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With Coal Crashing, Will Polluted Communities Be Left Holding the Bag?


With Coal Crashing, Will Polluted Communities Be Left Holding the Bag?

Nika Knight, staff writer

Ugly, shuttered strip mines leftover from coal's heyday are scattered across the American landscape from Appalachia to Illinois—and the industry's plummeting fortunes means that companies may skip out on their obligations to clean up those toxic eyesores, the Washington Post reported on Friday.


The economic model built around resource extractive industries plundering the environment for profits sake has ever been this way and is not lImited to coal.

It estimated some 10000 more years for the lands in the Klondike to recover properly from the Klondike gold Rush

Studies done in river systems that ran past chemical plants in the USA that manufacture things like Teflon show these sites will remain contaminated for many tens of thousands of years after our species extinction.

On top of that there all of those spent fuel rods from the Nuclear industry.

None of these industries could ever turn a profit were they to foot the full costs of the harm they visit on our ecosystems. This demonstrates it little more than theft and can hardly be called wealth creation.


Stuck with the shaft


This is just one more example that clearly demonstrates Capitalism is an economic system without a moral compass.

How many more examples can the people and Mother Earth withstand? From what I see, the people and Mother Earth are at a breaking point.

A capitalist system, whose prime directive is the production of capital, will work constantly to refine and improve its ability to do just that. It will continue until it is stopped by an external force of some kind, or it collapses under its own weight.

Source: http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/35210-growing-growing-gone-transforming-the-global-economy-before-it-s-too-late#14580053085781&action=collapse_widget&id=0&data=


Of course communities destroyed by "King Coal" will be left holding the bag! The wealth has been stolen, the land polluted, and the criminals will escape.

Just like the nuclear industry is trying to evade clean-up and dismantling responsibility and leave taxpayers and communities holding that deadly bag! The nuke operator Entergy said they will not guarantee to pay for clean-up after 60 years. 60 years is the time the NRC allows for plant clean-up using the "SAFSTOR" scam, designed to stick taxpayers with costs to cleanup the nuclear threats! "SAFSTOR" must NOT be allowed!
If the public doesn't demand IMMEDIATE clean-up and restoration to pre-industrial condition after decommissioning plants, the public/taxpayers WILL be left holding the nuclear bag! http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/dismantling-nuclear/
"The NRC’s income is based on revenues from operating reactors, meaning shutting one runs counter to its financial interests, though Congress seems always ready to pump in more money as long as the regulators don’t regulate."




Will? They already are. Here's evidence:

From Common Dreams own posts (they disallowed me încluding a URL), so search for: ohio-forces-customers-bail-out-aging-coal-plants


Given the updated predictions of sea rise rates (many meters in the next hundred years), and the coastal location of so many Nukes around the world, it looks like we have another set of heads shoved well down into the sand. We not only need cleanup of failed or aged plants and their dumps, we need proactive decommissioning of all coastal plants, plus securing of their waste to higher ground. Dream on.

Or we could just toss the lot of the industry owners, managers, key investors and their government shills into jail (preferably sited within breathing range of a nuke) and at least set an example. Just because we're f*cked doesn't mean we should give up on intergenerational and ecological justice.


Hell, we all know the answer to this one without reading a word. Displacement of the true costs for economic "development" is a foundation for capitalistic systems, especially when they've gone the Reagan deregulate and don't tax route. Take the money and run to the gated communities and go exploit the next mountain, town, state, nation.....and do it all again.


This has been going on a long, long time in places like WV. So what will our politicians do? Welcome the fracking and drilling industry will the same abject obeisance as they still extend to the coal industry. "Anyone want to rape this gal? We'll hold her down." is their attitude, as long as the rapist throws them a dime. The depressing part is they've got half the population singing along, so desperate for the last mining and drilling jobs that they'll shout down anyone who tries to stand up to these rapacious industries.


Make these blood sucking companies pay up anyway regardless of their bankruptcy schemes. These scum are holding billions in foreign bank accounts.


These scum should be imprisoned where they will have to breath the poison air and drink the poison water.


Well this one reason I hate the idea of the thing called "The Corporation".

Under the concept of limited liability the investor is only on the hook for the amount of the investment. If his investment in the Corporation leads to destruction to the environment and harm to the health of others his own personal wealth is more often than not shielded. Those seeking restitution have to go after the assets of the Corporation .

Added to that it is deemed that the Corporation has only one responsibility and that providing a return to its shareholders. I fail to see how that serves the greater good.