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With Cleveland Indians to Drop Racist Logo, Eyes on Washington 'Redskins'

With Cleveland Indians to Drop Racist Logo, Eyes on Washington 'Redskins'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

News Monday that the racist Chief Wahoo logo will finally no longer appear on the Cleveland Indians' uniforms starting next year prompted calls for other sports teams to follow suit, and for the Midwest team to go further if there's to be a real shift towards justice.

I admit I grew up during the 1960’s with the logo and had a childhood attachment to it. But adults need to be more responsible so I welcome its demise. I have thought for years that the owners should meet with members of local tribes that once were rooted in the area and work together to come up with a representation and accompanying symbols the tribes would like to see. In Cleveland’s early days when called the Spiders they had native players so keep the history, shed the racism.

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It really is a sign of how little Americans know about their history and culture. If this helps advance an alternative perspective then there maybe a better understanding ,

Is the name racist? Consider this: Are there any teams out there called the Gringos, White Boys or Crackers? How about the Krauts, Frogs or Lobsters? No, there isn’t. Those are terms that are denigratory towards white people and a rich self-respecting white owner of a ball team would never to that to himself… But its ok when He does it towards brown skin people. More white supremacy… If you can’t or refuse to figure that out, you are hopeless.

Dan Snyder has heard all the arguments. He. Just. Doesn’t. Care.

Well said. A blueprint exists:

The UU and the tribe reached a non-formal agreement on the symbols and mascot back in the 90’s, including their free use. A 2004 and 2005 agreement to continue free use of the logo and mascot included beefing up the Native American Studies program and some tuition waivers; the latter part never came to fruition. In 2013, the Utes demanded a renegotiation and finally got the UU on board, and it appears to be holding up its end of the bargain.

If a public University can do it, then so can team owners. There’s a lot of profit in the world of sports–just got to spread it around some.

One needs to be familiar with the pop culture of Northeast Ohio over the last 50 years to fully get this, but I think a very good alternative name for Cleveland’s baseball team might be the “Cleveland Buzzards”. Not only does it refer to the annual return of Turkey Vultures to nearby Hinkley, Ohio, but it also would be a tribute to the legendary and influential Cleveland Album-Oriented Rock FM station WMMS, “The Home of the Buzzard”. 'MMS was in no small measure responsible for Cleveland getting the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, among other achievements. It also would revive a very cool and classic logo, which I would urge anyone not familiar with to look up.

Acknowledging in public spheres the existence of Native Americans is a very important historical/cultural act. Here in Oregon, the PC left has launched an aggressive campaign to eliminate local high school acknowledgement of their native connection. Before you know it, we will no longer have to acknowledge the existence of Native Americans at all! This has happened even in cases where the local native input actively sought to maintain native American logos and mascots. Some of these team logos should be changed, to at least honor with dignified images, the native peoples. Looking at the history of the Cleveland Indians is a good case study. The graphic that they picked up in the 1940’s is terrible. https://www.aiga.org/racism-in-sports-branding-redesign

Good point. Like my spouse says, who is Native American, since most of the football players on the Washington, Redskins are African, Americans it seems to her that maybe the more appropriate name would be the Washington, Blackskins!

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“Paul Dolan made clear that there are fans who have a longstanding attachment to the logo and its place in the history of the team.”

Translation: “Even though we recognize removing this disgracefully racist logo completely would be the right thing to do, doing so would cost us more in merchandise revenue than we’re willing to sacrifice.”

Hooray for Capitalist values