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With Bomber Flyover, Trump Denounced for 'Trying to Provoke War' With North Korea


With Bomber Flyover, Trump Denounced for 'Trying to Provoke War' With North Korea

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Trump "is trying to provoke war to not be the aggressor," says one observer

B-1B Lancer bombers flanked by Japan Air Self Defense Force F-2 fighters


Intentional provocation? ABSOLUTELY!


How many reasons do we need to impeach this loon? Conflicts of interest, collusion, obstruction of justice, self-dealing and now, being Col. Bat Guano crazy—take your pick, Congress. The ball’s in your court and the world waits with bated breath.


Where is Congress? Trump plays with the military like they are toys and Congress does and says nothing? This is insane. It will lead to nuclear war and their children will die, the survivors will wish they had died.


The Calm Before The Storm? I have ZERO respect for the military carrying out such insanity as this. They NEED TO STEP DOWN and REFUSE to carry out any orders from Trump the Madman. Things are really beginning to spiral out of control every passing day now.


There should be no doubt whatsoever by anyone with even half a brain that the ginger chimp is unfit to lead anything much less a position with such potential for global catsasstrophe! The man is a malignant bundle of thin skin, schoolyard vindictiveness, mental illness and very tiny hands and intellect…even using that term to describe trumps metal processes is a stretch!

Congress! Do your freakin job and reign-in this dangerous clown-child-cretin warmonger!


Where is Lewinsky?


Crimes against the peace are strictly forbidden by the Nuremberg principles shepherded into being by the US after ww2.

Every pilot and crew member and all supporting generals and staff are guilty of a cowardly blustering crime against the peace.


Someone really needs to put Trump and his cabinet in one of those planes and shove them out the door at 10,000 feet. We’d see all of them climbing air then.


What nobody, and I mean the media generally, ever mentions, is the two-ton panda in the room–China–The Chinese have issued warnings to the US that they would come in in a conflict to defend PRNK–Also I hear little about what the South Koreans think or want–I can’t imagine they’re leaving it all up to the Moron In Chief of the US.


Might I assist?


Show of Farce? Isn’t it time the USA make a SHOW of PEACE and DECENCY? How about this: WE, THE PEOPLE who own the USA hire Blackwater to snatch the Orange Puke and Kim Jong Nutcake, haul them off to a deserted island (preferably as short of drinking water as Puerto Rico), and let them kill each other. Haven’t we all, at one time or another, agreed that it isn’t us who want to fight, but our leaders? So…let them fight. The two fatties certainly won’t starve right away. Let the REST of us practice as best we can being being loving, nurturing, helpful human beings. Eventually, the two armchair warriors will die off and the island can become a monument to world peace.


That was precisely my thought. Time for a new version of General Eisenhower from among the ranks to put a REAL WALL between the trump card, the hand of which has already been played, and our men and women in uniform.


The peace candidate is at it again! What have you to say about this John Pilger and the other apologists from “the left”.

Last time I checked, Pilger was still at it. He just loves his Trump (but pretends at times not to).

I’ll never forgive the man for his apologetics promoting the fascist Trump.


Exactly, where is the press conference among concerned Corporate State Democrats, or even Democrats that have some integrity left.

Just where the hell are they?


Where they always are, at the nearest MIMIC trough of course.


Hey chump! If you make this “deal”, you can go under the White House to your bomb shelter and press the big red button to scramble the bombers. BUT, what are you going to do when you emerge and their won’t be any press to cover your every screw up and the rest of us to laugh at you.

We’ll all be cooked and you will be a lonely orange fat boy. You will be the president of nothing!


This man/creature trump is insane there hasn’t been a day where he hasn’t threatened someone or some country with violence or attack. He is like a mad rabid dog in dire need of getting put down.


I signed on with great pleasure! Thank you for the link.


So much for Kelly, McMaster, Mattis, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s power to curtail the horrific acts of this demented, diabolical, megalomaniacal despot. Where is his family, hiding/shivering in closets in the WH or in their manses? This imperial prez-a-dunce-y is our undoing and that of all life on our planet. Perhaps Putin can infiltrate one of his henchmen to save our world from annihilation… WTF!

Hey, S. H. Sanders…how are you going to put a positive spin on world annihilation? Saying something like, “Oh, he was only joking…” while the world explodes around you?