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With Clarion Call to Progressives, Our Revolution Launches National Movement


With Clarion Call to Progressives, Our Revolution Launches National Movement

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With the goal of carrying the progressive vision far past Election Day, Bernie Sanders and his supporters Wednesday evening are formally launching the next phase of the political revolution.


1. Clinton will win in November. (groan).
2. Sanders will be chairman of an important committee. (In exchange for endorsing Clinton, Sanders will be allowed to have a prominent position in the Senate, assuming, as seems likely, that the Democrats win control of the Senate in November.)
3. As a result of hearings Sanders convenes, he will introduce legislation on important domestic problems and the bills will pass Congress and be signed into law by Clinton.
4. There will be a great deal of hoopla at the signing ceremonies. Expect Sanders and pundits to compare the moment to FDR's first 100 days.
5. Impartial analysts will conclude that the new laws are incremental in nature and will do nothing substantial to relieve the problems they are supposedly designed to address.
6. After this has happened a few times, non credulous observers will realize the whole thing is a shell game and resume efforts to build truly leftist organizations outside the framework of the conventional political system, which in its broadest form includes the "revolutionary" group Sanders has set up.
Sanders's effort with this group is merely an updated version of Al Gore's "inside insurgent" notion from the 90s, which was a bogus concept designed to provide cover for corporate sell out Democrats.


Absolutely zero credibility.


But see today's revolt and mass resignation of staff:


I wonder if Bernie paid for his $600,000.00 lakeside cabin with the advance for his book on social justice and wealth and income inequality.


I would agree with you to a point.
Sanders is actually the real deal.
Nothing he proposes legislatively will become law.

As for Bernie's "Revolution" launch, it might already be on the skids.
His chief-of-staff, Jeff Weaver, is a worthless, Capitalist, creep who had a lot to do with Bernie's uneven campaign.
Weaver also wants to reach out to millionaires and billionaires to fund this movement a la Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Over the weekend a half a dozen regional coordinators of the movement quit in disgust over the direction Weaver wanted to go.
Weaver should be fired toooooday.


What Bernie has done is historic and we should not underestimate that he has brought millions of young people to a point of clarity. They are active and hungry for a new future. That is a good thing, the more thinking people joining the movement for equality the better off we all are.
As far as his Our Revolution project I have a wait and see attitude. If it helps great, if not we still go on.
To me, voting for the Green Party is very important and is not mutually exclusive while supporting what ever is done to help the change in the government.
I hope he is successful in down ballot support for progressives as we are going to need the next four years to get the Greens ready for a national election.


I think the revolution has already begun. It does not depend on getting the bought and paid for, greedy, war worshiping, Red Queen into office to expand wars and greed for her sponsor's profit. If Sanders can do so much good in the government, Jill Stein could appoint him just as well and with fewer restraints on his work than the Red Queen ever could, or would.
* What is really needed is for the millions of voters who were cheated or disenfranchised by the Red Queen and her apparatus to vote for Jill Stein.
* My wife and I travel over much of NW Washington State and we started checking out the campaign signs in yards and fields. We've seen two Trump signs, fifty or sixty Jill Stein signs and two Clinton signs. There are more Stein signs showing up every day!
* I think, if the millions of voters who are tired of having their votes be meaningless symbols for the election of greedy criminals, are tired of austerity being forced upon them for the profit of the 0.001%, are fed up with millions of innocents being killed, their countries reduced to rubble, and the survivors being turned into homeless refugees by our powerful, overfed, Wehrmacht, would decide they wanted real change and voted for Jill Stein and the Green Party, we might be able to take our nation back.
* It certainly beats putting another warmonger and its handlers into power for the next four to eight years.
* Jill Stein, Green, 2016


Please note that Bernie continues in the Senate as an Independent. Yes, he caucuses with the Demos, and yes, he stands to get an important committee chair from them (NYT, btw, shares your prediction that the Demos will retake Senate control), but there is no pause in efforts to build the revolution, no "merely" about it.


The circular firing squad returns and Sanders will not be spared. Corporatist rule and Progressives drool. Vote for Jill or Vote for Hill it won't make any difference.


