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With Call to Repeal 'Hate Bill 2', Thousands of Protesters Welcome Back NC Lawmakers



If I ever visit North Carolina, I guess I will have to bring my birth certificate if I need to use a bathroom. When God asked some folks to come forth for brains, they came fifth -- thus the republican party.


The Dem sponsored bill may well be a 'long shot' at this time. but with overwhelming public support, some of the Republican dust bags in the legislature may well realize, that a new wind is blowing in the country, which will even affect such backwater states like North Carolina and Mississippi.


I hope HATE BILL 2 is repealed. I also hope McCrory is not re-elected. If he travels to a place outside of N Carolina with the same kind of law, he will have to show his birth certificate to the PTB.


"The only way to restore North Carolina's reputation is to repeal all of HB 2 and pass comprehensive nondiscrimination protections that protect all North Carolinians."

Even that won't do it. Once you've done something like this, you don't get a second chance at a first impression. Repealing that bill will undo some of the economic damage, but it won't do anything to restore your reputation, such as it was. People just don't forget when someone does something so far out of line as to shock the moral compass of a whole society. It's like some sports hero who gets caught beating up on his wife. No matter what he does, people will never forget that.


He won't be reelected because he's only allowed two terms and he's in his second. But if there is a God, the next person to be governor won't be anywhere near as disgusting as McCrory


Also, not mentioned is the removal of almost all state level employment discrimination protection and due process. In less then 24 hours the clock was set back 50 years for NC labor rights.


Amazing the Republican Wedge issue machine homered with the bathroom issue. Do you want a man in your daughters bathroom? Bingo!