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With Climate Deal Sealed, Campaigners Say it's Time to Kick Corporate Polluters Out of Policy



"limiting temperature increase to 1.5°C without providing any meaningful direction as to how that is achieved"
This should have been the title! Any of us could have predicted that this climate summit would result in a meaningless sheet of paper and lots of back slapping and press releases.

Is there really no "bomb shelter" that will allow my children to survive? Why are so few suggesting mitigation when prevention seems so unlikely?

What is obvious is that no force or system exists to make humans today have empathy for the human lives of tomorrow.


I am kinda with you, but the devil is in the details. I like unconditional basic income, but I hate to think that I would build a class who's only complaint of government is "my freebie is too little". Vastly better to rig the system so that minimums were part and parcel of life, like free health care, free food staples, hugely underwritten clothing and apartments, quality public transportation. Infrastructure across the board, including funding justice systems so that the rich do not have such an extreme advantage. I want to amend the constitution as well, so that any law ignored by 10% of the population can be brought before the justice system and invalidated. Or that all fines, fees collected as part of the justice system, never went to the same people imposing them, for sure cops don't get that Civil forfeiture cash, send it to the federal government.

But the end result is the same, richer people, who have fewer babies, and fewer people on earth results on what is left, although it is actually less it is more per person. If we had invested in infrastructure in Africa, China, or India, today they would have fewer people, and that would result in fewer people who pollute.


"We must take back our democratic processes and ensure they are working for people and the environment, not big polluter profits,"

What democratic processes? Our "democratic processes" were established by a bunch of plutocrat corporate polluters.


It is unlikely much will be accomplished by the agreement in Paris because there was no agreement on a carbon tax or any mechanism to put a price on carbon pollution. In addition, there were no binding agreements to reduce emissions or reach peak emissions. Coal, oil, and natural gas are cheap at this time so there is no reason for the fossil fuel era to becoming to an end. Basically, a nice positive spin was put on things but largely the can was again kicked down the road. Unless a price is put on carbon emissions fossil fuels will continue to supply the bulk of energy around the world for many years to come. The 1.5C target is meaningless given the pace of current efforts. It would require reducing the global carbon budget almost in half and a massive effort to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere in the second half of the century. As India pointed out, a recent agreement between the US and China would use up the entire carbon budget for staying under 2C so that no other countries could produce any emissions. The one great accomplishment in Paris was to bring essentially all countries into the effort to fight global warming. That is a start but much too little to start celebrating..


oooohhh, like this.


Yes, you are making lots of sense.

Out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise. That means that the empire has to crash first before anything meaningful starts to happen. Little band aides here and there only pacify the people while the patient is slowly dying.

Not to forget in all of this is the fact that many people in some developing countries want to have what the West has. While McDonalds is losing money here in the US it is stil doing quite well in other countries. Some in those countries feel that they have arrived if they can afford to eat a Big Mac. That is just one example.


Yes, the older I get, the more I realize this... it's like ...the fact that my parents didn't even graduate high school... and I worked and paid for my own college... back when you could... and got a B.S in Psychology... but, really didn't know any better about borrowing for a Master's Degree.... I have always worked... and yet... with health insurance costs.. and the bills... and everything going up...... I and my family struggled mightly... all the time... my husband only had a high school diploma... and although he works hard... we have never been able to get ahead... I am exhausted at 58...Together, we couldn't get past about 50,000 a year... we have a house that needs a lot of work.. can't really invite people here... but, I love it... we grow our food... etc... one kid in college... but, right now... we are in trouble..money



I lived in a poor island neighborhood as a kid. Everyone was nice. We could pop into anyones shack and be greeted with refreshments and food. We didn't have tv's, just radios. But we had plenty of good, cheap locally grown food and plenty of time to play and explore. There are some things that money can't buy. I joined the middle class, but I miss those days the most.