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With Brutal Memories of Standing Rock, Stop Line 3 Campaigners Wary of Rule Barring 'Counterinsurgency Tactics'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/brutal-memories-standing-rock-stop-line-3-campaigners-wary-rule-barring

“We’ve got drones over our property; it starts with surveillance, it expands to the use of informants, entrapment, falsifying situations, and getting people charged with things they should not be charged with,” LaDuke said.

First the fossil fuel drones came for the indigenous people.

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Hmm, drones. First there was the club. Then everyone wanted one. And then the spear etc, etc, etc.
We must be allowed, at least, to spy on those spying on us. Soon we can all afford a low end drone, and we should use them.
I’ve been thinking about some target practice any way. Drones will be a fun challenge.
Maybe a sign facing upward saying, “NO TRESPASSING.”