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With Child Health Uniquely Threatened, Pediatricians Call for Climate Solutions


With Child Health Uniquely Threatened, Pediatricians Call for Climate Solutions

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A leading organization of American pediatricians declared Monday that children are "uniquely vulnerable" to the harmful impacts of human-made climate change—from natural disasters to food insecurity—and called for doctors to fulfill their duty by aggressively addressing the crisis.


Children may never reach adulthood at the rate this nation is going in the need for war against the world as well as their own citizens. The chemicals and nanoparticles being dumped into the atmosphere to control the weather, is in that air we breather and that falls on the soil of crops, and is going to kill us all.
But, children, the most vulnerable to toxins in the air, water and foods are not able to fight off the poisons.
The purely evil cabal of Kosher criminals behind everything being done for profits, to advance the hate and control of the world, should be taken captive immediately to stop the destruction of people and the earth.


It would be enormously helpful if people limited their reproduction, and if the women of all nations on Earth were offered free, unlimited contraception. If we would just have fewer babies, we might be able to have an adequate food supply and curb runaway consumption. If we don't voluntarily limit the children we have, they may well become the victims of runaway climate change.


In extremely-related news, a group of 194 Canadian physicians signed a letter recommending adoption of a Universal Basic Income: http://www.thinkupstream.net/big_medicine.
Despite all the bad news out there, and the impulse to despair, I'm seeing more and more evidence that people are increasingly awake to the possibility of moving beyond the exploitation-based (and anxiety-producing) mindset that seems to have been adopted by virtually all of our leaders. Hopefully, movements like these will hit their tipping point and actually start influencing legislation before we've rendered most of the planet uninhabitable...