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With Corporate Tax Fight Brewing, Warren Warns Against Bailing Out Tax Dodgers


With Corporate Tax Fight Brewing, Warren Warns Against Bailing Out Tax Dodgers

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

There's a huge corporate tax break brewing in Congress, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is warning against the plot, which she has called "a giant wet kiss for tax dodgers."


If Warren is against it, most likely Hillary is for it.
How long will it be before Warren regrets backing Clinton over Sanders?


These corporate whiners should be put on the, to be droned list.


Hope plus two bucks bought a cup of coffee in 2008. Now its three bucks, four or more in the high rent areas where many Clinton voters live.

Reading an August interview with Warren in Bloomberg News, they ask her if she "is thrilled that Trump wants to restore Glass Steagall". Her response: "isn't everybody for restoring Glass-Steagall ?" Unfortunately the interviewer didn't mention that Clinton would be the last person on earth advocating restoring Glass-Steagall.

Issues-wise Sanders and Trump are more in sync with her than Clinton is.


Chuck Schumer is a rat bastard who will be replacing another rat bastard Harry Reid.
These are the people, and many others in the Senate and the House like them, who allow the oligarchy to get away with murder. Literally and figuratively.
If the corporations want to bring that $2.4 trillion dollars that they have stashed overseas, back into the US then they should be forced to pay every red cent in taxes that's owed on it.
Otherwise the US Congress should begin proceedings to void their corporate papers allowing them to be recognized as American corporations.


Mark--as long as Schumer's in there, there will be hanky pansy. He is a nightmare. Senator Professor Warren is the only strong fighter we have for transparent, effective, leadership on money issues. Even our darling Obusha couldn't sideline her. She'll shame Schumer AND Hillary into real reform before the next 4 years are over.


Instead of giving tax dodgers a tax break, wouldn't it be more appropriate to throw them in jail? Maybe one of the new, privately-owned jails would be more to their liking, since they are for-profit.


Strung up on the political skid line with "taxes" is "jobs" - especially jobs in the energy sector. Interesting interview with one of the authors of a research paper on transition of jobs from fossil to clean energy sector jobs.

A Just Transition for Fossil Fuels Workers is Possible


It's called the good cop bad cop scam.


Let me guess, Don........None of the recovered money will go to infrastructure. It will be sent straight to the Israeli military.


Most will miss the decimal point immediately before the 3 ..... regarding social security cost of living. You correctly note it is Three Tenths of One Percent. Hell, I had one 30 day medical prescription INCREASE more than the total dollars I will receive in a year from the so called cost of living adjustment.


Mark--LOOOOVE Paul Wellstone.


The greedy bastards should have to pay a fine on top of their taxes, too.


Shumer is making me real nervous. We have a shot at the Senate and he just looks like Republican Lite with this tax holiday. Our rates should be competitive, I'm not sure they are, but this black mail nonsense with a Democratic Senator leading the way makes me real suspicious. Hillary moves to the left and Shumer picks up the slack for the bankers and corporate clients. It sounds like a Republican Congress even if it had changed hands. Thats why we are suspicious of Hillary and we don't need Shumer leading the charge for these monies interests. Shumer needs to lead the charge for Democratic clients like the poor and middle class, not billionaires.


Toss a few CEOs in Jail for Tax Fraud and watch the rest suddenly discover a whole new rebirth of Patriotism.

After all, That's Where The Money Is!


Oh how short our memories for she did not. Most of the rest of the Democrats did however and Sanders got a short shift from the party establishment with many in the media ignoring Sanders all together while making DT the posterboy for political tomfoolery. Warren very wisely and democratically did not attempt to influence the primary in any way although it was no secret who she voted for and it wasn't a neoliberal sellout.


In other words these "people" should be treated just like all the other people who live and die and pay their taxes with a minimum of fuss. If they want to have a say in running our government through campaign "donations" they should damn well help pay for the wad of political opportunists they have inflicted upon a long suffering nation.


You are refreshingly correct in using We the People as a synonym for our government and I shall use that truth myself in the future but draconial methods are really unnecessary. When a citizen that actually is alive is delinquent in paying their monetary debt to We the People the IRS reminds us that money is owing. After a generous amount of time they will ask you to come in and have a chat. If the debtor is still reluctant to pay, the IRS attaches their assets and forces them to find other lodgings. There is no reason or justification other than huge campaign contributions that these court created personages should not have all their assets seized, their bank accounts frozen and the top executives incarcerated.
That is the way to go after these bloated parasites of our great nation and not to allow politicos like Schumer and Clinton live like suckling pigs to the corporate sows that get fat on their political support.


This is without a doubt true but no longer is the Party of No alone, if it ever was, responsible for the laissez-faire attitude corporations enjoy in our legislative chambers. The fiscal conservatives known now as neoliberals have been in the woodwork since the first Continental Congress and they now are running the Democratic Party If not for a few true progressives we would be in much worse shape then we are now.


And he is thee.