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With Chance to Denounce Torture, Why Have These 38 Democrats Not Said They Are a "No" on Haspel?


With Chance to Denounce Torture, Why Have These 38 Democrats Not Said They Are a "No" on Haspel?

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the wake of her refusal to condemn torture as immoral and her repeated denials that the CIA has ever tortured anyone during her "despicable" Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Wednesday, Sen.




Not really shocking, the US used waterboarding and other forms of torture while subduing the Philippines at the turn of the 20th century. Operation Phoenix during Vietnam involved the assassination of Viet Cong operatives AND their families. My Lai was likely a Phoenix Op. We taught many of the Central and South American fascist regimes how to torture using the School of the Americas. The only time the US has opposed torture was when it was being used against us as in Korea and Vietnam.

Treating people badly is deeply ingrained in the US psyche, from atrocities against Native Americans, to slavery and Jim Crow lynchings and the current shootings by police, and to the third world conditions in US prisons and immigrant detention centers.

We are a violent country which is why MMA and football are so popular. I’m just waiting for the gladiators to make a comeback here.


Glenn Greenwald asks, “What kind of #Resistance refuses to stop an actual torturer…”

Answer: A phony resistance. A Vichy resistance. A nothing-more-than-clickbait resistance—in short, a Democrat resistance that has no resemblance to small-d democracy. (Sure, I know it was a rhetorical question, but why not?)


It’s common knowledge that the United States of America believes in Torture.

Evidence of this is crystal clear every time Trump is shown speaking.

It is absolute Torture for Hundreds of Millions of Americans to listen to what comes out of Trumps mouth.

Hate, arrogance, entitlement, corruption, lies.

Lordy, what did we do to deserve this?


Abusive systems create abusive individuals…


Right on ALL points


I’ll go even further than saying “No Gina for CIA”.
How about NO CIA!!


The pathetic enabling press said today that
“If Haspel would only denounce use of Torture, she could be confirmed”

I’m with Snowden on this one,

She has already shown she will violate US & International Law and Torture and Destroy Evidence

No Second Chances.


Good point. Thanks.


All this Senate posturing is really tiresome. The Dimocratic Senators who support this nomination are using several canards to quibble, 1) Haspel is an organization person and a CIA lifer 2) she’s a high achieving and patriotic female in this dirty, sinister business 3) Trump could give us someone really crazy ( a John Poindexter clone ).
None of these quibbling excuses holds a drop of water regarding Haspel, however. " If someone tells you who they really are, believe them ". Well, Haspel and her cohorts in The Toxic Alphabet Soup of Sleaze & Mental Disease, has told us plenty already. Her non–answers, her sly and slick suppression of evidence, her history of destruction of same…What the hell?
How is this a hard call? She’s a pathetic, felonious criminal individual who happens to have a hoohah between her knees and belly button. Big deal. She should be in jail, quite possibly.
" If you want to run with the big bad dogs, you’ve got to quit peeing on the porch like a puppy ".
Gina pissed her puppiness away decades ago.


There will be six Senate democrats (sic) as there is each time. We know of Sen. Manchin but either or both Sen. McCaskill and Sen. Heitkamp. That leaves three to four, off of the list. Should we start a pool and donate the proceeds to peace?


Well I’ll be darned. I’m happy to say I was wrong about Feinstein in my prediction that she would not vote against Haspel.

Do I still think her decision to keep the actual evidence of torture classified and not calling for criminal prosecution of torturers amounts to a coverup?


I’ve been told, such a belief is “juvenile”, and “distorted”.


“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796


Yes. Impeachment is mentioned 5 times in the Constitution, but political parties not at all. So why are two nominally-different such parties—and through them, the predatory rich—in complete control of our existence?

And more important, what to do about it?


For all you LOTE enthusiasts, add this to my long list of reasons why there is no such fucking thing.



Right?? I get intestinal cramps when I hear his voice. No more, it hurrrrts.


Horrible, horrible treatment of Ray McGovern.
Utterly sick and twisted…smdh


I’m calling my two MN senators. I damn well better hear NO’s from them…