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With Charges Dropped, Climate Documentarian Vows, 'We Fight On'


With Charges Dropped, Climate Documentarian Vows, 'We Fight On'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Two documentary filmmakers who faced decades in prison for filming last month's dramatic tar sands direct action have had all charges against them dropped.

The rosecuting attorney for Skagit County, Washington on Friday dismissed all charges for filmmaker Lindsey Grayzel and cinematographer Carl Davis, who were arrested and jailed on October 11, 2016 for filming climate activist Ken Ward as he shut down a TransMountain oil pipeline in Burlington, Washington.


Chilling the messenger


Journalists aren't the only ones being intimidated - protesters all over are being met with charges that have escalated from "violations" to "misdemeanors" - which sounds benign, but carry longer potential jail time and are counted as "crimes", giving one a criminal record - and then essentially blackmailed into pleading to a lesser "violation" charge of which they may not actually be guilty of, in order to avoid having to face the greater one ... The chilling of dissent is getting chillier ...


Good news for Lindsey and Carl. I hope you get the footage returned, or at least allow you to copy it.