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With Committee One Vote Shy of Rejecting Pompeo, Will Senate Democrats Unite Against Trump War Cabinet?

With Committee One Vote Shy of Rejecting Pompeo, Will Senate Democrats Unite Against Trump War Cabinet?

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Now that nine Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have publicly vowed to oppose Mike Pompeo's confirmation as secretary of state, all eyes are on Sens. Chris Coons (D-Del.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) on Wednesday as just one more vote is needed to ensure the current CIA director isn't approved by the panel before he heads to the Senate floor for a full vote.


When Hell freezes over…

Well, the Dems have never shown much will to oppose other “war cabinets,” so I wouldn’t hold my breath this time either.

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Pompeo wouldn’t have left committee if not for Republicans.

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I don’t think he has left committee yet.

I will be shocked! shocked I tells ya if the dems reject Pompeo.
War, pseudo wars and stealing from the all-of-us 99%-ers is all these political arses really know how to do.


The Dem Damnables are awaiting instructions from AIPAC!

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Call them anyway.
Silence is Assent.

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Mad Dog though he may be known, he’s the voice of restraint in our military policy these days. I’m grateful for him.

I don’t really trust Warren either. Like the tax on wages, show me where it is written in law that private citizens wages can be taxed. It does not exist and there has never been shown proof that it does exist.

Taking my own advice, I wrote to several of the senators even though they’re not from my state.

On Mazie Hirono’s site, I was thrilled to see she’s made a succinct but powerful message that she will vote NO! on Pompeo!!

Squeaky wheel and grease, Folks.

As a resident in AZ, I sent my second letter to Jeff Flake. Also found an interesting article on Corporate Crime Reporter regarding a study on Single Payer as an election issue.

While off topic, the feasibility of making Single Payer along with Gun Control top priorities for campaigning candidates this fall sounds like a positive approach to winning some clout in congress. We must continue the fight.

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Hirono also signed on yesterday as a cosponsor of S2047, Cory Booker’s bill to block djt from making war without the advice and consent of Congress (remind him that he can’t, Constitutionally).

You’re right, it’s unlikely. Too many damn Blue Dogs.

Democratic Senators, take note! Take a look at where rubber-stamping Donald Trump’s unqualified and destructive appointments have taken our beloved America. Is this what you want? Is big campaign money worth destroying our country? This must stop - now!

Is that the one Amy Goodman’s program says in actuality unfetteres prez from congressional obligation? Booker meant well but bill frees prez up?

Well, take a look at it. Of course it includes exceptions for if missiles are flying. I guess it’s a matter of half empty/doing what can be done, namely putting djt on notice. It’s significant enough that my other Senator, Menendez, who’s up for reelection, hasn’t committed.