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With Call for 'Political Revolution,' Bernie Sanders Goes Big in Boston



I would submit that it is also our job to publicly connect the dots between corporate colonization of entire democratic systems, the strategy of 'terrorizing' through economic destabilization/usurpation. Ingrained in the colonizing methodologies are practices like funding planted conflicts such as was done in Afghanistan. The long term continued colonization veiled by hood ornaments such as Petraeus with the "Counterinsurgency Manual" that leverages militarization of academic disciplines such as anthropology and psychology in Abu Graibe and Guantanamo, distorting principles of ethics so that concepts of law can be twisted.

End Citizens United!!! Money is not speech.


Saying all of the right things and meaning them. There's hope for change.

I do wonder what William Jennings Bryan would have thought about addressing the overflow through a Jumbotron.


Disarming the innocent is a very bad idea, in a nation where we are already prey.

On the other hand, if residential psych care is made readily available again, the incidence of people going over the edge because they're afflicted with untreated paranoia will drop sharply.

And if interpersonal mediation services were made readily available, that would drop the incidence still further.

Except for psychopaths, who use violence or the threat of violence as a tool to get what they want, and badly-trained cops who use violence because they're shite-scared all the time and shouldn't be cops, violence is only resorted to when the person believes there's no other choice. If we reduce the number of times people run out of choices, we'll reduce the incidence of violence by the same amount.

This is not rocket science.


Bernie mentioned Elizabeth Warren? Be still my beating heart...lol

I would so love for the phrase 'Sanders and Warren' in 2016 to become mentioned a lot next year!

Why is it that I keep smiling whenever I write their two names together? I guess just the idea of of a Sanders/Warren ticket makes an old progressive happy... lol.



Bern's on a roll here. Let's hope he snowballs into a monster Avalanche.


I'm still waiting for him to say ANYTHING about the MIC and justice for Palestinians. Are we just going to be led along on another version of hopey changey?


I would think that Biden might balk at being veep again but who knows. I think Clinton would worry that adding Biden would make her campaign look like it doesn't have anything new to offer. Who knows though. I think that both the dems and the repubs establishment have been taken unawares by Bernie's popularity and when the media tried to minimize the spectacle of the old guard's unpopularity by featuring Trump... then Trump ran away with it and threw a monkey wrench into the repub's plans to have Jeb enthroned. Lol... it is hard to predict what will happen but if Warren becomes Sanders' running mate then I predict that the two will win in a landslide because people will believe these two actually mean what they say and people want that for America.

Sanders and Warren in 2016...

You know I am unable to write that without smiling. It isn't just today either. It happens every time I write that.

Sanders and Warren would fix much of what was broken in '63. believe it or not. Americans would trust in America again.

added edit. I just realized that you were asking if Biden ran for pres would Hillary accept being veep? Never happen. She'd be too embarrassed.


Are you also waiting for Hillary to say something or any of the repubs?


Don't continue to play their silly game.


I took mediation training as an adult and learned much about communication skills ,, (mainly how to listen ) and felt it helped a lot with relationships . I feel it would be benifical to teach these skills in grammer school and added to each level of school as kids age .


I completely agree! Teaching negotiation and mediation in the service of fairness is possibly the single most cost-effective thing we could do, apart from instituting economic and social fairness across the board and around the globe.


The silly game is to be silly about it being a game. It isn't. The conservatives (oligarchic leaning) always encourage lefties to vote out rather than see their votes counted. It isn't a one shot deal. Look what happened with Gore and Bush in Ohio and Florida. Lots of vote rigging, polls having long lines limiting voting and shenanigans with the machines etc. They didn't do that with Obama because Obama was one of their own as we have seen from his bait and switch. They will do everything they can this time around if they are allowed to get away with it.

One thing they always do is encourage lefties to vote for 'can't win' fantasy candidates. Despite some people who pretend that they are dedicated third party people (who meanwhile did nothing to create a third party for the last three years until now), there is no third party in reality. Nader had the name recognition and the integrity and the only thing he accomplished was to ensure that Gore didn't win by draining off all those leftish votes. You can be sure the repubs noticed that. It has been reported that conservatives contribute to third party campaigns simply to keep them in the running to drain off leftie votes.

The rules of the game aren't what we want but it is the only game being played - the dems and the repubs. The only game in town like it or not... so be warned >>> the repubs want to pull another Reagan on America and if we let them ... we will all regret it as the climate will come back on us real bad.

Dems are at least less rabid but Sanders is a true rarity. A reformer from way back. That is what is different about him. He has always been an independent and has the voting record to prove that he means what he says. I believe he is America's best chance to preserve our democracy. Warren would be another but this time around is all Bernie's. I hope he makes it. I have never actually felt that way about any politician. I feel that way about one who marches in protests ... lol... I may have even marched along with him and never knew it...lol.

My hope is for President Sanders to do the many things necessary to save our democracy from oligarchy.

My dream is to see Sanders as president and Warren as vice president and when Bernie's term (s) is up to see Warren become the first woman president.

See ...I'm smiling again. lol


You can't have everything. If this country wanted everything they would have voted for Ralph Nader. This is plan B.

Still the best candidate by track record and speech.


Maybe that's why MSNBC called the Boston crowd "over 20,000."



Of course I would vote for Bernie if I had to. But, the whole process is a silly game. Show me any indication that he would challenge the MIC (Vermont is deep into the F35). Show me anything he has ever said about justice for the Palestinians. One has to rise above the political process and realize that nothing on the national level is pertinent to the task at hand. Act locally, comrade.



"Sanders' big night in Boston follows other recent advances, including new polls that show him surpassing Hillary Clinton, his chief rival for the Democratic nomination, in key battleground states",

yet still, on mainstream news sites, such as today's Yahoo! News, Sanders receives nary a mention, while Clinton receives much attention, along with Trump and whoever else is the leader du jour among the Republican Presidential mass of hopefuls. Although not ordinarily disposed to conspiracy theories, this glaring ignoring of Sanders stands out to me as a suspicious example. As the U.S. media has surpassed even its critical depiction in the film "Broadcast News", sliding into features and human interest "stories" in substitution of news, in what manner can the US mainstream media claim service to the public within a democracy?


Every time you try to make it that the only important thing is those issues I feel resentment. Foreign policy is of course important but when you compare Bernie's foreign policy to Hillary's and the repubs I fail to see your point. I am actually beginning to resent the focus and I know that isn't fair but this is MY country and there is a lot more at stake than just a one issue foreign policy position especially since Bernie's position is the best of the bunch anyway.


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Go Bernie. He spoke earlier before a crowd of 6,000 in Springfield Mass.