bernie”?


And either he can’t count, is an ignorant dufus who can’t be bothered to even read a Wikipedia page before he posts, or is INTENTIONALLY leaving one of the 21 candidates out of the race.

He goes on and on about the 20 running. There are 21:

In alphabetical order they are:

  1. Joe Biden
  2. Cory Booker
  3. Peter Buttigieg
  4. Julian Castro
  5. John Delaney
  6. Tulsi Gabbard
  7. Kirsten Gillibrand
  8. Mike Gravel
  9. Kamala Harris
  10. John Hickenlooper
  11. Jay Inslee
  12. Amy Klobuchar
  13. Wayne Messam
  14. Seth Moulton
  15. Beto O’Rourke
  16. Tim Ryan
  17. Bernie Sanders
  18. Eric Swalwell
  19. Elizabeth Warren
  20. Marianne Williamson
  21. Andrew Yang

That’s Twentyone. Twenty pus One. Two Tens and One More.

So who are you leaving out? I know some are less well known. I know some are not doing well. But still. Who are you leaving out?


Actually Yang and Tulsi have both already qualified.

If you want Mike Gravel on the debate stage, go to Act Blue and donate a dollar to him. While you’re at it, donate to Marianne Williamson too. It would be nice to have her voice there also.


Tx wasn’t aware of it.
Has CNN had a rigged “town hall” for them too and I missed it?