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With Company Under Fire for Right-Wing Drivel, Sinclair Chairman Reportedly Denounced Print Media as 'Left Wing... Dribble'

With Company Under Fire for Right-Wing Drivel, Sinclair Chairman Reportedly Denounced Print Media as 'Left Wing... Dribble'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As right-wing television behemoth Sinclair Broadcast Group faces an onslaught of criticism for forcing local news anchors to read a script denounced as "Trumpian propaganda," New York magazine


I think frequent flash mobs to this dickhead’s corporate office would be a nice start. Water balloon launching at his personal office windows…printing on balloons “left wing dribble”.


While conservatives have claimed the mainstream media is left wing, which means there is a bias, Smith is repeating the Trump line that the facts are fake. So like Trump the chairman of Sinclair is now lying about the mainstream news,. He is part of the move to fascism where the truth is whatever Trump says it is. How much clearer can these guys make it that they want to establish a fascist dictatorship in the US? To have a large TV corporation like Sinclair headed by a fascist is certainly a major threat to democracy in the US.


The mascot for Sinclair Oil is a dinosaur, seems I see one sitting in a chair in that photo for this article. I know for sure now, they both produce gas.


We’ve long been aware why the predatory rich need to undermine our faith in journalism. Now, with the ascendancy of a semiliterate cipher like David Smith, we know how it’s being accomplished. It’s amusing, in a ghastly sort of way, to contemplate what H.L. Mencken, or Mark Twain before him, would have had to say about the likes of Smith as the stewards and final arbiters of truth.


Game reset; all tied with 1:20 to go:

“He drivels down the court, meaninglessly, feints left (but faints was funnier), and drives right - he’s up AND IT’S… an airball (or was that a hairball?).”

Mr. Smith Gropes to Washington. Excuse me sir, but your beach certainly exceeds your grass.

You must wait until the Stazi are fully in place before you confiscate someone else’s printing presses.


At this point in the game, I’ve got to laugh my a$$ off. How does such a dumb shit become the chairman of a media corp. ?


Yet another low-intellect “free-enterprise” moron that has predictably thrived in business…and propaganda subverting our republic; Goebbels would be proud. America, the land of the free and home of the capitalist parasites…



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I don’t see any left wing. I call it all hard right wing. The lies, the wars, the corruption, the police state, the greedy, civil forfeiture, triple pensions, vanishing rights of free speech. This is right wing to the core.


“Dribble”? …

… let’s see, you’re a big boy in “The Media” and you don’t even have a decent command of the English language …

… well, considering your “demographic”, not necessary I suppose …

… anyway, self-centered cretin, the word is “drivel” …

… “dribble” is what you you and yours do when you attempt to try to possibly “think” …


Commondreams really need to put a kibosh on “writing” news stories that consist mostly of just cut-and-pasted twitter-tweets…

And true to the dumbing-down effects of mindless Twitter, this picking on this “dribble” (instead of drivel - probably just spell-checker burp) in stead of the substance of what this this right-wing extremist says, writes and does is beyond puerile.

According to Wikipedia article: Smith began his career “selling pornographic videos in Baltimore’s redlight district during the 1970s.” and in a August 1996 prostitution sting, Smith was charged with committing a perverted and unnatural sex act in a Sinclair company vehicle. He was sentenced to community service, which was fulfilled by having Sinclair station WBFF produce reports on a local drug counseling program. if these are true - he fits so well in with Trump and his behavior. Apparently both are heros to the American evangeligical movement. I’m sorry - I meant the American Hypocrites movement.

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He has reached the top of the fecal American mountain. Someone to be proud of and for our children to emulate - like Trump. We are in big trouble.

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it’s America - dummie. What did you expect - someone with integrity, honesty and dignity rising to the top?

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I wonder if he is literate?

Another Liar and Denier. Time to plan his demise.

why am i contemplating if it would be worth going to jail to destroy this company?

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Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
10706 Beaver Dam Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030

I see this much more on other sites… i mean I agree in a way i just don’t think common dreams is that bad about it, at least there is no click bait and suggested stories by advertisers. Compare it to MSNBC or something.

But you know what drives me crazy?

You read the headline…

then you see a picture.

then you read the caption… its the same as the headline.

then you read the first paragrapah… its the same as the headline but in italics…

then you read the 2nd paragraph… its the same as the first paragraph but without italics

then you get a little tiny piece of speculation.

I will say I enjoyed the diversity of content on CD more before the 16 election. From that point on it became like 50% trump related which i got plenty of on facebook before i deleted it.