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With 'Brave Tactic,' Sanders Tries to Slam Brakes on Fast Track


With 'Brave Tactic,' Sanders Tries to Slam Brakes on Fast Track

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In what is being heralded as a "brave tactic," Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday temporarily blocked lawmakers from rushing through legislation that would allow the Obama administration to "Fast Track" the controversial and highly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.


Go Bernie! Go Elizabeth! Thank heavens there are elected officials with consciences still left in the Senate. The Repugs are pushing for fast track (as they always do when the text of the proposed legislation is voluminous and filled with obfuscation and subterfuge) because no one short of the authors/producers of the bill has had the time to read through the text. Thus, one might surmise that there is all manner of freebies for corporations and the potential increased loss of jobs in the US to overseas operations. TPP wreaks of kleptocracy and unchecked capitalism at it ugliest.


Repugs!! What do you mean to be saying? This is Obama’s game (I’m for now a registered Dem), not to mention that the whole damn DC bunch are Repugs. Hopefully you mean repugnant, though.


Right on Bernie! You Rock, Baybeeeeeeee! People over profits!


Public Citizen has an excellent synopsis (and history behind) TPP that can be read here:


The U S first and foremost (Obama included) should be ashamed of such unabashed corporatization of world trade wherein the major beneficiaries are major US corporations.

Obama is acting in a most REPUGNANT way with his attempt to push the Senate to “fast track” the TPP. I would bet the bank that he has not read the TPP in its entirety…just relies on his “advisors” most of whom cut their teeth in the corporate and/or financial/investment sectors. He has no worries…he will “retire” soon and not have a financial care in the world.


Patrick Buchanan has expressed his negative opinion of the deal on American Conservative. This isn’t a conservative/liberal issue, but what global capitalists expect of their servants in Washington.


If it is rushed through Congress, you can bet that it is very likely bad for people and the environment.

If it is bipartisan, you can bet that it is very likely bad for people and the environment.

If it is both biartisan and rushed through Congress you can bet that it is incredibly bad for people and the environment.


People should blockade congress until they drop this bill altogether, corporations are burning the planet and are unable to stop themselves


When Hatch takes his lead from Obama, you gotta know, somethin’ ain’t right. Remember Hatch’s Party swore to undermine the Obama presidency and has done everything in their power to do so since day one. Why all the bi-partisanship all of a sudden? If you need an example of both Parties selling out to their corporate rulers–and selling us down the river–here it is.


Hear, hear! This thing is not only bad for the environment, and public health, and jobs, and worker rights, and local sovereignty, and internet freedom, and the vestiges of democracy, it’s an outrageous mooning of the idea of democracy, in that its secrecy and corporate crafting make it illegitimate on its face…yet it looks like Congress will obediently pass Fast Track to cede their Constitutional prerogative on trade and then maybe pass the reeking TTP and TTIP to hand over the last of our rights to the corporations of the world–a MASSIVE betrayal of their human constituents. We should indeed be surrounding and blockading the Capitol.


Isn’t this Trade Agreement somewhat similar to the legislation in England that started the American Revolution? It seems Progressives in the US are not the only global citizens opposed to this insanity. Congresspersons beware, pass this deal at your own risk, it may be a fast track to having the generous public trough no longer accessible to quell your ravenous appetite for power and wealth.


Fortunately our founders have also taken precautions, and put in the Constitution the method for revolution peacefully. The States can call for a Constitutional Convention, and amend the Constitution. Namely to overrule the Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited funding of candidates. Wolf-pac.com is in the process of doing this now. Four states have already signed up.