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With Biden Path to Victory Still Fraught, Senate Democrats Issue All-Hands-on-Deck Warning Against Trump and GOP Election Threats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/19/biden-path-victory-still-fraught-senate-democrats-issue-all-hands-deck-warning

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Still having so much support after 4 years of complete recklessness and destruction by the Trump administration, it’s hard to imagine the US not falling into a civil war, no matter who wins in November.
Never in my life have I feared for my countries future, but I do now.


They absolutely must prevent MSM from declaring any winner based on

which has often been done since large computers came in – at 1% or even 0% Estimated vote

Prior to the large computers used by MSM, they were only permitted to call a “winner”


What if the courts steal the election for Trump like they did in 2000? Are the Democrats going to surrender again?


Expect a prop-or-not type of group to try to set-up a sting of some poor sucker they sucker into voting twice, in order to run an “exposé” to claim “massive voter fraud.”

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Trump is a diversion so people wont see the real shell game thats going on with our Medicare, Social Security and especially jobs, (due to the suit India has brought against us in the WTO). The timing is just all too perfect.

What’s the goal? Escorting “We the People” out the door.

Its a huge global power grab. Enjoy having a middle class now while you can.


There was a way even Biden could have insured a landslide win.

Respond to the urgent and very real needs of the people.

Instead they’re competing to prove who has the more hardcore pro-war, pro-corporate, anti environment, anti healthcare policies and stances.


Biden has this in the bag. There’s no way Trump is reelected.

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A vote for the duopoly is a vote for this.

See where we fit in? Why once-public services are being privatized?

What about young people’s jobs?


It does seem like an outrageous idea, yet this is was also the common wisdom right up until the last time he was elected.

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We have to rethink the whole concept of “work” and “economy” because there’s less and less room in it for every day workers. And yet we exist in large numbers.

Just thinking about it overwhelms me.


If the Democrats were so concerned about a Trump victory, why did they put Joe Biden up to run against him?

Biden is still trying to go after those “moderate republicans” while ignoring the left and the masses of Americans who want something positive to vote FOR. His speeches are all trying to attract right wing voters.


Where is the outrage in the press, the co-party leaders and the DSA against the obvious promotion of the fascist uptick by the ruling criminal regime? An article in the WSWS is the only one that I can find against the failure of resistance against the far right attempted kidnapping and possible murder of Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The undermining of the order of Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson barring open-carry of weapons at polling places on Election Day is an additional call to forceful disruption by the fascist far right. Nor is there significant discussion of the extra judicial federal government’s killing of Michael Reinoehl with the exception of Sonali Kolhatkar’s "IN TRUPM’S AMERICA, THERE IS DEATH BEFORE DUE PROCESS.

Without a powerful response against these dangerous actions the co-party is complicit in every unlawful act


Is this the Coup ? All Trump supporters need to have the their status to vote to become inactive for ten years. With no critical thinking skills, they are a threat to America. Stay tuned for the fireworks,

As it should because there wont be anything for the displaced country in compensation.

That WOULD have been a good thing to negotiate around 34 yrs ago, before THEY signed OUR right to regulate away indeed. Or better yet we should have cried foul. We should all be crying foul now. They are trading and selling off every right one could ever imagine could be sold off out from under us…

Much has been a done deal for quite soime time with we the people being ridicuusly out of the loop and other countries already claiming entitlement to potentially huge numbers of jobs. Our limits on outsourcing and temping of jobs by foreign firms are probably going to be deemed WTO- illegal soon in a dispute DS503 that held up by Trumps refusal to cooperate with the WTO judge appointment process. Biden has already signaled he will continue the process as it was on track before… And stop what has been an obstructing of what is the biggest theft ever.

Now they are seeking to by means of this theatrical performance to do what?

This is the truth and is well documented on my web site. (policyspace dot xyz)
What is it we are doing? Is it a matter of hiding that away?

Now, whose facts are more authoritative, its quite clear mine are because the sources are in many cases the international organizations that have been set up to do things like this.

Self interested increasingly disliked political parties and politicians ?

They have an obvious interest in hiding the truth.
They are not it.

We’re being fed disinformation by the people who are so concerned about disinformation. Makes total sense.

This should be a major news story.

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They don’t want us because we’re too expensive, our expectations are unrealistic, as Ive been told several times. Young people also have student loan debts an families without resources to help them, particularoly to the US also debts that makes it inpossible for them to work for peanuts like foreign workers will, just for the experience. If we were to try to help them out more foreign countries like India would complain to the WTO because we would be unfairly competing with their staffing firms. I know that sounds nuts but I am completely serious, they do that now.

Thats what the GATS has created, a world where poor people getting government subsidies to go to college is seen more as a crime than as a good thing, and draws complains to the WTO from foreign countries that now are determined to get those jobs. Health care too. Thats why the ACA is in trouble. It was only supposed to be temporary, I am pretty certain. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

And we’re not saying a damn thing and are totally being fed a pack of lies by the two parties to hide all this.

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Maybe they were concerned that Trump would not win.

Its pretty clear to me that at some point they clearly made some kind of deal. Trump, as a former boxing promoter is probably familiar with such kind of deals.

While I haven’t seen a recent report on it –
There was an organization working – and allegedly managed to work out agreement –
among the Electoral College members that they would support the candidate that wins
the popular vote.

Not enough of the public yet is awake and active on these issues – but the rise of liberal
organizations during this period – like the one I’m referring to above – has been encouraging.

Many more have volunteered with Bernie Sanders and others to fight for liberal candidates –

I’m disappointed that we haven’t seen very much work yet – state by state – for RANKED voting.

If the structure of our government holds given the damage that Trump has done in appointing
right wing to our courts – with the help of Schumer – and if there is a Biden win – we will need
Americans to become more active to push for reversals on the right wing/fascist control over the
Supreme Court and to overturn or IMPEACH members if there is no expansion of the Court.

But certainly no one has ever voted for 9 members of the Supreme Court to rule the nation –

and that’s pretty much what is happening –

They would only allow things like that to be done once trade deals had everything locked down so tightly that voting was almost totally ineffectual. So maybe we are already there. It seems like we may be.