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With Bomber Flyover, Trump Denounced for 'Trying to Provoke War' With North Korea


If we actually had a United Nations not controlled by the US our government
would be ostracized, condemned, put on trial.

Meanwhile, we have a right wing psychopath in the White House which we
also need to find a way to control.

Follow the Women in their efforts for peace in the world.


Yes, very obviously he was trying to provoke.and show he was a macho he-man president flying by the area himself, when I can guarantee you that the military already had photos he could have looked at in a group discussion with the top military experts. That would have been much more effective but it would be news that was not all about Trump. Trump wants to be a successful war president just for the news coverage. With no concept at all of the military lives he would put in danger. Its all for the photo opportunities, the press attention, notoriety, etc… When in fact, a North Korean War would be yet one more nauseating example of America refusing to stop its addiction to wars fought on the other side of the planet costs trillions of dollars and way too many military lives and war disabilities. These wars have been the number one contributor to our 20 trillion dollar national debt.


Fomenting a possible WW III? Nope. A B.J. from a W.H. intern? that’ll do it.


Rule #1 in America: Congress and the majority of civilians ALWAYS rally 'round their president and nation when a war happens. To not do so opens you to demonization as a traitor and enemy sympathizer. As it was in Orwell’s 1984, thus is it today. Doesn’t matter who started it - if war with N. Korea/China/Russia/etc. happens because of Il Douche’s craziness, it will not be remembered or discussed that that was the case. All that will be relevant is Americans all sticking together behind their Commander in Chief and troops and God Bless America and Victory Shall Be Ours! and Down with the Evil Enemy! etc etc etc. Trump is a total dumbass, but even he knows the truth of this. Count on it.


Count me out. But your point is all too valid as morons rally around their nation in times of war. It matters not that those wars were for reasons of illegally deposing duly elected leaders in sovereign nations. It just sickens me to no end that the people are so fucking stupid. In the meantime I will continue to stand for peace in my town along with the half dozen other geezers as has been happening once a week since Bush invaded Iraq. It is one of the ways I can find some solace in this insane country to bear witness for peace.


No, Major Applegate, this is a clear demonstration of arrogance, insanity, and foolishness. You are NOT serving the best interests of your country! I have lost all respect for our military establishment, as they are apparently willing to take us into the abyss, led by a “Commander-in-Chief” who is totally off his rocker.

This is not a freaking game, Major, and I do not “thank you for your service”. I’m sure that Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, and the rest of the MIC appreciates your efforts, though. One of them will no doubt provide you with a cushy job and a fat salary.


Won’t happen. They fear his base too much! His base loves this “tough guy” crap.


Also to our steadily crumbling infrastructure as well as our slide towards 3rd-world conditions for our working poor!


Seamless operations??? Spoken like a military puke who has killed from 10,000 feet and never faced his “enemy.” Meanwhile, the entire planet “unravels” under the weight of nuclear destruction…never to recover. Applegate can sit on his golden throne dressed in his uniform with gold braid and myriad medals while his skin rots off his bones.


Infrastructure & nothing else will matter when the homb hits (theirs or ours) We’ll all be annihilated.


All too likely.


That’s what scares the crud out of me – China coming after us. I think we’ll be dead meat soon.


I think that is why the U.S. are trying to provoke NK, to make them throw the first punch. China said they would stay out of the conflict if NK is the instigator. Though I doubt they will stay neutral if they see that NK strikes because of provocation from the U.S.

I really feel sorry for the South Koreans. They really are in a bad place. And of course the sociopath U.S. in the end couldn’t care less if SK goes up in flames because of their actions, aside maybe from the economic ramifications.


Me as well brother.


What would be the response of the majority of American populace if they heard that US launched a massive nuke strike upon N. Korea turning it all into glass?
An attack that left no retaliatory response possible by them.
I can visualize the event happening on a Football Sunday morn, In our churches would be, “HALLEIJUYA, Praise be to (…) no American lives were lost” and please donate to our outreach program." At the football fields weeping eyes? hands over heart for flag salute and bellowing mumbles for Star Spangled Banner, that damn few know words too.
The biggest flags known to man, jets flying over and over and over, He/She’s at attention in uniform hooorahhh ing, high fives and beer spilling chest bumps by males and females, wider and higher leg splits and longer butt and boob flashes by cheerleaders, and Free Sex offered by one and all to those in uniform.
Such an attack would go unnoticed by Black Friday and Christmas Eve shoppers as they would be engaged in own warfare for most popular toys and blings.
Those engaged in statue toppling would renew their efforts to destroy US history in their renewed patriotic fervor.
Down South of Mason Dixon line and up N. In upper Michigan and Idaho the bald headed dildos would lynch a few koreans.
Teachers of kids would tell them what a humane nation they live in and that fat Korean ww


There likely wouldn’t be the time for all that. Should the U.S. throw nukes at NK, every other nuclear armed country in the world, especially China and Russia, would probably attack the U.S. in retaliation. Hopefully in their final moments those in the U.S. watching will be left in disbelief and horror before they die.


In light of the gravity of this situation possible intervention by otherworldly beings could occur. ufo interference with missile launch ability has happened in the past in both the US and Russia.


What’s the difference between this and the las vegas shooting except using something more than bump stocks?


DB, you’re going to have to ship off more assholes than just dump. he’s got a military cabal behind him pushing him or applauding him because he’s such a grrrrreat leader. i suppose the jerk corporations/capitalists in the actual MIC are just as guilty…and in denial of what the chances are of a nuclear conflagration. our “allies” and stoopid israel should be putting on Depends about now.

i’m calling and writing my stoopid senators every damn day to scream about their throttling dump and his military cabal. they can do it but they’re mostly just a bunch of cowards… that word doesn’t quite fit but i’m too mad to come up with a better non-profane descriptor.


goat… dissent is right. if you didn’t read his post, do. once the sh*t hits the fan, this stoopid country will rally 'round the flag.

impeachment is not going to help much right now because it takes toooo long, not to mention the actual trial. this friggin’ schmuck can spark anything at any moment.

something else has to be done. get him out of the white house first and then charge him with whatever he deserves…even if he’s catatonic…which i hope happens.