Bernie's been working his entire life.
If he couldn't afford a $600,000 cabin in the woods then I'd be worried about how he was spending what little money he's made in public service.
Like on wine, women, and song like Bill Clinton.
But Bernie loves his wife, children and grandchildren so he's never become a philandering pig.


"Sanders argued in an op-ed earlier this month that defeating Republican nominee Donald Trump is "the most immediate task we face" in the struggle to transform America"

Sure Bernie, try to scare them into voting for the greater evil, Hillary.

Your logical move after your defeat in the primary was to move to the Green party.

The result of any thing you do now will be inconsequential in comparison to the good you might have done by aligning with the Greens.


Walk a mile in a person's shoes before judging their character, moral compass, and true intentions.

Bernie Sanders informed and energized and inspired many, he also disappointed many, including me, but his decisions and the rationale for such are his to make based on a multitude of factors - his long experience - and if he had made other choices more to the liking of critics, they may not have born fruit, just a bitter harvest. Those with a crystal ball that attribute all manner of premeditated evil and sin to Sanders (& Jane) have not walked that mile in Sanders' shoes. Many who worked for the Sanders campaign are now leaving in disappointment and concern for the direction of the "revolution" - not a good sign......"The departures, including the entire organizing department and the group’s digital director, came after Sanders’ former campaign manager Jeff Weaver was appointed president of the group". The integrity of those leaving must be respected.........

Many pundits/talking heads/ the "real" left, and others have alternative agenda's not necessarily in the best interests of the 99%, real political revolution, or a strong foundation for real change - some just talk and do little of substance.

A political revolution after decades or hundreds of years of the 1% building constructs to entrench their influence and power will not be won in one election or year - it will take far longer and the commitment to really work for change, not just talk about it - like the old saying goes one does not walk out of the forest in a week after walking into it (being led into it) for a month.

Building a strong vibrant and inclusive coalition is the only way, IMO, to break the power and corruption built over so long a time........."incrementalism" is BS stalling for the 1% and status quo, but creating/forcing real change will take time because many people are still ignorant, complacent, and complicit.........and the enemy is strong.......Just my opinion.


I'd be interested to know the larger truth of how the sign count compares across your state. Remember that it's the whole state's vote that determines which electors get to vote for the President. If I recall, northwestern WA is not particularly typical of, say, the area east of the Cascades.

And btw, it isn't the President who appoints Senate committee chairs, the only position being contemplated for Bernie, but the majority leader. The Greens have even less chance of controlling either house of Congress than they have of occupying the White House. Get over it and start thinking how you can support the revolution as it really will happen.


Hi minitrue,
That is good news to read after my depressing travels through the midwest last weekend----Ohio, Indiana: nothing but Trump signs! The biggest Trump signs were in the poorest neighborhoods. Ironic and sad.
HC signs were visible in the wealthy enclaves of Ohio.
A few old tattered Bernie signs were here and there.


Bernie is still sheep-dogging for Hillary.

His "Our Revolution" movement is a way to siphon off the support and momentum that Jill Stein and the Green Party have built up after his capitulation. Disgusting and self-serving.

Edit: grammar


I voted for Sanders despite my uncertainty about whether he was a real candidate.
My doubts began when he gave Clinton a pass on the email issue, which we are now seeing was a very real and valid issue. And I was dumbfounded by his decision to fly to Rome on the eve of the NY primary.
I don't know how Weaver fit into those events and don't really care. Sanders was the candidate and the blame for the loss should be placed on his shoulders.
I think Chris Hedges was correct when he said Sanders would prove to be a sheepdog for Clinton, rounding up voters who would otherwise not have backed Clinton.
It is true, apparently, that many Sanders backers are not coming over to Clinton's side but some are and that is a win for her. Ditto for the platform, which allows Clnton to appear progressive without being required to do anything.


Maybe we should secede and become the United State of Washington! We could become the only Constitutional Democratic Republic west of the Atlantic. :wink:
* Jill Stein, Green, 2016


What we all have to realize and then reconcile ourselves to is the fact that once Trump became the Republican nominee this election was in the bag for Hillary.
The oligarchy was not going to allow Trump to become the next president. Under any circumstances.

The Left can be most effective over the next 4 years by battling against Hillary's every move.
Our goal is to make sure that she does not get a second term.
We need to pull a Mitch McConnell on her.


I believe your wrong and I detest grammarians.