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With Bolton Willing to Testify Before Senate, Sanders Ask Trump: 'What Are You Afraid Of?'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/06/bolton-willing-testify-senate-sanders-ask-trump-what-are-you-afraid


I have stated from the beginning that this impeachment is Kabuki theater AND a big mistake. I predicted it would build his support because his followers are hate-filled morons; statistics seem to prove that right.

Also…he has gotten MUCH MORE in the form of campaign donations since the impachment, even more than Bernie in the last month!

Granted, I am not the only one who saw this bad dream turning into a nightmare, and I am NOT glad it happened, BUT…it did, no matter how many “blue-no-matter-who” addicts want to spin he facts.

If this was an upcoming impeachment trial with ALL that asshole’s decisions that are bringing this country–and the world–to its knees listed, then fine. But the reasons on the impeachment are thin at best. Was it worth it? (I say NO!)
Stay tuned…


Nice try, carl.

Trump’s favorability hasn’t budged nor has the number favoring impeachment and removal, before, during, or since the House impeachment proceedings and vote.

And the combined contributions to the Dem candidates were well over double what Trump got in the last quarter. Not even close in terms of money raised.

So you can say NO all you want. But you sound panicky. Keep a cool tool, yo.


Bolton willing to testify. Just some thoughts. I do not like that he wants to testify in front of the Senate, because he had all kinds of excuses for the House. Can the House still call him to testify?
Why now? Did he finish writing his book, and he is ready to promote it? He has been such a pro-war in Iran advocate, and now tRump is giving him that war. The orange tRump and his people are so corrupt. It is hard not to think the worst. LOL
Agree with Bernie that it is obvious that tRump doesn’t want people close to him to testify because it will not look good for him. Especially if the Senate would put on a fair trial. Sigh.


McConnell will not subpoena Bolton, even if Roberts wants it.

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He won’t testify under oath on anything for obvious reasons, cause regardless as to what people think of this impeachment, there are tons of other things they will ask him about.

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I tend to agree with you, most likely the senate will not find him guilty, he will have a field day at his rallies saying “I told you so”.
What is going to bring trump down are the charges that will brought by the Southern District of New York.

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Chuck Schumer will “make absolutely clear they are participating in a cover-up?” Like McConnell cares? Like republicans will pay attention? Pelosi should continue to hold onto the articles while the house continues the investigation, subpoenas witnesses, and throw them in the slammer if they don’t comply. That will put some pressure on the Senate to have a real trial.


He’ll be asked questions by both Repubs and Dems.

The Dems might ask:

“it was widely reported that you were among many high-ranking officials who tried to convince the President to release the aid Congress had appropriated for Ukraine. Why wouldn’t he?”

“Did you refer to Rudy Giuliani’s meddling in US foreign policy as a ‘drug deal?’”

“Did you refer to Guiliani as a ‘hand grenade?’” “Why?”

Did you order Fiona Hill to consult State Department lawyers after Ambassador Sondland told Ukrainian officials that there was quid pro quo where the aid and a White House meeting were concerned?"

“Is that mustache real or a glued on prop?”


“Have you ever considered buying a pair of glasses that don’t keep falling down your nose?”


The Matrix has you. You can’t escape.

Is that mustache hiding any fangs?


I second the motion jellyroll.

No, it is toxic though. Like a lionfish, he just uses the toxin of a poisoned soul rather than a more natural defense mechanism. His is an offense mechanism.

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Whether you take a vacation from this zoo or not, I believe your comments have import, and are appreciated, whether one agrees or disagrees. I have recently had the same thoughts about the frustration that abounds in this political circus. Good luck either way.


Why now? Bolton is just ticked off at der trump for taking away his toy (the war on Iran),

FYI-- Bolton will testify the day after: Bolivia has fair, free, open and internationally monitored ( The Carter Center? ) national elections.
Anez will step down, honoring the will of the Bolivian people and these elections: the day Kutchner fesses up on his and MBSs’ role in Kashoggi’s death.
The Democrats will actually grow a spine, withhold the Articles of Impeachment and call the Republican’s bluff: when Joe Biden quits calling his former colleagues across the aisle his friends ( something he doesn’t do to his rivals ) and becomes a real FDR Democrat. Or, hell freezes over.
The Uniparty Consensus has formed one: ( eg. "what’s the strategy going forward " ) and have chosen to continue The Endless War Follies in Irag, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran ( risking military/all Americans’ lives ) rather than doing the right things from the MENA to the Pakistan border.
Hey Uniparty: stop killing other people’s families and loved ones and spending other people’s money. Try diplomacy and negotiations; surprise us, for a change.
It’s a fool’s errand currently and some bad kabuki, imo.

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A promise from Moscow Mitch plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.

Send those articles to the Senate and Mitch will start the circus as he sees fit, sans any testimony requested by the House of Representatives.

Carl –

Also…he has gotten MUCH MORE in the form of campaign donations since the impachment, even more than Bernie in the last month!>

Actually, I thought I read just the opposite – ?

At any rate, these are criminals who will do what criminals do – like steal elections.

Our problem is that we are at the bottom of the political barrel – we have only right
wingers in Congress – moderates and liberals haven’t been seen for decades in Congress.

We’ve had a long line of deranged presidents – criminals to perverts – liars and betrayers –
and now here we are with a truly unbalanced president and he has surrounded himself with
so many like him that no one will “rat him out” – or tell the MIC to NOT fulfill any military
missions he may request. Because of this corruption, Trump was able to put a hold on the
AID for the Ukraine – where after Nixon who had tried to do something similar, the rules were
changed to prevent a president from doing anything like that. Yet even that protection was
broken thru.

Our problem is with more than half a century of lies – and Elites working in secret to overturn
democracy here – what little we have of it – the secret of this power is its secrecy.

Reflect on the fact that Nixon was trying to convince leaders in Vietnam that he might do
just about anything - that he was unbalanced – and now it’s actually happening with Trump.

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