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With Broken Machines and Hours-Long Waits Stopping Many From Voting, Majority Says, "Make Election Day a Federal Holiday"

With Broken Machines and Hours-Long Waits Stopping Many From Voting, Majority Says, "Make Election Day a Federal Holiday"

Julia Conley, staff writer

A poll released as Americans cast their ballots in the midterm elections on Tuesday shows that more than half of the country believes Election Day should be made a national holiday—a likely partial solution to a number of problems that plague the voting system.

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So, voting machines that don’t work ,can be easily hacked, and have shown to flip votes. Huge gap between what people want on policy versus what we get. Polls show that most people now question ever dominant institution in our society. Decades of stagnating wages, explosion in private debt, the costs of basic things far outpacing wage growth, crappy jobs, a massive infrastructure gap, and a political system actively making things worse. And those in power break the law all the time, out in the open, and never get held responsible. We are, by definition, a failed state, and it is the only type of context where this government could attain and maintain power. And, if the Democrats do win, what is their plan to do anything about anything?


6:27 pm November 6, 2018
When I wake up tomorrow - please, please, please, leave Georgia (un)kemp(t) and may gerrymandering be yanked up once and for all and relegated to the dustbin of history.

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Vote HARDER, America!

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A few weeks ago Pelosi said that if the Democrats gain control of the House, as majority leader she would lead “incrementalism.” No matter who controls, very few, if any changes, are coming.

I really do not understand this “waiting in line for hours”. I have voted every election in Canada both Federally and Provincially. Canada tends to have a higher voter turnout than in the USA. I have never waited in line to vote. It like 5 minutes at most all using paper ballots. Why do people have to wait HOURS?

The USA likes to issue “reports” on Voter fraud in third world countries or will condemn Countries that “do not have fair voting systems” yet seems to have a system that worst then most. What a mess.

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I’m clawing through the weeds here and I’m not finding a damn thing positive being.said. I had a nickel I was going to offer up to the first one to do so but that offer is now closed. Sorry. Just trying to lighten things up a bit.

“Is voting meant to be an obstacle course?” It’s taken this many years to figure this out? Actually, I can think of a few reasons why it’s taken this long, but over the past 30 years, this should have been taken care of. Ultimately, the answer is yes to the original question, but mainly because the system in which we gather votes has become archaic. Maybe it will change, but I don’t see it to be likely for quite some time.

It’s a cluster fudge, and apparently that’s the way the powers that be want it.

My 9:15 pm “HUH?” as I watched a few minutes of a PBS report with what I think was a GOP
official declaring that “There was no Blue Wave.”

Americans have been voting on electronic computer voting machines now for 50 years where
these computers have delivered only right wing results in a sweep of our nation to deliver
governing which the American public doesn’t want by very high percentages – into the 70%-80%
and more on reproductive freedom and a growing simple majority on just plain CHOICE for any
reason whatsoever. American citizens support Federal funding for Planned Parenthood, they
support National Health Care for all/single payer. They support Social Security and Medicare.

Granted, we have threats nationally and internationally of right wing leaders taking control of
governments around the world – but I’ll point out that in 1943 that was the very purpose of Operation
GLADIO. Why wouldn’t that have happened? Granted, we have many males willing still – like the
KKK historically – to ensure male supremacy reigns in our US societies, even if it takes more violence.

Not only should we have paper ballots and hand counting, but we should have ranked voting –
As long as we continue to vote on these HACK-ABLE COMPUTERS our elections are in question …
as they are tonight at least in my mind.

If the voting public – and the large number of Americans who continue not to vote – believe the
alleged outcome of this election tonight which seems to have delivered another right wing win, they
will be demoralized. What we need is a full challenge to these computers to end their use and the
move towards a ranking system so that 3rd parties do not become “spoilers.”

In my opinion, a huge democratic hammer should have come down tonight on both Trump/GOP and
the DP which gave us Hillary and it should have all been stamped – FASCISM and FRAUD.

United States elections are not evidence-based elections

How stupid would we be to go on voting in this rigged system?

Electronic Voting Computers - What could go wrong?

United States elections are not evidence-based elections.

The most worrisome aspect of all these various vulnerabilities is that—should they be exploited—we will be unable to prove whether and to what extent they have affected the outcome of an election. The effect of even very visible problems, such as long lines, voter registration issues, and electronic failures, is difficult to quantify. Moreover, machine vendors claim proprietary ownership of their software and hardware, precluding forensic analysis. After the 2016 election, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that it had conducted no such analysis.

Thus the only way to know if foreign or domestic actors have altered electronic tallies is to conduct what statistics Professor Philip Stark of the University of California at Berkeley calls “evidence-based elections.” This would involve a robust manual audit or manual recount of the paper ballots (or other paper record that the voter has reviewed for accuracy), and a secure chain of custody between the election night count and any audit or recount.

United States elections are not evidence-based elections. According to computer science Professor Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan, only two states, Colorado and New Mexico, conduct manual audits sufficiently robust to detect vote tally manipulation. More than half of US states do not require manual audits at all, while manual recount laws typically allow automatic state-funded recounts only if the margin of victory is less than 1 percent.

Depending on the type of voting system used at the polls, some jurisdictions may have no paper ballots (or other paper records) with which to conduct a manual recount or manual audit or recount in the first place. As of April 2018, fourteen states still used such “paperless” voting machines.


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No lines, either.

My husband reported that at our polling place in a town which has until now
been owned by GOP that there was a “no show” for someone who was to handle
part of the alphabet which covered 1/3rd of the voters in our precinct.

Seems that the person who was handling the other 2/3rds also handled the rest of
the crowd but at the cost of long lines for the first time. It was a half hour delay for
my husband at six am this morning – and imagine it got a lot longer later in the a.m.

This happened for the first time as our town turned BLUE.

And Pelosi is rumored to be including investigating Russian influence. A waste of time, money and effort. We need honest elections. A Kemp in Georgia should not have a chance. We need early voting, and paper voting and a constitutional right to vote for all citizens over 18, more exceptions. But first let’s get paper ballots and early voting.

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Now I thought this up in five minutes. Just think what they could do with a few smarter people than me to tie up the loose ends like people not born in the US. When born your birth certificate identification number is your social security number, selective service number, and voter registration number for life. When you turn 16 you are eligible to drive and your D.L. has your identification number, and now a photo as well. If you choose not to be a driver you can opt for a non driver PHOTO I.D. CARD. My opinion. You regain your right to vote when you regain your freedom.

Jhoj –

Pelosi and the DP need to be moving us to paper ballots, pen, and hand counting.
Our Election system is rigged. Also need to get rid of Electoral College. These are all
Elite tools to keep things as they are. :slight_smile:

In reality, we all know that Pelosi needs to go and so does Schumer – but not in the cards
at the moment –

Pelosi has also begun talking about “cooperating” with GOP, if I heard that right?

I’d think in this Global Warming crisis most especially, 16 year olds should be allowed to vote.
It’s their futures more than ours!

More! More!