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With Bomber Flyover, Trump Denounced for 'Trying to Provoke War' With North Korea


Dear God in Heaven-this so-called “man” is truly insane. His demagogue-ish ego is going to get millions killed. This runaway derelict psycho never belonged anywhere near the oval office. Yet there he sits. I am truly at a loss at this point in my wondering: what will it take to turn things around? As much as I enjoy laughter and good jokes and such, I am dead serious about this-this man is the most reprehensible possible individual to somehow be president, so how in the HELL did he get elected? I sure s hell didn’t vote for him, and funny that so many who did are awful quiet these days. God, whatever you are, please help us to turn this thing around before this madman destroys the world. I am sick about this


Hate to have to say it, but nearly the entirety of the corporate media and a substantial plurality- if not an outright majority of Americans (and those in other bellicose and xenophobic nations like Australia) probably will admire it.


The fascist Insane fraud gets more evil with every incident! Yes, it is totally bonkers that he is still on the throne! Get him outta here!


guys, what if our standing for peace groups and/or writing and calling congressmen and signing petitions…what if this stuff just isn’t enough? like you, i’m pretty sickened by the stupidity of fellow citizens around us… but i’m really, really scared because of the inertia and cowardice of the whole congress and enormity of the powers behind this war machine and breaking our economy and “democracy.” we’re all mostly old geezers (male and female) around here… we vote but we can’t do much underground… if you have kids, do they listen to you? do they get it?


documentation, please. proof, please. i’d actually hope for something like that!


none, including the demented neuronal activity going on in both “men’s” brains.


suggestions for how? in less than a year? in less than a month? in less than a week?


As much as I hate to admit it you might be right. At least when it entails the vocal parts of the populace. I masochistically visit other comments sections like Reddit on these such stories and see a good number of them each time calling to bomb NK and get it over with. I still want to believe the silent majority doesn’t want this kind of thing though, but the media would rather they kept being silent.


Times change, attitudes change; and no when I walked back and forth to school in snow it was not uphill both ways, but I do believe that, other than village idiot, unlike today we did not have those who were still kids until 25 years of age.
Lived through poor times and am glad that most touth of today, in the main, did not face the difficulties I was witness too.
But there was breaks in growing up, a child with minor responsabilities learning to become a young adult at 11-12 years of age , then as a young adult until ages 18-21 learning the responsibilities of becoming an adult no matter the economic strata you came from
I do not mean just getting a degree or a job but in how one interacted with not just family but peers and elders as well.
Oh it all was sure as he’ll not like Leave it to Beaver among the new wealth avenues of working families that our politicos call the good old days, because you found black or whites, rich or poor it made no difference because we had those who were F’n over everyone they could ; lying, greed , lust and depravity is not new.
Personal responsibility was taught in schools as being what was the cohesive element in order to have a fair and just society within this nation.
I will say that despite how much misery was caused by those abusers of society the populace at large were wanting a better society and were not as afraid or lackadaisical as today, and would call out a bad apple when they seen one. And when they did there were always many who would forcefully join in the denounciations.
What is our responsibility today towards forceffully standing forth against those abusers of public trust?
Be they elected, hired citizens to be police, the fat assed and headed bureaucrats and appointed positions in government, military that is now Military Inc.? And financial or industrial that kill and maim employees; What is our responsibility towards our fellow man, as we watch not just the earth being destroyed but also that of our minds and freewill?


Wouldn’it be nice if North Korea simply shot down those clowns flying in their airspace?

Of course there would be screams of North Korean ‘aggression’, but who would believe it?


Trump is like the schoolyard bully that spits on a smaller kid, egging him into a fight.

Man, would it be great to beat the shit outta him.


Remember when Obama sent a nuclear armed bomber flying from the US to Korea and back?

The US has been engaged in provocation with North Korea for a long time.



Congress is nothing but Democrats and Republicans addicted to money. Do you really expect them to ever grow a pair?

Honesty and integrity are not qualities required of Duopoly politicians.

Seek Greener pastures.


They need to keep at least one hand on their 45’s.

In case, they need to use it on 45.


Have a bowl and a brew while you can Geez.

Us seniors sure don’t have a great deal to look forward to cept the simple pleasures.


Gawd, that’s so scary. It’s proof that our younger generation(s) didn’t get any of the education and grounding they should’ve. Schools too busy teaching standardized tests instead of history, science, and critical thinking skills. I wonder if those commenters you’re talking about even know what Nagasaki or Hiroshima is…er, was.


There were 7.7 billion men on this earth, but not a single one to remember.


Here is a link for you. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1315479/Aliens-interfered-weapons-UFOs-deactivating-nuclear-missiles.html
Kind regards, ~garry


Time for the Fake Prez’s cabinet to take the 25th. Save the planet! OK?


Hola, the following analogy works for me, and i know many are doing it: We all sit at the edge of a big pond. Everybody has a bucket of pebbles/ potential actions.We can practice Right Action, anything that we know in our heart is good for someone, Mother Earth, or say, Peace. So, we take the action, and toss a pebble into the pond. We see/feel that others are doing similar, tho the actions might be different from ours. That is the beauty of many participants. The ripples go outward, meet, and are strengthened by interaction of many ripples. Then, even those who are doing nothing feel the ripples, and are moved to join! Critical Mass ! We can sit and moan about how helpless we are; Or take Right Action in everything we do, yeah! Certain keys; we must be patient, like when will our actions have a visible effect on Peace? We Must practice, “Just Do It” and “Know” that things are/will be happening…we just continue…The Battle between Light and Darkness will be going on for a seeming long time; and we Must be Peaceful Warriors!