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With Comey Set to Testify, AG Sessions Again Under Fire for Possible Perjury


With Comey Set to Testify, AG Sessions Again Under Fire for Possible Perjury

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With former FBI director James Comey reportedly set to offer public testimony before Congress next week, the Russia scandal plaguing the Trump administration continued on Thursday with Attorney General Jeff Sessions facing new questions about his truthfulness on the matter.


The biggest rat is about to leave the sinking ship. He’ll resign rather than face impeachment like awaits his boss.


I hope you are right…he is a wing nut from the far right. These guys are fundamentalists and demagogues. They’ll go to any lengths to push their lunatic agendas. So I don;t expect him to go quietly into the night…he’ll fight like a cornered rat and only quit if he doesn’t get support from Trump.


Remember the Victory is in Our hands

Oct 10, 1973
Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned after being indicted for accepting thousands of dollars in bribes while serving as Baltimore county executive, governor of Maryland and vice president.

February 21, 1975
John Mitchell, Attorney General was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury and sentenced to two and a half to eight years in prison for his role in the Watergate break-in and cover-up,

The Citizens are Coming …


There is not one cabinet secretary that has not lied during the confirmation hearings…NOT ONE including McConnell’s wife, Chao (Secretary of Transportation) but the most egregious is Sessions. One hopes that the Attorney General has integrity, a proven record of judicial prudence, self-respect, and a devotion to upholding the Constitution and ALL laws. That person "represents the United States in legal matters’ and as such, must be beyond reproach. It is obvious that Sessions is NOT fit to be AG neither for the U. S. or ANY state.

Sessions is the Keebler version of his idol, DJT…both would rather lie and do so often that they absolutely believe them to be their “truths.”

With Sessions out, there is a much better chance of having an attorney general (Rosenstein) who has displayed the qualities and character imperative for the position.


What is it? With the U.S. interfering in every country in the world , that matters to it, and every country that it can influence, why is anybody making such a fuss about anybody else meddling in the United States? Russians included.
Tell CNN to turn the page and get on with life.